Can you imagine how it would feel to take the time to plan for a wedding, send out cards, prepare a wonderful reception and then no one shows up at all?  Now that your guests showed up in large numbers, bearing gifts of different kinds, don’t you think the best that you can do is say a simple thank you? Words of gratitude and appreciation are a sure sign that you respect all those who left all their busy schedules and plans and took the time to come and celebrate your great day with you. So here are a few sample wedding thank you notes to get you started.

Wedding Thank You Notes

Sample Wedding Thank You Notes:

Gratitude is not only for those who attended your wedding, but also those who made the day very special through counsel, advice, preparation and planning and all the support given on the actual day itself. So here are a few wedding thank you notes to inspire you.


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for sharing this special day with us by honouring us with your presence. May God remember your graciousness to us and bless you mightily.


We lack the words to express our gratitude to you and what we can say is thank you. You made our special day even more special because we felt your love surrounding us as we got married today. Thank you very much for being a part of it.

We were honoured by you gracious presence at our wedding, and we are so happy and blessed to know that we have your support and best wishes. Thank you for coming.

Your presence decorated our wedding more than the flowers and balloons and ribbons. You are truly a gift to us. Thank you for attending our wedding and rejoicing with us.

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Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts

You should thank your guests not just for being a part of your special day, but also getting you beautiful gifts. So here are a few thank you notes for wedding gifts to inspire you.


First you honoured us with your presence, and then you brought us such a lovely gift. Thank you very much for the lovely gift.

We have seen your love in action and we graciously thank you for the wonderful gift that you bestowed upon us. May God bless you.

We are truly honoured that you took time to select such a wonderful gift for us for our wedding. We appreciate the effort and thank you so much.


We are very grateful for the special gift that you gave us on our wedding day. Thank you for your kindness and graciousness. May God bless you.

Wedding Thank You Notes for Money

If your friend has helped you with money on one of the most crucial days of your life, you must thank him or her with a thank you note.


Your sacrificial giving is much appreciated and especially in these times of hard economic challenges. Thank you so much for your kindness.

You are godsend to us and we are very thankful for your generous cash gift. May God bless you.

We are very grateful for your support and for blessing us with this monetary gift. It comes at a time when we really need it as we are preparing to begin our new life together. Thank you most graciously.

You blessed us with your sacrificial gift of cash and we feel very honoured to have received this gracious gift from you. Thank you very much.

Thank You Notes for Wedding Guests

To help you send your guests some thoughtful notes, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful thank you notes for wedding guests. 


It is with humble gratitude that we take this time to say thank you for gracing our wedding with your presence. Words are not enough to show our gratitude but we pray that God will bless you and bless you indeed.

You shared our day and made it so special. Thank you for attending our wedding, we are most honoured.

We are most touched that you chose to attend our wedding, considering your busy schedule. With humble gratitude we hereby express our deepest thanks. God bless you.

Now we know that we are truly blessed indeed for having you as a guest at our wedding. You made our day really special by attending our wedding. Thank you very much.

Sample After Wedding Thank You Notes 


Our wedding day was made more special by the effort that you put into the preparations and everything else that you did for us. We did not have to lift a finger and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves and our guests had a wonderful time too. Thank you ever so much for being so gracious to us.

Right from the moment when we made known our intentions to have our wedding we have seen your support and your sacrificial giving as well as your good advice. Today as we are enjoying our new life we want to express deep gratitude to you for enabling us to come this far. Thank you very much.

We had a wonderful day which was made more special by your support and assistance. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift of a lovely and special wedding day.

Each time we celebrate our anniversary we shall remember you for all that you did to make our wedding day so special. Thank you very much.

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