Are you looking to celebrate your kids first birthday party? For certain, they will remember nothing of this momentous event in their life. But that’s not even enough to stop us from throwing them their first biggest party of their lives. So here is some 1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording that will help you to create a wonderful 1st Birthday Party Invitation card

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #1

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Swing into action
With our Benjamin Jacob Railey
as he turns one today.
Fun, friends and adventure await you.

Celebrate with us
At The Cheese Castle
34, Sylvan Avenue, Chadwel Heath, Essex
12th of June, 3:00p.m.
Peter and Mary Jane Railey

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #2

Ice cream galore and cakes
that will make you soar.
Bring a friend, bring a neighbour.
Have fun with us and our pretty girl

Elizabeth Leigh Braddock

On her first birthday,
25th of January, 7:00p.m.
At the Road Runner Diner
69, Dunvegan Road, London
James and Lysa Braddock

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #3


Will you come to my house
At 12 Hanson Green, Loughton, Essex
On May 23rd at 9:00a.m.

For my very first birthday party

And help me make my first set of magical memories.
Cakes and Chocolates will fly all over us
And I have a special for you after the celebration.

Jessica Samantha Drew

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #4

The 31st of March at 11:00a.m will be a blast,
Because I am turning one year old at long last!
Come to my house at

95E 3rd Street, Mansfield, Ohio
And all the cakes and candies,
Chocolates and ice creams
Will be within our grasp.

Francis J. Castle

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #5


Would you like to see my brightest smile yet?
I’ll show it gladly to you all day
If you come to my first birthday party

At 1000 Chocolate Hills
929 Southfield Avenue, Springfield, Ohio
On the 8th of December, 4:00p.m.
Also, there is a colorful bounce house.

Nathan Summers

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #6

Our lovely little angel
Carol Danvers will be flapping her tiny wings
As she turns one year old

Join us in celebrating her very first birthday party
And make her first flight filled with peace and joy

On October 8, at 10:00 a.m.
1544 Piedmont Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia

Chris and Marie Danvers

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #7


We would love for you to come along
As we eat cake and dance and sing songs
For our dearest

Franklin Richards

Wish him good health and great friends
On his first birthday party

At The Sweet King
1574N, Kingsbury Street, Chicago, Illinois
6th of September, 10:00a.m.
Reed and Susan Richards

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #8

Warren Worthington III,

Our handsome boy who was fatefully born
on the 15th of February
Is celebrating his first birthday party

At the Apple Pie Country
200 Broadway Avenue, West Beach SA, Australia—4:00p.m.

Take part in his royal games such as
Tug of War and Pin the Donkey
And win toys, gifts and special prizes

William and Felicia Worthington

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #9


Come sing with me
My very first birthday song
With a tune a sweet as summer and
A voice as dreamy as winter
As I turn a year old

On the 8th of October, at 7:00p.m.
The Dinner Prince
2 Avenue, de la Soeur Rosalie, Paris

Lacus Yula Clyne

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording #10

An early Christmas treat waits for you
At Ice Monster
Box74 RR1, North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

As our fantastic baby
Jonathan Spencer Storm

Celebrates his first birthday party
Shower him with good wishes as a landslide of flavors
From chocolate to mint, vanilla to strawberry and even
Mocha and toffee at your picking

April 20th, 2:00p.m.
Thomas and Joana Storm

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