You might be searching for Christian birthday wishes if you happen to stumble in this page. We have written some birthday messages that reflect the Christian values and you can use to express your warmest birthday wishes to your loved ones or friend. let us praise Jesus and show them that they are in your prayers. We have here a list of Christian birthday messages for your perusal. Just choose from our collection below.

Christian Birthday Wishes

Christian Birthday Wishes

  1. Greet the birthday celebrant with spiritual sentiment by sending them warm Christian birthday wishes. If you need some inspiration, pick from the following samples of birthday messages.
  2. “Our Lord has given you a great gift today, be thankful and celebrate it with love and faith. Everyone around you knows just how special you are. Happy Birthday!”
  3. “The steps you take have always been guided by our loving God. I pray that He continues to direct you a path filled with love and grace. Have a blessed and happy birthday my dear friend.”
  4. “Keeping our Lord a part of your everyday life inspires me to be a better person all the time. Happy birthday to the most special person in my life.”
  5. “I pray for the peace of the Lord be with you all the time as you turn a another year of spreading his love to everyone. Happy Birthday to you.”
  6. “Today, Jesus will brighten your birthday will all his glory and grace. Happy birthday!”
  7. “You are truly blessed because our good Lord is showering you today with more wisdom, grace and love.”
  8. “I know that the Lord created to you make people happy. Thank you for brightening our days all the day. Today is our turn. Happy birthday!”
  9. “This day, may Jesus bless you even more and give more years to tell everyone His great love.”
  10. “On your birthday, I am praying to our saviour, to shower his best blessings on you. Happy Birthday
  11. “May Jesus be there with you as you celebrate another year. May He bless you with all His grace and bounty blessings.  Happy Birthday. “
  12. “Birthdays will become blessed when our saviour is with us. Keep Jesus’ blessings and grace in your heart as you celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday”

Christian Birthday Messages

May Jesus fill your life with never ending love and success. This is my prayer for you on this
special day of yours. Happy Birthday dear friend.
May God bless you with love and luck, not just today but every single day of your life. Happy
Birthday is a day to count your blessing. Take a moment from this special day of yours to thank
the almighty for everything in your life. Happy Birthday!
May Christ make your present beautiful and future filled with moments of success and love.
Happy birthday to you!
Love is a beautiful gift of God. I’d like to thank God for blessing me with a lover like you. This is
to let you know that you are special. Happy Birthday!
On this birthday of yours, I would like to tell you how important and special you are to me. May
God bless you with goodness and happiness! Happy Birthday to you.
Love, luck and wealth is what I pray from Lord Jesus for you on your birthday. Stay blessed!
Wishing you a very happy birthday.
Dear Jesus,
Please bless this person with lots of happiness in life and it’s his/her birthday today and he/she really
means a lot to me.
Thank you!

May success embrace you and happiness never ends in your life. My best wishes are always
there with you. Happy Birthday dear!

Religious Birthday Wishes

christian birthday messages

“You are always there to lift up our spirits. May our Lord give your soul more strength on your birthday.”

“Rejoice with our Lord for this new year He has given you. Give thanks and give love to everyone.”

“Have today on your birthday. You’ve been one happy bug all year, our Lord knows you deserve to be the happiest person today.”

“Be thankful for the gifts our Lord gives to you today. Everyone around you knows how special you truly are.”

“I pray that God continues to guide your steps as you have done to many this past year. I wish you blessed and happy birthday.”

“Keep your heart open for our Lord’s grace and joy, as you’ve been doing for the past years. May have the best birthday yet.”

“Give thanks that this day has come to you once more. Pause your busy life and reflect on all that has happened. May your day be filled with love and joy. Happy birthday.”

“Even with your small steps, you change the world into a better place. Your kind heart and brave soul is what our world needs. God bless you more on this special day”

“Let this be the beginning of a new chapter in your prosperous life let it make you happier than the kings of the whole world. Happy birthday!”

“Hope that you find favor in the eyes of the Almighty today and forever. Happiest birthday!”

