Teachers Day messages: Teachers deserve a lot of honor and appreciation for the wonderful work they do. They take raw and ignorant minds and shape and mould them into productive and skillful people who are able to take their place in life with confidence and hope. Indeed teaching is a great and noble profession because everyone, regardless of their station and position in life once sat at the feet of these great men and women even if only for a short time. Take time to think about all the teachers in your life and celebrate them for helping you get to wherever you are. On this special day as you commemorate this special day in honor of all teachers send your teachers a special greeting and wish them well. Let your teachers know that their efforts were not in vain and that their good work is truly appreciated. No matter how brief the message is, it will make your teachers know that they really made an impact in your life.


  • You inspired me to be the best I could be with your wisdom, guidance and counsel. I would not be where I am today but for you. Thank you teacher, and I wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • I wish to take this time to appreciate all the great lessons you taught me and not just in class, but lessons of life as well. Because of you I am what I am today. Happy Teacher’s Day.happy-teachers-day-Wishes-04
  • Dear Teacher, if I were able to choose a crown for you, I would choose one of gold to celebrate your steadfastness, and decorate it with diamonds for you truly deserve the wonderful things life has to offer. Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • No amount of money is enough to pay a wonderful teacher because the knowledge they impart is one of the building blocks to greatness. Teachers are truly noble and you are one of the best. Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • Thank you for guiding and counseling us and showing us the way to go and how to succeed in life. We truly appreciate you dear teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • We celebrate this special day in honour of all teachers who selflessly work to nurture minds and mould them into industrious and productive beings. Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • You are a champion for fighting to ensure that we get education. It is therefore fitting for us to celebrate you today. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • Happy Teacher’s Day. I commemorate this day in honor of you as one of the great masters of education, who diligently work to ensure that their students gain the knowledge and skills they need to face life with confidence. You are truly appreciated dear teacher.
  • Your competence in your work has earned you a place among the great educationists and today I celebrate you dear teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • Over the years you have distinguished yourself as an exemplary teacher and I am really grateful for the part you played in my own life. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • You removed the dross of ignorance from our minds and polished them into knowledgeable gems. You deserve gratitude and honor. Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • You were earnest in all your duties as my teacher, no wonder I turned out to be what I am today. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • With patience and perseverance you elevated us from the pits of ignorance and raised us to the platform of knowledge and skill. You deserve much credit for our success. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • happy-teachers-day-Wishes-02
  • You have enhanced our lives with the skills and knowledge you imparted to us and now we can take our place in this world with confidence. You deserve special honour this day. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • You were entrusted with the responsibility of imparting knowledge to dispel our ignorance. We celebrate you for succeeding in this tough venture. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • For every award I received and every promotion I get, I owed much to you for your diligence and patience as you taught me all the formal lessons and also life’s skills. Thank you for your great efforts and sacrifice dear teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • You always go over and above your stipulated duties to ensure that your students get so much more than just formal training. Your selfless efforts are truly appreciated and we celebrate you on this special day. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • Thank you for being patient with me as I struggled through the vast world of books and knowledge. I am very grateful that you never gave up on me no matter how tough things got, but urged me onto success. Today I celebrate you as my hero. Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • Teacher, your strong faith in me is what has brought me this far. Even when I wanted to quit which was quite often, you would not let me, and I am so proud to have had you as one of my teachers. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  • I may not say this often enough but dear teacher I appreciate all that you did for me as I passed through your classes. Today I am happy to let you know that all your efforts were not in vain and I want to wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day.


  • Dear teacher, it is an honor and blessing to have been one of your students. I am grateful that I passed through your hands which nurtured and guided me into who I am today. May God bless you always and I celebrate you today. Happy Teacher’s Day.
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