Spread good vibes with these funny New Year messages. Who wouldn’t love to laugh and smile in this happiest time of the year? Also, it is a good way to let your family and loved ones know that we want to make them happy. Everyone appreciates when we are able to lift their spirits when they feel down. It is also a good feeling to make someone smile or laugh. So make sure that the greetings are funny and not offending. So, pick one of these funny New Year wishes for family and friends. You can send them as SMS or write in a New Year’s card.



Funny Happy New Year Messages


“May this year bring you a lot of happiness because crying doesn’t really make you look good. Happy New Year!”

“It’s time to make old mistakes in different ways. Hurray! Happy New Year!”

“It’s a new year but remember your friends are still the old ones. Happy New Year!”

“Hope you make resolutions you can keep this time! Happy New Year.”

“It’s not that you are perfect but you are the only one I know that is as crazy as I am; so I’m renewing our friendship contract. Happy New Year!”

“My wish is that this year you fulfill your New Year’s resolution especially the ones you made at the beginning of last year. Happy New Year!”

Funny New Year Greetings for Friends


“Try and start this New Year on a Godly note and don’t get too drunk. Have fun…. Happy New Year!”

“I promise to be more thoughtful, more serious and less of a screw up this year, so pray a lot all these happen. Happiest New Year!”

“My wish for you this year is that all the hours you spend on Facebook, add value to your everyday life. Happiest Brand New Year!”

“May all the bad luck of last year not follow you to this New Year! Happy New Year.”

“May the happiness you get this year become bigger than your weight……Happy New Year best friend!”

“Dream more this year because my wish you this year, is that all your dreams may come true! Happy New Year!”

“Wishing you the most memorable night out, productive days and exciting weekends. Happy New Year!”

“Keep partying, have fun but don’t mess up. This year remember to be careful in order to stay happy. Happy New Year!”

Funny New Year Wishes Messages, Funny New Year Card Greetings


“May you have loads of wealth this year, so that I can borrow some. Happy New Year my dear friend!”

“Hope you don’t make any resolutions this year, because you will only break them on the second day as you do every year. Happy New Year!”

“Hope you overcome the devil in order to keep away extra fat. Happy New Year!”

“May the mischief, pranks, late nights and laughter of good friends double in this New Year! Wishing you the most memorable New Year!”

“This year hold on to hope and enjoy a worry free year. Happy New Year!”

“This is your year of prosperity; believe it because the smartest most intelligent person is wishing you a prosperous New Year!”

Funny new Year Messages for Cards, Funny New Year Wishes Messages


“Best May you be granted the strength to do more laundry this Year. Happy New Year to the best friend I know!”

“It’s always difficult to find a person who is born again on the first day of the year. Hope you will be more God fearing in the coming days this year. Happy New Year!”

“This year my resolution is to achieve the goals I did not achieve last year and to try not to forget them so that I can make them again next year if I don’t do them this year. Happy New year!”

“This New Year I could not come up with suitable resolutions because I found out I am perfectly perfect. Happy New Year.”

Funny New Year Text Messages and SMS


“This year I don’t want you as a girlfriend…..its time you became my wife. Happy New Year darling!”

“May you enjoy a meaningful New Year with good people like me! Happiest Brand New Year!’

“Many people secretly feel sad on New Year’s Day because it reminds them that they are growing old. Hope you enjoy, Happy New Year!”

“I wish you all the luck as you evade your boss while enjoying the office free Wi-Fi. Happiest New Year!”

“This year I hope you receive lots of likes on your Facebook posted photos. Happy New Year!”

“My wish for you this year is that you eat less and work more. Happiest New Year my friend!”

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