“Wishing you sun shine in the rain, laughter in the storms and strength in times of weakness. May everyday of your life be worth celebrating. Happy birthday!”

Christian Birthday Blessings

Christian Birthday Greetings

“This is a precious day because our Lord has given you life so you may inspire others to live. A very happy birthday to you my friend.”

“Happy birthday and I wish for nothing but all the lovely moments for you today and all the cake you can eat.”

“To one of the most special person in my life, happy birthday and thank you for always keeping our Lord part of your life.”

“Our Lord’s blessings and divine grace be with you today and for more days to come. You are the living proof that His love truly exists.”

“May all your birthday wishes come true today for our Lord knows your humble and kind heart.”

“Happy birthday to you my sweet friend! You are a miracle that keeps happening all day every day. You inspire many with your simple living, thank you and God bless you more.”

“A very happy birthday to you dear friend. Lifting up our spirits is a skill you seemed to have mastered wonderfully. On this special day, may the Lord give your soul more strength.”

“Birthdays do not gauge a person’s maturity.  However, I hope you will continue to grow in love and wisdom every day.  May God grant all the desires of your heart.  Have a blissful birthday!”

“Do not be overwhelmed about growing old.  We all go to that same direction.  Just be thankful for everything you have accomplished and how far you can still go.  I wish you brighter and more stunning birthdays in the year to come!”

Christian Birthday Prayers

Christian Birthday Greetings

“Wishing you a very happy birthday and a blessed year to come. May you continue to inspire people to become a better person.”

“I know you’ll probably share with everyone else the overflowing blessing you receive today, so wishing you for more to come your way might be the best decision I make all day.”

“The everlasting love of Jesus shower upon you on your birthday. Choose to be an even greater person than you already are.”

“As you have done for the past years, may you keep your heart open for our Lord’s grace and joy. I wish you the best birthday ever.”

“I pray that the our Lord Jesus keeps giving you more years of a long and peaceful life.”

“Do not forget where you come from.  Stay true to yourself, your values, and all that is good in this world God created.  Here’s to a wonderful birthday.”

“Never lose faith for the sun will always come around. Happy birthday.”

“Be quick to forgive and ask for an apology when you make a mistake. Happy birthday.”

“Just because you will fail doesn’t mean that you should give up. Happy birthday.”

Birthday Blessings From the Bible

Religious greetings messages

“The spirit of the Lord is with you on this special day. You are always blessed with happiness and love.”

“The life that God has given you this day is the greatest gift of all. Give overflowing thanks to Him and praise His name for all the days to come.”

“On your birthday, I pray that Lord Jesus fills your day with love and joy.”

“This day is the day the Lord gives you the chance to make your dream come true. Have a wonderful birthday my friend.”

“God made you an amazing person because of your limitless capacity to love. May your birthday be the best one ever.”

“Keep faith in the goodness of life and carry no reason to be sour. Happy birthday.”

“Respect all life. Each person, each plant, each animal has a reason for existence and their own truths and reality. Happy birthday.”

Religious Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones

“I pray that your special day will be filled with love, laughter and all the cakes with all the flavors you dream about. Happy birthday!”

“On this most special of days, I pray that the music of your kindness will ever stop playing and reach even farther listeners. Happy Birthday!”

“The peace and grace of our Lord be with you this blessed day. May you continue to serve others in His name.”

“To you my friend, I pray that all your good prayers will be answered by our Lord. Happy Birthday and never stop being an angel to the people around you.”

“A new chapter of your life begins today. Our Lord has already written the most wonderful story for you. My wish is for you is to keep your faith in Him stronger than before. Happy Birthday!”

“May your birthday be showered with plenty of blessings and happiness in God’s grace. Have a blessed and happy birthday!”

As the Angel’s sing praises for our Almighty up above, as another year unfolds and new life starts, I wish God grant all your heart’s desire. May He bless you with endless love and grace. Happy birthday my dear friend.”

“It’s your day and I want you to know how blessed I am to have an amazing friend like you. Someone I can share my life with. Thank you for the wonderful friendship. Have a wonderful birthday!”

