Christening is considered to be one of the most important events in a person’s life. This is a ceremony that is mostly done to babies or small children. It usually includes giving of a Christian name, welcoming of the child into the church congregation; which is usually done by sprinkling of water on the child’s head. When you receive an invitation to a christening event, one of the most important things to do is to have either a gift or a card. A christening card should be addressed to the child, because the christening is held in honor of the child. We have sampled a collection of Christening Messages that you can use when going to the christening:

Christening Card Messages

Christening Messages

Dear (baby’s name), my wish for you is that may this special day bring with it all the blessings from above. Congratulations on your christening!

Dear (baby’s name), you are a blessing to our lives and the reason for our smile. This is just to promise you that we will always be here for you as your loving God Parents!

Congratulations on this very sacred day, may it be the beginning of all good things for little baby (baby’s name).

May the heavens open and smile down on baby (baby’s name) as we celebrate this sacred day in his life. Congratulation!

Congratulations on the christening of your little angel and thank you for inviting me.

May your holy christening bring you love, peace, and prosperity all your life.

Receive kisses and hugs from all your cousins and I on your holy christening. Congratulations and may the best come your way.

Christening Messages from Godmother


My prayer for you is that you honor the Almighty in all your ways and all the days of your life. Congratulations on your sacred day!

May today’s christening start a flow of success in all the days of your life. Love you baby!

May the windows of heaven open down on you. Wishing you peace and blessings little angel!

Our dearest godchild, we pray that your sacred day may mark the start of all good tidings in your life. Receive love from your godmother and I.

Love, peace, joy, success and good health are my prayers for you. Congratulations on your christening dear (baby’s name).

Wishing you a day full of lovely memories as you are surrounded by those who love and care about you. Congratulations on your christening (baby’s name).

We are all excited for baby (name) on this sacred day. We hope the day is filled with happiness from above.

Christmas Messages Wishes, Christening Messages for Card


May your christening bring golden memories to always bring a smile on your face. Congratulations on your special day!

May this holy occasion mark the beginning of good health, wisdom from heaven and happiness for all your life. Congratulations on your christening little ( baby’s name)

May you be surrounded by special love on this holy day and the days to come. Congratulations on your christening!

May you grow to live with harmony with people and a life full of success. Congratulations on your christening little angel!

May beauty, peace, happiness, love and prosperity follow you all the days of your life. Congratulations on your Christening, you are a blessing.

As you have brought joy into our lives, I pray that you are never sad for all your life. Congratulations on your special christening!

Christening Messages for a Boy, Christening Messages for a Girl


I wish that everything may go right in your life and that happiness may always shine upon you. Congratulations on your sacred day.

May your heart be shielded from all the wickedness of this world that you may find happiness in all you do. Love you may dear niece/nephew.

May your future be filled with all the reasons to smile and your days be filled with the blessings of God.

Thank you for inviting us to your newborn’s christening may God shower him with all his care and favor. Congratulations to you and the little angel!

As your Godmother I am very happy for you on your christening. This is just to let you know that you can always count on me to be there for you. Congratulation dear ( baby’s name).

What to Write in a Christening Card


May happiness be your portion, may love be your friend and success follows you all the days of your life. Congratulations (baby’s name) on your christening.

I pray that you have a reason to celebrate everyday of your life. May the Almighty guide your steps to all good tidings. Enjoy your christening dear (baby’s name).

Everything good is from God, which is how I know that you are a blessing from above. We treasure you and love you always. Congratulations on your christening our little angel.

On your holy christening, I wish you a prosperous future full of God’s favor.

May you enjoy a wonderful christening with love from all of us.

Christening Messages from God Parents

Dear <baby’s name>, As a god parent, I vow to you that I will love you forever and would help you to shine and grow in our god’s faith. All the wishes on this special day!
Dear <baby’s name> we are so glad to have you in our life and consider you as a blessing from god almighty. We promise you that we will always be there for you in all phases of your life. May God bless you dear!

