Turning eighteen will mean a ton of things—both good and bad. This time, we will be on our own to learn and relearn the lessons our parents already know. We are expected to be more mature in making decisions and taking responsibility for whatever that decision’s repercussion may be. But as my parent once told me, turning eighteen isn’t a chore or a job I need to do. Turning eighteen means having more fun in life, enjoying the rainbow through the rain and the clouds and winds. Turning eighteen means being independent, being brave—and most importantly, being yourself.

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #1


An 18th birthday party will not be wild
Until you are by Jennifer Walter’s side
Bring all your friends and never let the night end,
But just until ten.

Come and celebrate with us
On April 23, 7:00-10:00pm
45 Park Avenue, Apartment 303, New York, New York

Bobby and Bobbi Walters

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #2

The world has now become her canvass
Come and join Daisy paint magical memories
On her 18th birthday party

On August 2nd, 6:00pm
Oriental Scene
District 7 100 S, Main Street, Los Angeles, California
We will be grateful for your shades of friendship and love

Phil and Diana Johnson

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #3


You have helped molding her
Into the beautiful character that she is now.
Join us as we celebrate the new chapter
Of her colorful life

Our daughter Barbara is turning 18

On November 12, at 6:00p.m.
The Butterfly Coven
101 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, New Jersey

Thomas and Amanda Morse

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #4

She is no longer a child
But her journey to being a young lady has just started
That road is long and it will get lonely at times

Join us give Angelica Jones a good push onwards
As she celebrates her 18th birthday

101 East Methvin, Suite 301, Longview, Texas
September 27, 10:00a.m.
George and Samantha Jones

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #5


A grand princess ball has been arranged
For you and the friends of our daughter
Cassandra Cain.

Dress up like a princess (or a queen)
Feel like royalty on her 18th Birthday Party

The Crystal Castle
141 Dorchester Avenue, Unit 708, Boston, Massachusetts
7th of July, 7:00p.m.
Bruce and Lisa Cain

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #6

Like a flower blooming to its fullest beauty
Its charm only fleeting for that day
But the memory of her enchantment stays eternal

Our lovely Stephanie is now turning 18

Join us in celebrating this most meaningful of days
January 5, 10:00a.m.
Flowers and Tea Inn
100 Main Street, Seattle, Washington
Stewart and Janice Brown

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #7


The once ball of energy
Is now turning into of ball of elegance
(And some more energy, apparently)

As our beloved Catherine Pride
Will be celebrating her 18th birthday party

At the Sun Veil House
421 E Drachman, Tucson, Arizona
October 8, 7:00p.m.

Wesley and Glenda Pride

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #8

He may once be THE troublemaker in the day
And he may yet still be and then some
But now, as our Robert Drake turns 18

We would like to invite you and join us
Celebrate our son’s coming of age
On a birthday party that may change his life
And the way he sees the world

On March 25th, 8:00p.m
65 Ocean Avenue, Apartment 6B, Brooklyn, New York
Chris and Joy Drake

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #9


The once young prince
Is now grooming to be a gallant knight
Born of honor, courage and strength

Your close friend Clint Barton
Would like to invite you to his
18th birthday bash

At the Crabby Kings
1444 S, Alameda Street, Los Angeles, California
Cesar and Angeles Barton

18th Birthday Party Invitation Wording #10

He has been many characters before
In all his virtual online games
A Swordsman, a ninja, a sniper and even a wizard

But on the 12th day of April
Our Lincoln Campbell
Is just an ordinary boy
Turning into an extra ordinary young man

Join him celebrate and have tons of fun
At Gamer’s Galleria, 9:00a.m.
41 Williams Street, Princeton, New Jersey
Kurt and Anna Campbell

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