New Year text messages and new year SMS convey your best thoughts and wishes to your loved ones even if you’re miles away. Family, friends, colleagues and neighbors will appreciate the thought you put into sending them a New Year’s Day text messages of SMS. Remember that to receive love, you have to be ready to show and give others the same. So here are a bunch of New Year text messages you can send to your loved ones this New Year to put smile on their faces.

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Happy New Year Text Messages


“Experience brings with it wisdom and I hope the experiences of the last year instill in you the wisdom to face the challenges of the New Year. Happy New Year my friend!”

“May the heavens receive glory for granting us the favor of a brand New Year! Happy New Year my dear.”

“I wish you all the love, peace and prosperity in this New Year. Happy New Year!”

“May the golden memories of yesterday be your motivation for a prosperous New Year!”

“Forget your past worries and delight in the New Year; this is an opportunity to do better than yesterday. Happy New Year!”

“My New Year wish for you is that you find love and happiness to last you a lifetime. Happy New Year!”

“May all the heartache and pains of the previous year come to an end, and may the New Year bring peace and joy. Happy New Year!”

“As the old calendar is destroyed and we start a new one, may all your dreams come true. Happy New Year!”

“I wish you all the joys that come from the love of family, warmth of good company and blessings of happiness. Happy brand New Year.”

Happy New Year SMS Text Mesages


“Do not be afraid of what was, for God has given us a brand New Year!”

“This is just to remind you that my love is not only for the season but every day of the year. Happy New Year my dear!”

“Welcome the New Year with a smile, I wish it brings you lots of joy. Happy New Year.”

“Sending you a package full of hugs, kisses and love of the season; to wish you the best times throughout the year. Happy New Year.”

“Night brings darkness and Day comes with light; you are the Day in my life for the happiness you have brought. Happy New Year!”

“For all the 365 days of happiness and love that you have brought to my life; I wish you 365 days of prosperity and joy. Happy New Year!”

“As the world grows, may your success also grow with it. Happy New Year!”

“May this New Year be without fear, doubt and worries but instead let it be filled with courage, wisdom and hope. Happy New Year.”

Cute New Year Text Messages, Text Messages for Happy New Year


“My wishes for you are that you may achieve all the desires of your heart, and find peace in each day. Happy New Year!”

“I hope this year you manage to look at things as half full and not half empty, keeping in mind that no year is ever perfect; we just make the best of every moment. Happy New Year!”

“May the Lord guide your steps and help you overcome every obstacle in your way throughout the year and the rest of your life. Happiest New Year!”

“This year I wish that all your days may be filled with sunshine and love. Happy New Year my friend!”

“Every day with you has been a blessing, and I hope the New Year brings us more memories to cherish. Happy New Year!”

“May the tidings of all things good follow our family into the brand New Year. Happiest New Year!”

“My wishes for you this year are that you enjoy the sparkle of love and the warmth of loved ones. Happy New Year!”

“May success and prosperity illuminate your life this New Year and many more to come. Happy New Year!”

“To the best mother ever; may God continue to give you strength to face each day of this year and many more to come. Happiest New Year!”

New Year Text Messages for Friends and Family


“Take time to pay attention to the simple but important things in life; like reading, playing, loving praying and laughing. These are the secrets to a happy life. Happy New Year!”

“This New Year may you find comfort in true friendship and true love. Happy New Year my dear!”

“The best part of this season is that I am ending the year with you and starting another with you next to me. Happy New Year darling!”

“May this New Year arrive with all the goodies and fun to create the best memories ever. Happy New Year!”


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