Weddings are special occasions that bring friends and family together. It is always advisable to send warm wishes to the couple when attending a wedding. A wedding congratulation messages can be sent before or after the wedding day. You can pick a card to accompany your gift or just a message to show support to the couple. The message in the card will depend greatly on your relationship with the couple. Whatever the case, a wedding congratulation message is a good way to wish the newly married couple all the luck and remind them that you are happy for them. We have put together a collection of Wedding Congratulation Wishes for you to choose from. These messages will help you in wishing your friends and family a happy marriage.

Wedding Congratulation Messages

Wedding Congratulation Messages

“May your life journey together start with happiness as you grow closer with each day. Wishing you the best in your life ahead!”

“Wishing you an amazing life together and a future full of love, peace and prosperity.”

“May you fall in love with each other every day of the rest of your life. Happy married life!”

“May your future together be filled with joy, peace, love and happiness!”

“Your love story is an inspiration to all of us. May you live to celebrate weddings of your grandchildren.”

“As you enter another special chapter in your life, may the lord shower you with blessings to last you an eternity.”


“Today there are no words to describe the joy we have in our hearts for you as you tie the knot. We pray that you may enjoy a blessed and happy married life.”

“Congratulations for getting married to the love of your life! May you fall in love with each other every day.”

Congratulations On Your Wedding Messages


“Cheers to the best couple around! May every day be a reason to celebrate for the rest of your days together.”

“The best news this year was, knowing that the two of you are finally tying the knot. Happy married life to the best couple in the world, love you lots!”

“May you have the best of your dreams come true. Happy married life guys!”

“We have watched you two grow closer and more in love each day. Now I am proud to say congratulations to my best friends!”

“May your home be filled with love, peace, understanding and good health. Happiest married life!”

“May your years together bring out the best in who you are. May God’s favor follow you all the days of your life.”

“May the happiness you enjoyed on your wedding day, flow over to the rest of your lives together. Congratulations on your wedding day!”

Congratulations On Wedding Messages


“As you begin a journey together, may your love for each other, be the strength you need to overcome all your trials. Happy married life!”

“Enjoy your today, tomorrow and the rest of your lives together. Happy married life!”

“Receive warm hugs and kisses from my family to the two of you. Wishing you an enjoyable marriage!”

“May you enjoy a long happy marriage!”

“I am very pleased to join you in your happiness as you celebrate this very special day. Happy marriage!”

“May the Almighty bless you both with shared joy, peace and happiness. Happy married life my friends!”

“Love never fails. May the love you share grow into a life full of golden memories. Best wishes in your married life!”

“Thank you for letting us share in your love today as you enter another chapter of your lives. Happiest marriage!”

“Best wishes to the best couple in the world! May your hearts be filled with all the cheer and blessings that the heaven can pour. Happy marriage!”

Wedding Congratulations Wishes Messages


“Best wishes to the both of you! May you have a marriage full of love, peace and prosperity.”

“It is a wonderful time not only for the two of you but also for all of us as a family. May God bless your union!”

“May your love always stand steadfast and firm through all the trials of life. May your wedding day be the start of all your dreams coming true. Enjoy your marriage life!”

“This is just to remind you that we wish you all the happiness and joy in your married life. Stay happy and in love forever!”

“May the love in your hearts continue to grow every day of your lives as you create memories that will hold you together for eternity. Happy married life!”

“You two have always looked good together, but you look even better as husband and wife. Happy married life!”

Wedding SMS Messages and Text Messages


Take pictures to preserve memento.
Let your camera be your heart.
Have a good shot of a happy marriage!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Jump for a new life!
Cheers to fate, love, understanding!
Perfection to your sharing of love!

* * * * * * * * * * *


More Wedding SMS Messages Wishes


Together, appreciate what you have and turn them into beautiful pieces.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Can I give you an assignment my dear friend?
Make sure to give your partner words of affirmation.
That should be done every day.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Jog, walk, eat,and rest well,both of you.
Living a healthy life is a good gift for both as well as to your children.
Fill your bodies and soul with love that’s so healthy.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Feed your partner’s hunger for living.
Know his/her needs.
Act upon those.
That is love.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Your candid moments with your significant other
mean more a lot than laughter and smiles.
Happiness is gained through childlike deeds that make someone feel adored.

Wedding Wishes SMS


Let their lives be filled with light.
Let their lives be filled with love.
Let their lives be filled with prosperity,
Today and forever more.

* * * * * * * * * * *

May the walls of your house be made of love.
May the roof of your house be made of wisdom.
May the pillars of your house be made of strength.
May the doors of your house be made of laughter.
May the floor of your house be made of patience.
May the windows of your house be made of endurance.
May the furniture in your house be made of hope.
May your new home be one happy home,
From today and forever more.

Heartfelt Wedding SMS Wishes and Messages


May today be the first day of the rest of your lives. Forgetting your past pain and loneliness, cleave to each other and bring each other joy. Congratulations on your wedding!

* * * * * * * * * * *

I celebrate your sacred union and wish you all the best blessings of God.  Congratz!

* * * * * * * * * * *

I am sending my heartfelt best wishes to two wonderful people. May God bless you always!

* * * * * * * * * * *

As you celebrate your wedding and enter into the sacred union of marriage remember that you are no longer two but one. Think as one, love as one, laugh as one, cry as one. Together hold strong and keep your marriage secure.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I take this opportunity to wish you well on your wedding and pray that as you have found each other, and began life together, may your love never end, and may blessings of God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit and all heaven fill your hearts, home and lives now and forever.

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