Death is what people fear most. But the Bible said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believe in me shall never die.” John 11:25, 26. But for those who are left behind, losing a love one can put a person in deep pain. The thought that there won’t be a chance to see them and touch them again can make a person loose sanity. The only thing that can comfort them is some soothing words. If you are out of words and can’t explain what your heart wants to convey, here are some sympathy card messages and wordings suggestions that you may find helpful.

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Sympathy Card Messages Examples

Below you’ll find some heart rendering Sympathy Card Messages Examples.


We may cry a bucket of tears today,
I know, someday these tears will be wiped away
and only the good memories of (name of deceased)
will be left in our hearts to be cherished forever.

(Name of deceased) is a remarkable person.
Everybody in the office loves him.
He will linger in our hearts forever.
We hope you’ll accept our genuine sympathy.


My tears fell when I heard the news that (name of deceased) has passed away.
He/she was dear to me that I can’t help myself but cry.
I am sending you my heartfelt condolences to let you know
that (name of deceased) will be greatly remembered.
Please accept it.

I/We understand how painful it is for you to lose
someone you love and no words can ease that pain.
But God can take that away. Have faith in Him,
he will help you in your struggles.
I/We am/are very sorry for your loss.

(Name of deceased) is so close to my/our hearts that I/we am/are saddened
by the thought that he/she is already gone.
Please accept my/our condolences.
His/her memories will be treasured in my/our hearts.


(Name of deceased) may have left you,
but the good memories you created together will remain forever.
I hope those memories may help you find peace in your heart.
My condolences.

When you are planning to ease someone’s pain by sending sympathy cards, always be careful in every words you include. The recipient of the card might misunderstand you and will take the message negatively.  But be sure that you will be able to comply it if ever they’d accept it.

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