• You are, therefore I am! Thank you everything mum. Happy birthday!
  • I have not seen God but when I see you, I know that I don’t need a God because you are there. Happy birthday Ma!
  • You are not just my mom but you also my best friend. I feel blessed to have you with me always. Happy birthday dearest mom!

  • On your birthday today, I just want to pray to God to bless you with long and healthy life. Happy birthday mom!
  • You are the most special person in my life and I love you a lot! Happy birthday dearest mom!
  • You are not just my mom, but you are a friend, philosopher and guide to me too. I can’t imagine a day without talking to you. I love you mom! Happy birthday!

  • My day starts with you and ends with you. You are the most important person of my life. Be blessed mumma! Happy birthday
  • You are as strong as the sun and as tender as the moon. I wish to be like you when I grow up! Happy birthday mom!
  • You are my inspiration in life. I want to be like in all aspects of life. Please be the same always. Wishing you a great birthday mom!

  • May God give you more power and patience to tolerate me, because I am never going to stop annoying you mom because I love it so much! Ha ha! Happy birthday mom!
  • You seem to age like a fine wine mom! I wonder what’s the secret behind your beauty? By the way, Happy birthday my lovely mom. Love you to the moon and back!
  • Mom, you are my best friend. On your birthday, I just want to thank you for always being my punching bag. How do I do without you! But yes, Happy birthday!

  • It’s your birthday today and I am happier than ever as it’s the most special day of my life. It’s more special than my own birthday. Bless you mom! Happy birthday
  • I run short of words when I had to express my love for you. Just know that I love you more than anyone in this world. May God give you all the happiness in life. Happy birthday!
  • I wish I could write your name in the sky so that the world knows how amazing my mom is! Happy birthday to you mom!
  • You are my guiding star. You are the coolest and most amazing mom. I am lucky to have you! Happy birthday mumma!
  • This day, I just want to pray to God to keep up the smile on your face and may this smile never fade. Love you mom! Happy birthday!
  • Saying thanks to you for being with me will just not be fair. So, I will simply say that I love you and I need you in my life, always. Please stay! Happy birthday!
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