Merry Christmas my dear friend:  Are you looking for Christmas wishes for your friend? Then you are at right place. Friendship is one of the greatest gifts our Lord has given us. Together with our friends, we share the joys of life. Through our friends we learn the lessons of love, kindness, goodness, strength, courage, and honor—basically anything good in us, our friends bring them out.

Whether they mean it like that or not, the truth remains that they have made such an impact in our lives that we are left thankful and at the same time yearning for more of this friendship. This Christmas, we can only pray that we are able to return to others the blessing of friendship.

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What To Get Your Best Friend For Christmas


“On this festive day, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May the Lord’s love and peace descend upon you and your family.”

“Your friendship is an open book for all to read—and your story is the best one I have ever read. Thank you for sharing your friendship with me and I wish you a merry Christmas.”

“Being your friend is the best part of this year. I hope our hearts will stay as warm like this for many years. Have a joyful Christmas season.”

“Sharing a nice moment of laughter with you every day is very easy to do. This Christmas, I wish that this joy you bring along with you will reach any who are looking for it.”

“Your cheerful way with things are always the best pick-me-ups. I am very blessed to have you as a friend, and I wish that you continue to a bright guiding light to all this Christmas season.”

Christmas Wishes Sayings  For Friends

prosperity new year wishes

“I have witnessed the purity of your heart and soul, my only wish for you this Christmas is that our Lord gives you more strength and an undying spirit to be good at all times.”

“You have made so many people happy with your selflessness. I pray that all of your dreams will come true this Christmas.”

“Thank you so much for being a shield that protects people around you from despair and fear. May the Lord bless you with more kindness and peace this Christmas.”

“Inspiring hope to everyone around you is a rare gift given these days. I pray that our Lord gives all the strength you need to continue on this path of goodness and love.”

“A candy cane’s sweetness pales in comparison to yours. Season’s greetings to you and your family.”

Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends, Friends Christmas Greetings


“The Lord has already blessed you with a heart of gold. This Holiday season, I wish that you find more things that can bring you joy and love and peace.”

“Through the years you have been my anchor and have showed me that there are a few genuine friendships left on this earth. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Merry Christmas.”

“I wish that may spend this holiday with people that you love and that you feel at peace wherever you are. Enjoy the yuletide season! Merry Christmas!”

“This Christmas, I wish nothing but the abundance of gifts and love for you and your family. Merry Christmas to you my dear friend.”

Free Christmas Wishes For Your Friends

blessed christmas and new year wishes

“I hope you and your family will enjoy the fun and laughter of Christmas with a pure heart and an innocent soul.”

“With you at their side, anyone can conquer any mountain. I hope that this Christmas will give you the gift of fortitude and temperance that you may continue to lead others to greater heights.”

“May the magic of Christmas bring us more adventures (and misadventures) so that can learn more lessons of life, love and laughter.”

“Because I’ve teamed up with you, Santa has brushed my name off his Naughty List. Thank you and God bless you even more this Christmas.”

“You helped me get to the path I needed to be on. I wish that Christmas gives you more wisdom and humility.”

Wishes For Christmas

merry christmas wishes for family

“The virtues of life you taught me are the treasures that I will carry for the rest of my life. Thank you and I wish you will have a lovely Christmas celebration with your family.”

“To my precious friend, if Christmas can become a person for just one day, that would be you. Thank you and God bless.”

“The best of fun and laughter is all that I wish for you this Christmas and the New Year my dear friend.”

“I can’t count anymore how many times you helped me pull through this year, either way, I can only give you back my prayers and gratitude this Christmas.”

“Thanks for sticking out your head for me almost all the times this year. I’ll make it up to you on Christmas Dinner. Merry Christmas my dear friend.”

Best Christmas Messages for Friends


Christmas season is the time to share good will with friends and family and it is a time to try and make up with those we have differed with. What better way to say it than with short, simple and inspiring messages!

“With joyous roars to greet this day New truckloads of surprises are on its way. You deserve all of these! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

“A new chapter unfolds, A brighter year this festivity holds. I wish you all the best! Cheers to a life so blessed! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

“Christmas greetings to you and your family. May God give you more blessings this holiday season. Merry Christmas!”

“Thank you for the wonderful gift of friendship. You are one of the reasons why my life become a lot more colorful. Merry Christmas to you my friend.”

“To a wonderful friend that made my life so much fun, wishing you a blessed Holiday season and prosperous Happy New Year!”

Inspirational Christmas Greetings to Friends


“May God bless you and your family with the gifts of joy, love and happiness. Have a very Merry Christmas.”

“I am thankful to God for giving me a friend like you who made this world a better place to live in. I pray that you will be blessed with peace, joy and good health. Merry Christmas to you my friend.”

“Let’s celebrate for the son of God is coming. Let’s welcome our savior Jesus Christ with open arms and a heart filled with joy and peace. Merry Christmas!”

“May this holiday season bring you success and good health. Have a blessed and merry Christmas.”

“Thank you for being in my side through ups and downs. You are one of the reasons why I love to celebrate Christmas, for I have to thank God for giving me such a wonderful gift. Merry Christmas, bestfriend!”

More Christmas Messages for Friends

wishing all merry christmas

“We have become so many things this past year. A ninja, a spy, a superhero, and even a cruise ship chef. This Christmas, let us put to good use our experience and apply as Santa’s Helper elves.”

“Thanks for showing me that friends never give up on each other. I hope that you and your family receive Our Lord’s love and joy.”

“I wish that Christmas will make your heart grow lovelier than it already is and let everyone see how great of a person you are.”

“When we were kids, we wanted to ride Santa’s magic sleigh. Now that we have kids, we want to ride Santa’s magic sleigh. There’s nothing wrong with us right?”

christmas wishes for friends

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