Christmas Greetings for Boyfriend

Christmas Greetings for Boyfriend: A boyfriend loves us in the best way he can. They are very jealous, yes, but that is only because they are protective of us. They would warn any guy that comes close to us, and would help us in any problems that come our way.

Yes, these are just some of the sweetest things that he has done for you. Boys also love surprises so it is nice to make one for him since it is Christmas Day and it is a very special day for everyone. With this, reminisce and think of how much you love him and make a message that would really describe your feelings for him.

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Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

“On this Christmas Eve, I want to send you my love and prayers. Even if were miles away from each other, keep in mind that I always think of you. Merry Christmas sweet heart!”

“You’re the greatest guy I’ve ever known and with that, I want to thank God for blessing me with a guy like you. Merry Christmas my sweet!”

“This Christmas, I want to thank you for fighting with me since the day 1 of our relationship. I love you dear. Merry Christmas.”

““Thank you” is not enough for all the things you have done for me. May our relationship be blessed this Christmas Day. Merry Christmas my honey!”

“Falling in love is beyond our control, and I’m glad it happened to me in the perfect time at the perfect place with the perfect person. Merry Christmas Baby!”

Love Christmas Card Messages

You’ve got the perfect card. But the problem is, you couldn’t come up with the right words to say to your boyfriend. Worry not, we’re here to help you find the best and sweetest Christmas messages. Scroll below for some samples of Christmas card messages and verses for your lovey dovey.

christmas wishes to loving one

“The day we met was the day I discovered what love is and how it really feels. Merry Christmas my love!”

“I thought “love at first sight” was impossible. But when I saw you, everything around me just disappeared and all I can see is you. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“You can be annoying at times but eventually you would make me laugh because of your silliness. I love you and Merry Christmas darling!”

“You are my first love and how I wish that you would still be the last. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“On this day, let me thank you for making me happy and feel loved every day for three years of being with you. May you and your family always be blessed. Merry Christmas sweety!”

Romantic Christmas Messages

The sweetest and the most romantic message that you can express to your boyfriend is something that comes from the bottom of your heart. If you know what to say but still couldn’t find the perfect set of words to express it, we’re here to help you.

christmas wishes to lover

“You are my biggest from then until now, and I want to thank you for supporting me in every decision that I make. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“Since we were still kids you would always tell your friends how much you like me and wanting to be your girlfriend. Now that were grownups I want to thank you for liking me then, and loving me now. Merry Christmas!”

“You were my crush when were kids, and now you’re already my boyfriend. Indeed, dreams do come true. Merry Christmas sweetheart!”

“Christmas is all about giving love and sharing gifts. Today I want to give all my love to you as we celebrate Christmas together. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“When I met you, all I wanted to do was to say “thank you” to the Lord forgiving you to me. Merry Christmas love!”

Love Christmas Messages To Your Boyfriend

christmas geetings to beloved once

“As God showers us with blessings today on a special day, I want to thank Him for He has given me more than what I asked Him for. HE GAVE ME YOU. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“You were just standing there, right across the field, and I instantly fell for you when our eyes met. Merry Christmas dear!”

“From being friends, we became lovers. I never knew that I I’ll fall for you. Until one day, we decided to go out and get to know each other more. And that was so far the best day of my life. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“I didn’t know that I have the capacity to fall this hard and love this deep. You’re the one who gave light to my gloomy life. Thank you love! Merry Christmas!”

“As our paths crossed, I tried to stop myself from falling for you. But with your looks and personality, I can’t help but fall for you more and more. Merry Christmas my love!”

Cute Christmas Text Messages

Christmas Card Messages for Boyfriend

“Your kindness and love are just some of the things that make my day. I love you truly and deeply and I wish we would never get tired of each other. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“You noticed me in the most embarrassing way, and still you wanted to get to know me more. I want to thank you for giving me the love and confidence that I needed in times of my sorrow. Merry Christmas my love!”

“Even if I’m not perfect, even if I’m full of flaws, even if others judge me in the most negative way, still, you accepted me and loved me just the way I am. Thank you and Merry Christmas my honey!”

“I can be a jealous girlfriend at times, but the only reason I act that way is because I love you so much that I can’t imagine living a life without you. Merry Christmas sweety!”

“I want to say sorry for being a spoiled brat girlfriend, but I want to thank you for treating me with patience and understanding. Merry Christmas Baby!”

Christmas Love Wishes

christmas nad new year wishes

“As we face the trials and problems that challenge our relationship, just always remember that I’ll always love you whatever happens I’ll never give up on us. Merry Christmas Honey!”

“I know being a perfect boyfriend is a very hard role to play. But I want you to know that you are really doing a great job on it. Merry Christmas Baby!”

“I feel like a princess every time I’m with you. May you always be the gentleman that you are. Merry Christmas my love!”

“You don’t have to buy me gifts to make me feel special. All I need is your love and I feel completely perfect. Merry Christmas baby!”


“Don’t you worry if any guy approaches and asks to be my friend. No one can replace you. You are my best friend, father, brother, fling, knight in shining armor, protector, boyfriend, my everything. Merry Christmas my love!”

Christmas Cards for Boyfriend

Christmas Greetings Wishes for Boyfriend

christmas cards for lover

christmas love wishes

Nowadays, messages come in instant. But lucky for you we have prepared the sweetest and most romantic Christmas wishes for your partner. These are simple yet sincere messages that convey how grateful and fortunate you are for being with him/her this holiday.

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