Wedding anniversary messages for parents: It may be a little bit hard to think about who or what your parents were before you were born, but they did have lives back then. For their anniversary, try and figure out a bit about who they were before you were in their lives. It might be interesting to have a look through some old photo albums, videos and letters, looking at the kind of people they were in their earlier years. Maybe you can even upload some of those old memories online for everyone to see, on Facebook or Instagram.


Find some way to make their special day even better with your personal touch. Remember, this day is just as important to you as it is to them, because otherwise you wouldn’t be with them right now otherwise. But remember, this isn’t your day to shine, it’s theirs. Cap all of this off with a thoughtful card that the pair of them will cherish for years to come. Here are some anniversary card messages for your parents.

  • Today is one of the reasons that all three of us are sitting here right now. So Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you.
  • To the best parents a kid could ask for. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad, and thanks for everything you do for me!


  • Hey! You guys are doing pretty good at this whole couple thing. I mean, after all, you have me, don’t you? Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
  • I know there are a lot of kids out there who don’t get to be with their parents. So I’m really thankful that the two of you are always there for me. Happy Anniversary, I love you!
  • So you’re telling me that there was a time when the two of you weren’t all lovey-dovey with one another? I don’t believe you. Happy Anniversary!
  • I prefer to think of my “Trouble Making” as adding some much needed spice to your marriage. I’m really doing you a favor. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


  • Mom, Dad, I hereby solemnly swear on this card to be the best child I can be for the rest of your anniversary. Happy Anniversary, I love you!
  • To my favorite pair of parents ever, have a happy anniversary! You guys beat out all those other parents by a long shot, let me tell you.
  • Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for being together and making my life the best life it could be. I love you! Happy Anniversary!


  • Congratulations on completing another successful year of marriage! Have a complimentary “Chore Card”, redeemable for one Complaint-Free chore at any point. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
  • Hey Dad, Mom was just as pretty on your wedding day as she is now, right? Happy Anniversary!


  • I think that tonight, I’d like to hear a love story before I go to bed. Do the two of you know any good ones? Happy Anniversary!
  • I refuse to believe there wasn’t a time you two weren’t together. I mean, that’s just the natural order! Birds fly, fish swim, my parents love each other. Happy Anniversary!


  • I hope one day I find someone I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with, like the two of you have. Mom, Dad, Happy Anniversary!
  • What did you people even do on dates back in the Stone Age? Happy Anniversary to my two favorite fossils!
  • I’ve always looked up to both of you, and tried to copy you to make my life better. I just hope that I can be as lucky as you are when it came to finding love. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.
  • You’re not gonna believe this! Apparently, you two actually had lives before I was born. I know, crazy right? Happy Anniversary, you guys!


  • You know, the two of you know everything about me, but it feels like I only know half of the stuff to know about you two. Can we change that? Happy Anniversary!
  • I’m not sure what I thought you two actually did before I was around. But I do hope that me being here made your lives at least a little bit better. I love you! Happy Anniversary!
  • Congrats on another year of marriage, Mom and Dad! I can’t even keep a steady study-partner this long, so I don’t know how you two manage living together.
  • Marriage Report Card. Affection: A. Quality Time: A. Romance: A. Child-Handling: A. Happy Anniversary, and here’s to another Straight A year!


  • Is marriage anything like a group project? There’s a lot of work to split up, sometimes its hard to focus, and you’re expected to have something to show to everyone else when you’re done. Well, as your final product, allow me to say you two get a gold star! Happy Anniversary!
  • I love you Mom. I love you Dad. Seeing you together makes me glad. Happy Anniversary.
  • Happy Second Most Important day of the year, Mom and Dad! I think we all know which one is first, though. Happy Anniversary!


  • A marriage isn’t measured in time. It’s measured in how well you use that time together. And since the two of you used that time to raise me, I’d say that this marriage has been a resounding success! Happy Anniversary!
  • I’m really glad that my parents are beating the odds and proving that marriage can work. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
  • Have you ever considered having a second wedding? It’d probably be just like the first one, only this time I’d get to enjoy it too! Happy Anniversary!
  • I really wish I could have seen your wedding. The two of you are so happy together now, I wish I could have seen what you looked like back then. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


  • Do you, Parents, take this card as your lawfully gifted card, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until its tomorrow? I now pronounce this a Happy Anniversary!
  • I’m always going to love you guys. Thank you so much for finding one another. For being the best parents you could be. For the rest of my life I hope to live up to your examples. Thank you, and I love you both from the bottom of my heart. Happy Anniversary.
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