When you are in love, life becomes beautiful. Your lover is always in your thoughts. You want to spend times together and try to make each and every moment a memorable one. The first face you want to hear in the morning is of your lover. Lovers send cute messages to each other too, and good morning wishes have it’s own charm. It is a way to express that your love is the first thing you think about, when you get up in the morning. We’re sure you would have searched so many websites for unique and romantic good morning wishes for love but here, you’ll get the most unique and most beautiful good morning wishes for your lover. Why? Because we have especially written it for you and we are sure that you will love it. Go ahead and read on!

Romantic Good Morning Wishes For Lover:

This section has the most romantic good morning wishes. Send these messages to your love to start the day on a romantic note.

  • No special GIFs or graphics, no rhyming words or poems, nothing special, just a simple text to remind you that you were, you are and you will always be special to me. I love you. Good morning!
  • I wish I could take you in my arms right now and high you tightly to wish you the best of the day and a very good morning! Love you.
  • Let me come close to you, take you in my arms, kiss you on your forehead and whisper in your ears those 2 magical words that will make you day- good morning!

  • You know what? I simply love mornings, because the moment I get up I am excited to meet you my love. Good morning!
  • You are not just my lover, but you are also my energy booster, my midnight shooting star, my friend, my philosopher and my guide. Love you so much! Good morning!
  • Last night I saw a shooting star and wished that get to spend our whole lives together. Yes, that’s how much I love you. Good morning!

  • You are my love and my entire world revolves around you. May you be blessed and have an amazing day ahead. Good morning!
  • May universe listen to all of your wishes and answers every single one. Yes, that’s my prayer for you. I hope you have great day ahead. Good morning!
  • With every sunrise, we get a fresh set of hours to meet each other and be together. Good morning my love!

  • Every sunrise brings a new day for me to love you. With every day, my love for you is increasing and I feel blessed to have you in my life. Good morning sweetheart!
  • Hey honey! I wish I open my eyes and see your face but it didn’t happen today. Hope to be together soon. Good morning!
  • You know what? I can give up anything in this world to kiss you good morning.

  • The most special day will be when I get up and give you a good morning kiss. Can’t wait for that day to come. Good morning love!
  • The sun is up, the sky is blue, get up my sweetheart, I am thinking of you. Good morning!
  • Roses are red, skies are blue, oh my dear love and I am badly missing you. Good morning honey!

  • Sending you a sweet kiss coated with warm hug. Hope you like this breakfast. Have a sweet day honey
  • All I need is my morning cup of coffee and a tight hug from you. This is enough to get me started! Good morning my love.
  • I don’t really need the sun light to lighten up my day; your smile is enough for me. See you soon! Good morning

  • Get up and look your face into the mirror. What you will see is the sunshine of my life. Please take good care of it. Love you. Good morning
  • Open you tiny tiny eyes and give a lazy lazy yawn so that you feel fresh fresh and have a good good day. Good morning
  • Alert! The love of my life has just awoken. Now my world will start to function properly.

  • Every night parts us but every morning brings us together. This is the reason why I love mornings so much. Good morning!
  • This text is a gentle reminder that you were, you are and you will always be the most precious part of my life. I love you to the moon and back. Good morning!
  • Please get up and smile, so that the sun can shine, the birds can chirp and the day can start. Good morning love

  • You light up my life in the way sun lights up the dark sky in the morning. Yes, you are my sunshine, my love. Good morning and have a nice day!
  • Indeed distance has separated us but I am glad and grateful that we are under the same sky. Just look up and smile to wish me a good morning
  • It is said that morning is the best way to express love, so here’s me telling you that I love you to the Pluto and back. May this bond of love never weaken! Good morning!

Flirty Good Morning Messages:

Sometimes you wake up in a mood to flirt with your lover, to feel good and to make you love feel good too. This is why we have this section of flirty good morning messages for love. We’re sure you will like it!

  • You smile is sunshine, you eyes are the sky, oh my dear your morning look gives me high. Good morning!
  • New morning but old me. New text but old message. Just want to remind you that I am the only one who loves you more than anything in this world. You are my world. Good morning!
  • Love you see you smile because your smile is the fuel of my life. Keep smiling and have a blessed day ahead.

  • I don’t love you because you are beautiful/handsome or you are qualified and living a good life. But the only reason why I love you is that you possess a heart of gold which is selfless and pure. Stay the same. Good morning my dear!
  • You are my honey bunch, sugar syrup, plumpy plumpy pumpkin, you are my sweety pie; you are my cuppy cake with gum drop yum yum cookie, you are the apple of my eye. Good morning
  • My day begins with your good morning. When you don’t wish me, I feel incomplete. So get up fast and wish me good morning so that I can start my day. Good morning sweetheart!

  • My morning will be as beautiful as you are and as romantic as your eyes, but the only hiccup is that you are not near. Please come back soon. Good morning love!
  • Hey sunshine of my dark sky, get up… rise and shine!
  • My heart beats for you and it misses you a lot. Let’s meet today my love? It’s been a while! Good morning!

  • I don’t hope for my dreams to come true now, you know why? Because darling, YOU are my sweetest and most desirable dream that has come true. Love you! Good morning!
  • You know you don’t want to sleep and dream, because reality is more beautiful than your best even dream can be! Good morning love!
  • God has added one more day in our lives and I don’t want to waste it by not loving you. Lets meet soon my honey. Good morning!

So these were the best of the best good morning messages for lovers. Feel free to send out these messages to your love to wish them good morning. You can either text these messages or you can whatsapp them. You can also mention your love in a tweet and post these messages. There are so many mediums to send out a good morning wish. Also, feel free to explore our website for more amazing and unique messages for all situations and occasions.

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