“I will love you forever”, “I want to grow old with you”, “I will love you no matter what happened”, “’till death do us part”, these are just some of the promises people made when they are in a relationship or when they are in love. But in love, simple words are not enough to make the love last. It requires love, loyalty, trust, courage, patience and a lot of investment. Ask someone who has given 25 years to their relationship. So for people celebrating 25 years of their relationship, we’ve compiled some beautiful 25th wedding anniversary wishes, messages and wordings, which can be used not just by partners, but also friends, colleagues, and children.


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Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Messages and Wishes

For those who knew someone who are celebrating their 25th anniversary, send them wishes of gratification for giving value to love and commitment. Here are a few 25th wedding anniversary wishes, messages and wordings.


When I met you, I found a reason to fall in love with you.
After 25 years, you still give me reasons to keep on falling for you.
Happy Anniversary!

Every love story is written by God
and I am so grateful that He included you as a part of my life.
Happy 25th Anniversary my love.


I don’t love you because I like you nor because I care for you.
I don’t love you because I can’t live without you.
I just love you. Happy 25 years of loving you.

Even if time changes,
my feelings for you will always be the same.
Happy 25th Anniversary.

It’s been 25 years since you discovered my secret.
You know I’m a monster, instead of being afraid,
you are always there to hug me every time I am about to mutate.
Thank you for loving me that much.
Happy Anniversary!


It’s not a surprise to see you both last
for how many years because there is a saying,
“One will know if two people were destined if their face is somewhat alike”.
You both have a heart-shape face.
Now you know.
Happy silver anniversary!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Messages

Below you’ll find a list of 25th wedding anniversary wishes,messages and wordings, which you can send your friends, family, colleague or anyone celebrating 25th wedding anniversary.


It felt good to wake up every morning beside the person you love.
Thank you for the 25 years of waking up with me.
I love you!

You know what?
You don’t even fit for my standards,
but here I am, celebrating our 25th anniversary.
Maybe that’s what you call, feelings are greater than standards.
I love you.
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!


I don’t believe in fairy tales.
But I do believe in Kings.
Thank you for being a great king to our Kingdom.
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

25 years has passed since we started our journey of being married.
Thank you for being my companion.
My journey won’t be as memorable if I spent it without you.
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to you my greatest companion.


The secret of a long lasting marriage
is trust, loyalty and contentment.
Thank you for that wonderful lesson.
We learned a lot from you.
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to the both of you!

25th Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card Messages

For those who want to create a special greeting card for their beloved can take some cue from our list of 25th wedding anniversary greeting card messages.


Thank you for always being there for me.
Through ups and downs, you were always there.
Happy 25 years of loving you.

It’s been 25 years since I found the person
who filled the spaces between my fingers.
Happy 25th anniversary!

Years passed but my love for you will took forever to last.
Thank God I found you.
Happy 25th anniversary

I love you every day not every year.
So, Happy 9125th day!

Love is sweeter when it’s new.
But it is much sweeter as time passes through.
Happy 25th anniversary to both of you.

25th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

You need to keep your parents happy too on their 25th anniversary. So here are some 25th wedding anniversary wishes and messages for parents. 


I want my marriage life someday to be like yours.
Happy 25th Anniversary.

I am very proud to be a product of pure love.
Happy Silver Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!
I love you so much.

The love you shared for 25 years
is my inspiration to have great love life.
Thank you for inspiring me.
I love you both. Happy Anniversary!

You made me believe in fairy tales,
you let me live in a kingdom surrounded by love
that has already been tested by time.
Happy Silver Anniversary to the King and Queen of my life.


We hope you find our compilation of 25th wedding anniversary wishes, messages and wordings helpful. If you have any query, leave us a comment below.

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