Sending a sweet New Year messages for family and friends can really put a smile on their faces to get them to start the year on a cheerful note this coming New Year’s Day. However, some of your might find it hard to write or come up with the perfect New Year greetings for family. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you express the feelings you have for your family this holiday season. Here, we have compiled a list of New Year messages for your family and friends that you can use. You can write these messages on a gift card, ecard, or text messages.



Happy New Year Messages for Family


“From our family to yours, Happy New Year and may the blessings of our Lord continue to rain upon you.”

“Our family would like to send you all the best wishes this coming New Year and lead a life of goodness and peace.”

“We hope that your family would continue to be good and healthy. We wish you a prosperous New Year.”

“Your family is truly a treasure to this world. I pray that the New Year brings you more seeds of hope to plant.”

“Each member of your family is a precious gem. Happy New Year and may you find more people to inspire.”

“This New Year, I hope that your family will stay humble and gracious and that our Lord’s light continue to light your paths.”

“We pray that your family will stay close together for more years to come. Happy New Year!”

“As your family welcome the New Year with bright lights and loud sounds, we wish that you will have another meaningful year ahead.”

“Thank you for sharing your family’s joys and love to us. Have a peaceful and bountiful New Year.”

“Your family houses the best colorful characters in the world. Please continue to be a source of inspiration to many this coming New Year.”

New Year Wishes Messages for Family


“It is already a blessing that your family’s heart beat at the same pace of selflessness. Have a happy New Year!”

“For an entire family to live a life according to the words of our Lord is truly an amazing thing. May the coming New Year keep your family on this path of faith.”

“I wish that your family’s heart and soul stay true to our Lord. Have blessed and meaningful New Year.”

“Together, your family’s light burns that brightest and the warmest. May the New Year bestow upon your family more light to guide everyone.”

“You are a family of angels sharing the blessings of our Lord wherever your feet take you. I wish you a glorious and joyful New Year.”

“I find it amazing that your family is tireless in sharing the blessings of the Lord to everyone. May the Lord give your family more strength and health this New Year.”

“The spirit of goodwill and peace lives through your family. Thank you and may you have a bountiful New Year.”

“Your family is like a team that is well trained to bring out the good in everybody. I pray that the coming New Year gives you more meaningful people to meet.”

New Year Greetings for Family, New Year Wishes for Family


“Your family treats everyday as a great adventure. I hope that this New Year you will have more exciting journeys to take on.”

“If there was ever a family of superheroes, your family just might be it. May the New Year let you continue to stand for love, peace and hope.”

“The Lord has given your family the gift of joy and love. I wish that as the New Year comes, your family will be more loving and fun.”

“A family like yours is such an inspiration. May the New Year bring you more love and peace.”

“May the New Year bring your family prosperity and peace as you continue on the glorious path our Lord has planned for you to walk on.”

“God must have spent some extra minutes in designing the characters of your family. May your family remain good and faithful to the teachings of our Lord.”

“May the spirit of renewal and hope descend upon your family this coming New Year, and walk on the path of faithfulness to our Lord.”

More New Year Messages for Your Family and Friends


“I wish that your family will welcome the New Year with the brightest cheers and the warmest hugs.”

“Stay true to this path of light that your family is walking on and may the New Year take you to more places of love, faith and hope.”

“The way your family sees the good in everyone and everything is just awesome. I hope that the New Year will make your family into and even more blessing to many other families.”

“The caring heart of your family is a contagion everyone who meets you wants to be infected with. I wish for your family to have a joyful celebration of the New Year.”

“The virtues your family stand for are truly and inspiration to many. May the New Year keep you faith to our Lord true and strong.”


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