Dear baby, May our god almighty shower you with blessings that you receive today on your Christening day and may joy fill you throughout your life

Our Dearest <baby name>, we pray that this special day mark your beginning to a soulful life. May you receive abundant love and blessings from our God

May the Christening day be the beginning of all your joys to come into your life. Love you a lot <baby name>!

As your god parent, my happiness to be part of your christening day is beyond words. Iam honored to be a part of your special day. Stay blessed baby!

Christening Messages 

Congratulations on your Christening day dear<baby name>! May this day bring you love, peace and abundant joy throughout your life!

May our god’s blessings and grace be with you on your day of Christening and all your life. Happy Christening day dear baby.

We pray to god that this special day of Christening bring you tons of joy and happy memories to cherish in your life. All the wishes!

Welcome to the holy world of Christianity! May Lord Jesus fill your life with joy and blessings. May you achieve everything good in your life!

May your christening day be filled with special love of your family and god almighty. Stay blessed!

On your Christening day, may our lord our god take care of you in every darkness and protect you from every evil. May you lead a wonderful life!

We are so proud of you on your Christening day! May god look upon on you with great love and keep you in his constant care.

Christening day makes a huge step in your spiritual life. May you grow beautifully with the love and blessings our lord Jesus!

All the wishes from our bottom of heart for this new step in your spiritual path. Congratulations on your Christening day!

Let lord Jesus our God be the eternal inside you and guiding you through your entire life.May you grow in to a fine young person.

Dear <baby name> congratulations on your Christening day! May this day bring you much happiness to your family!

God has shown light in your life and saved you from all the sins by his loving grace. We pray that you will follow his path and lead a soulful life!

May god walk with you in every phase of your life, be it good or bad. All the wishes on your Christening day baby!

This special day marks the beginning of your spiritual life. Live your life walking alongside God and find happiness in prayers. May God bless you!

Our God has touched baby<baby’s name>’s life today. He haos saved your son from all sins by his grace. We pray that he walks in God’s blessing throughout his life.

May our God send his angel to protect our little daughter and guide her in all her decisions. Congratulations!

We hope today’s Christening celebration be tremendously joyous and filled with peace in your family and loved ones. Happy Christening day baby!

Wishing lot of happy memories on this special day. God Bless you our dear dearest baby <baby’s name>

Congratulations to Baby<baby name> May our holy spirit with this sweet child and guide to grow in faith.

This happy occasion is the start of baby<baby’s name>’s spiritual  journey. May he/ she be blessed abundantly by our lord almighty

Baby <baby’s name> is the gift of God and hence his christening is a special occasion. Wishing him all happiness in life.

May the grace of lord almighty shower his blessings on <baby’s name>’s Christening day. All the wishes!

Welcome to the world of Christianity little< Baby’s name>! May happiness and joy reign in your life forever. Have a great day!

Christening Messages to Parents

This is a special day for our sweet<baby’s name>. May today mark the milestone of his/her spiritual path

We are so thankful for being invited to the christening day of baby <baby’s name>. We are sure you will make wonderful parents and guide <baby’s name> in faith and prayers.

May god shower little< baby’s name> with all his kindness and gentle love throughout his/her life. Congratulations on Christening!

May your child’s Christening day be the start of a wonderful life of happiness and good health. All the best!

We wish your little<baby’s name> with God’s abundant love and care. May angels walk him through every path he takes. Congratulations!

Prayers and wishes to the entire family of <baby’s name>. All the best on <baby’s name>’s christening day. May it bring abundant joy and happiness to your family!

Congratulations on little <baby’s name>’s christening! Hope you all are having a prayerful day filled with happiness.  Wishing you all a blessed day.

Thank You so much for inviting us on baby <baby’s name>’s Christening day! May <baby name> be abundantly showered with blessings and joy by Lord Jesus. Congratulations!

Christening wishes for your cute son! Today as God welcome her to spiritual path, may she filled with his love and blessings all her life. Wishing you a great day!

Wishing little<baby’s name> blessings from almighty god. May the Christening day be filled with peace and happiness. All the best!

God’s love is the most kindest of all. May he shower his immense love on baby<baby’s name> on his christening day.

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