Find good collection of New Year card messages to send to your friends and family this coming New Year’s Day. As the clock ticks 12, greet them a happy new year with lots of love. A New Year card with heartfelt messages on them can be a good gesture to express your greetings to them this holiday season. New year card greetings can convey your feelings to them without saying a word. Now, if you are looking for inspiration while writing New Year card messages, you’re at the right place in the web. Here, we are sharing some good messages for you. Pick one of these New Year messages and your family and friends are guaranteed to appreciate the gesture:



Happy New Year Card Messages

If you’re gonna send a New Year card but don’t know what to write on it, you’re at the right place. We’re here to give you some samples of new year card verses that you can use.


“What I wish for you is a home full of warmth, a heart full of joy, a mind full of wisdom and a year full of gladness. Happy New Year!”

“May glee and glow be your portion this year as love and laughter engulf everyday of your life. Happy New Year!”

“It’s another year, another time to try again and again until we finally get it right. Happy New Year!”

“May this year add beauty, fragrance, cheer and freshness of life to brighten your days. Happy New Year!”

“Hoping that God keeps you safe, happy, strong and beautiful as always! Happy New Year!”

New Year Greeting Card Messages


“I wish you have all the best times this year, but on the hard times, remember I will always be there for you. Happy New Year!”

“May you have the best of the best and everything you desire. Happiest New Year!”

“Best wishes for the New Year! May the simple things in life bring you immense joy throughout the year. Happy New Year!”

“From my family to yours, receive the warmest New Year’s wishes with the hope that you find happiness and all good things. Happy New Year to my best friend!”

“May you triumph over all the obstacles that come your way and find strength to always rise above your troubles. Have a Happy New year.”

New Year Messages for Cards


“There is no better time to celebrate true friendship, unconditional love, bond of family and blessings from God. Happy New Year!”

“It’s time to write new chapters in our lives, another time for a fresh start. Happy New Year my dear!”

“I may not say it as often as I should but this New Year’s Day I wanted to say- I LOVE YOU. Happy New Year Darling.”

“I pray that this year brings you determination, hardworking spirit, consistency and persistence in whatever you pursue. Happy Brand New Year!”

“Happiness, peace and prosperity are my New Year’s wishes for you. Have a blessed New Year!”

New Year Card Messages for Friends


“ Hope everything you find is beautiful and fulfilling in this New Year. Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year! Success in all you do this New Year!”

“It’s been a year full of blessings and now my prayer is that we may grow closer and find pleasure in each other’s company. Happy New Year!”

“May you grow in beauty, happiness and success. Wishing you the happiest New Year!”

“With all the wisdom that last year’s experience has installed in you, may your New Year be filled with the right choices, treasured moments and prosperous days. Happy New Year!”

Happy New Year Card Messages for Family


“God has deemed it fit to grant you another chance at happiness, another chance for prosperity, another chance to love and be loved, another chance to give and another chance to appreciate. Happy New Year!”

“This marks the beginning of another chance to show you that my heart belongs only to you. Happy New Year darling!”

“The pages of this New Year are blank. But I want to fill each day with my love for you, so that you always have a reason to smile. Happy New Year!”

“My prayers for you and your family will never change because even in this New Year; I wish you the happiest and most successful life you can imagine. Happy New Year to my best friend!”

“As I look up at the stars, I hope you are also looking at them with me; no matter the distance you will always be in my heart. Happy New Year!”

New Year Card Messages and Greetings

“This New Year I am grateful to the most high for allowing me to have a blessing like you in my life. My wish is that your love will forever grow. Happy New Year!”

“A new year marks the end of past worries and new beginnings for a happier future! Have a pleasant New Year.”

“Laughter, merry, cheer, love and many more pleasant tidings; I hope that your home be filled with all these for the 365 days of the year. Happiest New Year!”

“May the story of your life become better this year as the opportunity to correct mistakes starts with a New Year. Happy New Year dearest!”

“May the spirit of giving, happiness, peace and happiness find its way into your heart. Happy New Year!”


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