50 years of existence here on earth is a very big achievement. So the 50th birthday is not just an ordinary birthday to celebrate with gifts, messages and birthday party The celebration should be as blingy as gold. Most people will try to make the celebrant happy by giving expensive gifts, but nothing can surpass a priceless gift called love. Love is something that you may not express in action, but can surely express it words. But figuring out what words to include on your message is a very difficult task. So I have prepared some 50th birthday wishes and messages for you. Take a look.

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Happy 50th Birthday Wishes


I don’t have to look up at the night sky just to see a twinkling star,
because the sparkles in your eyes are already enough.
Happy 50th Birthday!

You have made it this far.
I wish you more candles to blow.
Happy 50th birthday!

Life doesn’t stop at the age of 50.
Rather, it is just a beginning of a new journey to track down.
I wish you more strength to walk further and enjoy life until it last.
Happy 50th birthday!

No matter how old you get,
my love for you will still be as pure as gold.
Happy 50th birthday, my love!

I love your eyes, I love your smile,
I love to touch your hands, and I love your white hairs;
even the wrinkles on your face.
I love everything about you.
But most of all, I LOVE YOU!
Happy 50th birthday, my love!

50th Birthday Wishes for Friends:

If your friend is turning 50th this cheer, cheer him up with these 50th birthday wishes and messages.


Time flies, you have 20 years left to enjoy life to the fullest.
After that, you will be living in a child’s life again.
You don’t have to worry; you still have your best playmate.
Happy 50th birthday!

These past few days, I noticed something in you.
You’re like a flower that blooms beautifully each day.
Keep it up. Let every 50-year-old women envy you.
Happy 50th birthday!

Don’t be upset because you’re ageing.
Instead, you should be happy because you have lived longer than the others.
I hope God will give you longer time here on earth
so that you could still enjoy all the things life has to offer.
Happy 50th birthday to you, my dearest friend!

For the 50 years of your existence here on earth,
I have witnessed how you struggled to fulfill all your responsibilities.
Now is the time to spend some quality time for your own.
Life is short, enjoy it while it last.
Happy 50th birthday, best!

You might receive a lot of expensive gifts today,
but all of that will be nothing compared to gift I prepared for you,
my never ending friendship.
I hope you’ll accept it and be my best friend forever!

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes

Wishes do not always have to be lovey dovey and sweet. You should include some fun in it too. So here are some funny 50th birthday wishes for you.


Don’t get too sad because your age is getting higher.
Always think of the brighter side.
50 are better than 60, 70 or 80.
Have fun on your 50th birthday!
Happy 50th Birthday!

If someone tells you that you’re getting old, never hold back.
Show him that age can’t erase the fact that you’re still a black belter.
Happy 50th Birthday!

If I haven’t known you for years,
I would never believe that you’re already 50.
Well, that’s life. Happy 50th Birthday!
Keep up the youthful glow and stay young at heart.

If you think you’re too old because you’re already 50,
How about people in their 60’s and 70’s?
Don’t think too much and just enjoy the night like how every teens do.
Happy 50th Birthday!

I know you really want to stay young,
that’s why you always lie about your age.
I’m very sorry. Mom taught me not to tell lies.
So, Happy 50th Birthday!
With emphasis to the # 50! Peace!
You look like a grumpy old man on his 80’s.
Loosen up and try to put a smile on your face.
Happy 50th Birthday!

The fun never stops at 50.
So, let’s have fun, fun, and fun until everyone’s gone. Ha-ha!
Happy 50th Birthday!

If I haven’t known you for years,
I would never believe that you’re already 50.
Keep up the session with your dermatologist, it works.
Happy 50th Birthday!

You grew old because you stopped laughing.
Who cares if u has a lot of missing teeth?
You don’t have to worry, as long as you’re enjoying life, no problem at all.
Life is short, so live more and laugh more.
Happy 50th Birthday!

Oh my Golly! You’re getting bald!
Does it have to do with your age?
How old are you again? 50?
Don’t worry I have a lot of wig here.
I can lend you some. Ha-ha! Just kidding!
Happy 50th Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for 50th Birthday


For how many years, you have provided us with everything we need.
Now that you’re on your golden years,
I want you to leave everything to me and just enjoy your life together with mom.
You deserve a break, dad. I love you.
Happy 50th Birthday!

Loving you for how many years is my dream that comes true.
As we celebrate your 50th birthday,
I realized how lucky I am to be your wife.
I pray to God that he will let you live longer
to create more memorable moments with me.
Happy 50th Birthday, dear!

Thank you for pampering me with lots of love and care for how many years.
On your golden birthday, you don’t have to do anything.
Just sit back relax and enjoy your day.
Happy 50th birthday, mom!
I love you so much.

You’re the coolest grandmother ever! Imagine at the age of 50,
you still have the strength to go shopping and have wild adventures with me.
Happy 50th birthday, granny! You rock!

Happy 50th birthday, granny!
You’re the best grandmother in the whole world.
I am so thankful that God has given you another year
to spend quality time with me. I love you, granny.

These were some of the best 50th birthday wishes and messages compilation for you to choose from. Get some ideas from them and put it on your cards immediately. If you have any more 50th birthday wishes and messages to share, tell us in the comment section below.

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