The first milestone in a person’s life is his/her 1st birthday. The child may not be able to remember the moment, but for the child’s parents, it will still be one of the most memorable days of their life and they will cherish it forever. But if you want to make it even more memorable, send the best greeting card you have. The child may not have the capacity to read it at the moment; her parents will definitely keep it for the child to read later on. Dress up your card with lots of colors, beautiful designs and write a heart felt message. If you can’t decide what to write, you can take some ideas on 1st birthday wishes and messages below.




Happy 1st Birthday Wishes


Happy 1st birthday to you, little kid!
I know this is the best birthday in your life
because you can do anything you want
and if there is someone who gets in your way,
just cry out loud until they give way.

You’re such a cute little baby.
But look, your cake is twice as tall as you.
It only means that you are greatly loved by your parents.
Happy 1st birthday!
Enjoy your cake and enjoy your day.
Have fun!

Your 1st birthday is the most awaited day in your mom and dad’s life.
You don’t have to do anything.
You just have to smile and enjoy your day.
Happy 1st birthday!

Your mom never wanted a child.
In fact she hates babies. But look at her.
She’s enjoying your company and she loves to take care of you.
You brought a miracle in her life.
Happy 1st birthday!

Hey there kiddo.
You look cute in your little dress and shoes.
But you know what?
As I held you in my arms, I never thought that a baby could look so beautiful.
I hope you’ll grow up to be as beautiful as me.
Happy 1st birthday!

Turning 1 is the most remarkable day in your life.
So, just relax at your mother’s arms and give everyone your sweetest smile.
Happy 1st birthday!

You’re an angel sent from heaven.
Right now, you are the joy and the life of your parents.
You don’t know how proud they are to have you.
Keep bringing happiness to them.
On your first birthday, I wish you good health and long life.
Happy 1st birthday!

You may not remember how wonderful this day is.
Don’t worry your mom and dad will document this say.
For sure, the memories of this day will give a smile on your face someday.
Happy 1st birthday, cutie!

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1st Birthday Wishes for a Baby


You clearly know how to use your charm.
Look everyone is in chaos because all of them wants to hold you in their arms.
For all of us, you are such an amazing baby.
You make mom and dad so proud of you.
Happy 1st birthday! You will always be our little angel.

I never thought that a tiny and small baby like you
could be so terrible for stealing the hearts of everyone.
I know you’re enjoying all the attentions given to you.
I hope that you will turn up to be a lovable person someday.
Happy 1st birthday, baby! Mom and dad love you so much.

You know what?
I am the happiest mom in the world when I gave birth to you.
Now that you’ve reached your 1st birthday, I can’t explain how happy I am.
Always remember that you are my happiness. I love you.
Happy 1st special day!

You’re the greatest gift we received from God.
I hope you’ll grow up as a God fearing child.
We love you so much.
Happy 1st birthday, little angel!

Any minute from now, you will experience your entire first;
your first birthday party, first cake and first candle to blow.
Enjoy your day baby; mommy and daddy are so happy to have you.
Happy 1st birthday!

I will make the most out of this for you.
I’m so happy that I am able to see you grow up.
Whenever someone says that you’re such an adorable baby,
you make mommy so proud. I hope you will grow up to be a good child.
Happy 1st birthday, my little angel!

You have the most angelic face I’ve ever seen, your eyes is full of innocence.
Keep that innocence and make it as your strength and touch everyone’s heart.
Wish you grow up to be smart, tough and wise.
Happy 1st birthday!

1st Birthday Wishes for a Baby Boy



Hey little monster, Today is your day.
So, you have to behave and be good to everyone.
Don’t worry nobody will ever dare ruin your party.
Happy 1st birthday!

When you get old, you won’t let me cuddle you anymore.
So now that you’re still helpless, I will cuddle you as much as I want.
Happy 1st birthday, cutie!
I hope you grow up to be a handsome man.

Right now, you’re the most powerful person in your family.
Just one cry and you can get all the things your heart desires.
But that power won’t last. So make the most out of it.
Happy 1st birthday, kid!

On your first special day, you’re not allowed to frown or cry.
Just smile and melt everyone’s heart.
Be good, ok? Don’t make your parents life miserable.
They love you as much as they love each other.
Happy 1st birthday!

You are such a cute little devil.
You’re a destroyer of peace and silence.
It’s alright, as long as the noises are from the laughter of the people around you.
Happy 1st birthday, kiddo!
I hope you’ll keep on bringing happiness and joy to everyone.

1st Birthday Wishes for a Baby Girl




You’re the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen.
You look cute even when you cry.
But that doesn’t mean that you’ll cry often.
I hope you’ll grow up to as adorable as your mom.

Congratulations, baby!
You have made it to your 1st anniversary.
Get ready for the most wonderful day in your life.
Happy 1st birthday!

The house is a dull place until you arrived.
You filled it with lots of laughter and happiness.
You filled our lives with so much fun and excitement.
On your first birthday, we only want what’s best for you.
Happy 1st birthday!

You have the sweetest face I’ve ever seen.
I never thought that a baby can brighten a gloomy day.
I hope I can also have a baby like you.
Happy 1st birthday, my ideal baby!

You’re such an adorable baby.
I really can’t resist holding you in my arms and hugging you so tight.
Happy 1st birthday, little girl! I hope you’re mine.

These lovely 1st birthday wishes and messages will surely bring a wide grin on your kid’s face when he reads them when he’s all grown up. If you have any more 1st birthday wishes and messages to share, leave us a comment below.

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