“God bless great people who deserves it… people like you. May God’s blessings shine upon you as another chapter of your life unfolds. Have a blessed and wonderful birthday!”

Inspirational Bible Quotes For Birthdays

“Be thankful for the coming of this special day. You are that special to the Lord that He wants you to be the happiest person in the world on this day.”

“My only prayer for you today on this special occasion is that you find that one moment where everything is at peace and you feel the presence of our Lord giving upon more of His love and blessings. Hope you never stop being the great friend that you are.”

Life gets more exciting every time you celebrate your birthday. It’s like leveling up—you only get stronger and more quests will be available for you to conquer. Happy Birthday!”

“One of the reasons why our Lord created you is to make people happy on this day. Your smile is always as bright and warm as the sun. Happy Birthday!”

“I pray that Jesus bless you even more and give you more years to tell everyone of His great love. Happy Birthday!”

“Happy birthday! You are one of the reason’s why I feel blessed every single day. Having a wonderful friend who makes my life worth living, I simply couldn’t ask for more. Stay amazing and cool. Have a blast on your day.”

Christian Birthday Quotes Wishes, Christian Birthday Card Verses Quotes

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.”
– Leo Buscaglia

“As amazing of a person as you are, God gets the glory because He allowed you to be born. It’s His love that is easily seen poured out on the lives you touch.”
– Anonymous

“See God in every person, place and thing, and all will be well in your world.”
– Louise Hay

“No sorrows to depress you, only shadows to surround you, God himself to bless you.”
– Anonymous

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”
– John 1:2

“It’s easy to see that your birth is part of God’s master plan. He is using you for a great purpose. Wishing you a great birthday in His love.”
– Anonymous

Best Christian Birthday Bible Verses


Numbers 6:24-26
The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.’

James 1:17
Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

3 John 1:2
Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

Zephaniah 3:17
“The LORD your God is in your midst, A victorious warrior He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

Spiritual Birthday Wishes

Your birth is a gift of his loving Grace so you may use them accordingly to his purpose. Happy birthday.

He has chosen you to be born again and from this lively day of celebration, I pray that you will continually live a life out of love. A lovely happy birthday to you.

You are blessed wonderfully this day so whatever your challenges are, give him all the praise and glory for he will give you peace. Happy birthday,

The Lord carried you from the very beginning up to this special day. Be thankful and joyful always. Happy birthday.

Today, you celebrate your dependence on the Holy Spirit, may you continually walk by faith. Happy birthday.

May your stewardship to the Lord be mature and productive this year. Surely, his blessings will abundantly flow. Have a joyous birthday.

His great plans for you this day is so great that every action that you will take will be a miracle and a blessing to the people who believes in you. Happy blessed birthday.

You have favored the loving joy of serving the Lord all throughout this year. May the awe of your faith ever be focused on him. Happy birthday.

Religious Birthday Wishes,  Christian birthday wishes

Religious Birthday Wishes

This is a wonderful opportunity to give grace For everything that you’ve received for the past years. May God stays to shower you with blessings and so much more!

The angels of the Lord are also celebrating with you. May those angels guide you in everything you do. Keep the faith.

Your birthday has just arrived and for a change, I wish that you’d be a blessing to others, In exchange of another year in your life. Happy Happy Birthday!

We only celebrate our birthdays once, so stand up there and go out! I wish that you’d make this day a blast! Happy Birthday!

Do you know why they greet people a “HAPPY Birthday?” Because it entails a lot of wishes for a real HAPPY birthday. So be really happy! Enjoy your day because it’s only once a year!

Birthdays are like milestone in a highway It gives an indication how much you have traveled And How much you have to travel again I hope on this milestone you look back and look forward to find out Past failures and future challenges Happy Birthday to You

Making birthdays a special day is always one of the nicest things you can ever do for someone. Preparing the food, the party and the gifts—these are all fun. But what counts the most is the lovely moments you spend with your loved one when all of these happens. Not even the sweetest frosting can come close to the smiles that beam at you when they say thank you. So we hope that above samples of Christian birthday wishes can help you make someone dear to your heart happy on their special day.

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