Yes, being graduation is the greatest moment in the life of a student. So, as a parent, a teacher, a brother or a sister, a friend or a lover, you should let them know how happy and honored you are seeing them march on the stage with the head held high. And the best way you can do it is by sharing some beautiful graduation congratulations messages and wordings. Here are some graduation congratulations messages and wordings to inspire you.

Graduation Congratulations Messages

Sample Congratulations Graduation Messages

Here are some sample congratulation graduation messages for you to fill in your cards.


They say education is the greatest treasure that can never be taken away by anyone from a person. That’s great! You are now rich. Congratulations!

Never be ashamed if it takes you more time to graduate. Remember, a pyramid takes more time to build than an ordinary building. Look at you now, you’re already a success. Good job!

You are now a step closer to your dream. Keep the fighting spirit burning. Cheers!

Congratulations! The star you long for is already in your hands. But look, a brighter star is shining near you. It means another star to reach. Keep collecting stars until you shine the brightest.

You passed another stage of your life. Be ready for the next one. Good luck!

Life is like a battle field, if you are weak, you lose. But you showed great courage and valor. Congratulations! You deserve to be honored.

In every rain, you had an umbrella. In every storm, you had a coat. In every drought, you had miracle water. You showed everyone that nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams. Keep the passion, you did great!

How does it feel to be at the top of the world? You must be on cloud 9. Let’s give that a toast! Cheers!

You should be proud of yourself. No one brought you to success but yourself. I’m so proud of you.

Wow! You captured success in one blow! That’s great!

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Sample Congratulations Messages for Graduation


For a friend:
You never let those monkey eating eagle consume you. Look at you now, your wings are beautifully spread and you’re soaring higher than anyone else. Keep soaring till you reach your dreams.

For the valedictorian/ Suma Cum Laude
I never thought you will be the best student of our batch. You outshined us all. Keep it up, girl!

For best friends
If you are a star, you’re the brightest. Since you are a student, you’re the smartest. Since you are my best friend, you’re the best. Congratulations best!

For younger brothers
I never thought you’d be smarter than me. Two thumbs up for you, bro!

For girlfriends
You did it, babe! How did you handle that? Having me and still being at the top. You made me so proud to be your guy.

Graduation Congratulations Messages from Parents

Nothing’s more endearing to parents that seeing their child excel in their fields and graduation. So here are some sample graduation congratulations messages from parents.


We saw you fell many times. But that did not stop you from reaching your dreams. Be proud of yourself. You really deserve that diploma. Congratulations! You make us so proud.

I have been with you since you started reading your ABC. I saw the passion and desire you have to learn. On this day, I can’t help but to be proud of you. Congratulations my dear!

A tear fell from my eyes when you told me you are on the honor’s list. That means I will be sitting at your back in front of everybody and you make me so proud of you.

You saw what I did? I just shouted to the world how proud I am, to be your mother.

By receiving that certificate, you showed the world how we brought you up. We are extremely honored to be your parents.

Graduation Congratulations Messages from a Teacher

After parents, it’s our teachers who mold us to become better human beings. So here are a few graduation congratulations messages from s teacher.


I was once a part of your journey and I saw your passion and effort to learn. You deserve to have that diploma.

Cheers to the newly graduate! I am so proud to be your parent in school. Keep reaching for your goals. Soar high!


Keep up the passion and desire for learning. ‘Cause in life, learning doesn’t stop. Keep reaching for success. I know you could capture much of it.

The first time I saw you, you were just a star, twinkling with the others. But you outshone them all. You become so big like the sun and you shine the brightest. Good job!

That’s all folks. If you have any good graduation congratulations messages and wordings to share, leave us a comment below.

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