30th birthday is the most difficult of all milestones in life because it is the moment wherein a person is in between youth and old age. It is also the part of life wherein a lot of confusions come in. People are getting confused on what path to take. Either they remain as carefree as a child or they’ll continue to move on with their lives. Even you, who are just going to give a greeting card, have a lot of questions in mind. Like, should you write a serious one and somewhat inspirational or should you put a lot of joke and sarcasm in it. Well, we can assist you in this task .Below are some 30th birthday wishes and messages that might be useful to you.

30th Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes


Today is not about your dog or your cat, it is all about you.
So enjoy the day and don’t let anyone ruin it.
Happy 30th Birthday!

You look beautiful when you smile.
Then just imagine how beautiful life can be if you just keep on smiling.
Happy 30th Birthday!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy it and throw all your worries away!
Don’t stress yourself up. You’re not that old yet.
Be happy and always smile to make you look and feel young every day.
Happy 30th Birthday!

Don’t frown because your already 30.
Rather, be grateful because not everyone can look
as beautiful as you in their 30’s.
Be proud and let everybody envy you.
Happy 30th Birthday!

30 is the stage for you to take up new and exciting challenges.
I hope you’ll have a lot of fun and excitement before you reach 40.
Happy 30th Birthday!

Too much stress can put wrinkles on your face.
You’re no longer a youth.
If you don’t want to have session with a dermatologist
when you reach 40, keep smiling.
Happy 30th Birthday!

You have reached another milestone in your life.
Today, you have to choose whether to continue your journey
to maturity or just turn back and crazily enjoy life.
Maybe you can do it later. As of now, just enjoy the night.
Happy 30th Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday!
Today is the time for you to reflect about the happenings of the past
and prepare yourself to become better in the future.
Good Luck!

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30th Birthday Wishes for a Friend


This is the right time for you to even things up.
Don’t worry; I’m always here to help you even out things.
Happy 30th birthday, my friend!

Everybody now is asking you on what will be the path
you’ll take now that you’re already 30.
Don’t worry I am not one of them.
I’ll just wish you luck on whatever you think is the right thing for you.
Happy 30th Birthday!

On your special day, only think of the reasons that make you smile.
Not those that make you cry.
Thank you for letting me, to be a part of the 30 years
of your existence here on earth.
Happy Birthday!

I have called a cab to fetch us and drive us home later.
Oh come on, we’re going to party all night long!
30 cheers for you, man!

Our friendship is never a coincidence in our lives.
Fate brought us together to share priceless lessons
and funny memories to each other.
Thank you for being my best friend.
Happy 30th Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday!
I hope you’ll stop complaining about the things
that you don’t have and just be grateful to all the blessings you received.
You don’t know how lucky I am to have you as my friend.

Let’s welcome your 30th birthday with a blast!
This is a turning point in your life.
People expect you to start facing life maturely tomorrow.
Well, we still have a few hours to enjoy the party!
Happy Birthday!

Funny 30th Birthday Wishes


Let us mourn for the death of your youth.
Happy Condolence!
I mean, Happy 30th Birthday!

Say goodbye to the youthful and carefree life
and say hello to hell. Just kidding!
Happy 30th Birthday!

I lighted 25 candles for your birthday.
Oops! I made a mistake;
I thought we are celebrating your 25th birthday.
Happy 30th Birthday!

Happy 30th birthday, sexy!
Stop being so conservative and flaunt that mouth-watering body
while it is not yet too late.
How I wish I can be as sexy as you are.

You have gained 30 reasons to be lazy.
Sit back and relax while the youngsters do all the hard works for you.
That’s the benefit of being 30.
Happy 30th Birthday!

Age can’t erase the fact that you’re a FLIRT!
I think I made you smile.
Happy 30th Birthday!

I knew it!
Nothing has changed.
Behind the fact that you’re already 30, flirting is still your game.
Well, I have nothing against that.
Happy 30th Birthday!

The advantage of being single on your 30th years is that
you can have as much fun as you want.
Cheers to the birthday celebrant!

I have earned 30 dates for you, but only 3 came up.
But then again, enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Happy 30 years of good cheers!
You’re so lucky if you’re a 30-year-old man who is filthy and rich.
You can have every woman you want.
Way to go man!
Happy 30th Birthday!


These happy 30th birthday wishes and messages will inspire and motivate the receiver to be a little bit serious in life, now that he/she is entering the era of ageing. And the funny 30th birthday wishes messages will make the recipient smile and laugh.

So which of these 30th birthday wishes and messages did you like the most? Tell us by commenting below.

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