Wedding Wishes Quotes: A good wedding wish for the newlyweds is not something you can easily come up with. Unlike other messages and wishes, wedding wishes require ample about of time, thoughts and consideration. Of course, you don’t want to cause any misunderstanding or mishap in a very important event – the wedding. You want to make sure that your wedding messages to congratulate the newlyweds are at least acceptable and something they will appreciate. If you are still lost of words, here are some samples of wedding congratulation wishes that you could use. You may modify them as necessary.


Wedding Wishes Messages

  • We rejoice in the love that both of you have shared.
    We wish you a lifetime of happiness and good cheers.
    May you build a home founded in faith and love.
    Hugs and kisses to our dear newlyweds!
  • No longer “I” but “We” is your sweet melody,
    With each other’s side you’ll never be lonely.
    From this moment on until eternity,
    May your home be filled with everlasting glee.
    Congratulations on your wedding day!


  • Tied with the shackles of love,
    Sealed with devotion as symbolized by a dove;
    Edified by the fortress of the heavens above,
    Showered by the blessings of God.
    Cheers for a lifetime together!
  • You spent your lives searching for your heart’s other half.
    Now that you found each other, spend the rest of your lives with one heart and mind.
    Congratulations for such a sweet start!
  • Love knows its humble beginnings.
    Love sprouted on a spring
    Love bloomed in your hearts in that sweetest summer,
    May you reap the harvest of joy in your lives forever.
    Warmest congratulations to you!

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Wedding Wishes Congratulations


  • May your love last until eternity like that ring that symbolizes infinity.
    Through the years may you be strong and happy and may God grant you a load of offspring.
    Congratulations to you!
  • May the stars at night light up your way,
    With a brighter sunshine for the rest of the days..
    Let the birds in the air sing your hymns of love,
    and may you be showered with blessings from God above.
    Best wishes throughout your marriage days!
  • We lift up a toast as we rejoice with you as one couple sharing one lifetime in the union of your love. We claim rich blessings and favor for your family. Now, go and build a home founded in love, faith
    and trust. Congratulations!


  • This day marks the beginning of eternity.
    Wishing you years of felicity and prosperity.
    When the going gets tough hold on to each other.
    In faith and love, cherish one another.
  • Two hearts have been united this day.
    Congratulations! A cheer of Hurray!
    May God Almighty bless your way,
    And a home full of peace, love and hope.

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Happy Wedding Wishes, Wedding Day Wishes


  • May you be blessed in all your endeavors as husband and wife.
    May the bond of your love get stronger each day.
    May happiness fill your home come what may,
    Cheers to forever and a day!
  • Let your banner of love be raised today until the end of time. As you embark this journey of a lifetime, may you be equipped with faith, hope and love. We send hugs and cheers to the loveliest couple of the day and enjoy your sweetest honeymoon.
  • Weddings last for a day but a marriage takes a lifetime to share and experience love at its best. Go grab the sweet things that love could bring. Warmest wishes to you!


  • You found each other on a sweet summer night,
    You danced together during the fall’s sweetest delight;
    Winter’s breath couldn’t put out your love in ablaze,
    Letting your love grow just like those blooming spring days.
    May God bless your sweet seasons of love!
  • Marriage is a covenant that was authored and designed by God as a demonstration of celebrating love at its finest cause. Blessed be the day that you tied each other’s knots before God’s eyes. May you live a lifetime of abundance in His grace. Congratulations!

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Best Wedding Wishes Samples


  • The whole universe is a witness as you tied each other’s knots today.
    We are looking forward to sweeter days that come along your way;
    As the sun shines brighter on your marriage days,
    Rich blessings in your home are what we pray.
  • As you leave the portals of singlehood,
    Walking the journey of a married life’s road;
    It’s no longer solitary coz it lightens the load,
    Sheltered in a lover’s eternal abode.
    Enjoy your sweetest rides in life!


  • The sweetest blessing for a daddy like me is to watch my princess walk down the aisle with felicity. And as your prince takes your hand away from me, I pronounce blessings and sweet memories. However, it’s funny how time has passed me by. Yesterday you were a girl but now you’re a bride! Nevertheless, you will always be my princess. Congratulations to both of you!
  • On this very special day, two hearts unite as one. How can I miss this chance of celebrating the tying of knots of my two dear friends? This occasion marks the beginning of eternity for a relationship that was forged in the name of love. How can I miss to say “Congratulations!?” I’m so happy that you made it this far.
  • It doesn’t matter how grand you stepped into the marriage world. What matters most is how you cope up in the in-betweens and find that you still have each other in the end. Best wishes for marriage!

Wedding Wishes Wording and Quotes


  • This journey of marriage takes a heavy dosage of faith, hope and love. Its instantaneous effect is a harmonious and peace-dominated environment called home. Take it for unlimited times and trust me, it’s as sweet as candy. It may not give a worry-free sensation but this will make you both strong and healthy. Have a blessed lifetime together!
  • “I DO” are the words that seal up that vow of being submitted to your significant other who possesses equal supremacy as yours. It simply means that in all circumstances, you are one – not made to rule over the other but live a lifetime together. I wish you a happy married life.


  • May all your dreams come true as you dance under the moonlight.
    May the sun radiantly shine on your home at its brightest.
    As stars watch you walk in the shadows of the night,
    God is always there to give you the best.
  • Luxurious weddings do not guarantee successful marriages in the long run. It’s on what you do every single day as husband and wife. Cherish one another and live a blessed marriage life. It takes two to do that. Congratulations and warm wishes.
  • Was that an earthquake? I don’t think so. I just saw your two worlds collide and it was a lovely blast for all of us. Congratulations!
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