Short New Year messages are good way to express your greetings to your loved ones and family this New Year’s Day. They can be heartfelt and heartwarming yet remain brief and short. Short New Year greetings are perfect for cards and good to be sent as New Year SMS or text messages. When writing short messages for New Year, make sure to keep it straightforward yet contain your heartfelt wishes for them. If you find it difficult to do, don’t worry. We wrote some samples of short New Year messages for your inspiration. Scroll below. Enjoy!



Short Happy New Year Messages

If you are not very good with words, you might want to keep your New year greetings brief and short. Here are some samples that might inspire you:

“I wish you an abundance of blessings this coming New Year.”

“As the year turns a new leaf, let us make ourselves better through love and peace and share happiness to the world.”

“Make your life sparkle in magnificence like the night sky of New Year’s Eve.”

“Like the New Year, be loud and proud of another year the Lord has given to you.”

“Learn from the lessons of the year that was and make this New Year your best as yet.”

Short New year Wishes Messages

“Take flight your hopes and dreams for our Lord has blessed you with His grace and love.”

“Cast away your doubts and fears and let the New Year bring forth to you hope and courage.”

“Let your dreams shine like a firecracker and make your success explode in graciousness.”

“I pray that the passing year guide to make this New Year one filled with faith, happiness and love.”

“The New Year brings luck to those who make luck happen every day.”

“This New Year, make the world better by changing into a person of hope and happiness.”

“Make your life as colorful as New Year’s Eve by spreading joy to the world.”

Short New Year Messages Wishes

“This New Year, take that big risk and gain an even bigger success.”

“The promise of the New Year belongs to those who have the courage to change for the better.”

“The best party of the New Year is celebrating new life with your family and loved ones.”

“What’s best about the New Year is you get to meet new friends and make new wonderful memories with them.”

“Before the year turns anew, make time to find inner peace and reflect on the lessons of the past year.”

“With the coming of the New Year, travel the path of faith and courage our Lord has designed especially for you.”

Short New Year Greetings Messages

“Inspire everyone this New Year by becoming a person of faith and honor.”

“Light the way for others this New Year as others did for you the past year.”

“Receive the blessings of our Lord this New Year and spread His grace and love to the world.”

“May the New Year grant you a stronger heart and an unyielding spirit to face the new challenges ahead.”

“Being true to yourself and everyone is the best promise the New Year can ever give to you.”

“Breakaway from your doubts and trust in our Lord that this New Year will be a good one.”


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