Every marriage begins with a big celebration; the challenge is maintaining a marriage worth celebrating for years to come. Every couple is usually full of hopes and dreams for a better and more productive marriage life. With today’s divorce statistics, every milestone in marriage is worth celebrating. We have compiled several 1st anniversary messages that you can choose to send to your loved ones. Send one of these to congratulate a couple you know for their first anniversary:

1st Wedding Anniversary Messages


“You are my most treasured possession; you given me hope for tomorrow and a smile that never leaves my face. Happy first Anniversary sweetheart!”

“I cherish every moment with you and hope that I will forever be wrapped in your arms. Happy first Anniversary!”

“For 365 days you have confirmed to me that there is indeed no better place than to be by your side. May God give us many more years to celebrate. Happy 1st Anniversary.”

“I may not be a superstar but you have treated me like a queen for the past one year. This is to say thank you and may we have many more years to love one another. Happy 1st Anniversary!”

“You have taught me that marriage is about love, partnership, tolerance and understanding. Happy first Anniversary my dear husband!”

1st Wedding Anniversary For Husband


“I found happiness when I found you, my greatest wish will forever be to celebrate many more years together. I love you my sweetheart! Happy first Anniversary.”

“The 365 days have been the best part of my life and now I’m looking forward to growing old with you. Happy first Anniversary!”

“Our first anniversary together is testimony that I found my one and only. I will always be here for you. Happy first Anniversary!”

“When you are weak, you can count on me, when you are scared you can turn to me; whatever you face I will always be by your side for many more years to come. Happy first Anniversary to the best wife ever!”

“I am a better person today because I said yes to the best man on earth. Happy first Anniversary dear!”

“Love can be anything you make it to be; I’m glad you’ve made our love the most priceless treasure. I will cherish you forever. Happy first Anniversary darling!”

“Even if the world were to turn against me, I would not care so long as I have you in my arms. Happy first Anniversary dear!”

Happy 1st Anniversary Messages for Wife


“I thought my honeymoon was over when we came back, but you have made every day of the past year a never ending honeymoon. May our love grow every year for the rest of our lives. Happy first Anniversary!”

“I can’t believe one year has passed because I still feel as excited as I was the first time I said ‘I do’. Happy first Anniversary my darling!”

“Every fight, every argument has brought us closer each day. I never knew marriage could teach me so much and for that I love you even more. Happy first Anniversary!”

“You are my source of happiness, strength, joy and comfort. May God grant us many more years together in love and unity. Happy first Anniversary!”

“I have seen a sparkle of love in your eyes everyday of the past year; I hope it will always be there for the rest of our lives together. Happy first Anniversary!”

Romantic 1st Wedding Anniversary Messages


“Today we remind ourselves of the promises we made to each other. As we have kept them this past one year, I hope that we stay in love so that we keep them for the many years to come. Happy first Anniversary!”

“The first year of marriage is said to be a test to determine if the couple can stay together: I believe we have proved to the world that we still have a hundred years to love each other. Happy first Anniversary!”

“One year ago I said ‘I do’ and today I celebrate that decision because you have showed me that it was the best decision of my life. I love you dear. Happy First Anniversary!”

“As we celebrate your first year together, may your love grow year by year until forever. Happy first Anniversary!”

First Wedding Anniversary Messages for Couples


“May your married life be a beautiful bed of roses. Happy first Anniversary!”

“May you receive all the happiness, love, joy and peace that a married life can bring. Happy first Anniversary to both of you!”

“I wish for you peace and strength to overcome all the trials on your way, so that you may live to celebrate your 100th anniversary together. Happy First Anniversary.”

“May your life be full of bliss and every good tiding that life can offer. Happy first Anniversary my friends!”

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