Halloween is a fun time for everybody; young and old alike. It is the time of the year when people get the chance to dress up in costumes, fill the streets and homes with festive decorations and enjoy scrumptious candy. Children get the chance to go trick a treating for candy from door to door; this is normal and fun during Halloween.

Halloween is the only time of the year when being scared is very much expected, especially if you have goofy friends and family. You are allowed to get silly and simply allow yourself the pleasure of being ridiculously fun. You can also add to the fun by wishing your loved ones the funniest Halloween. Below is a collection of the funny Halloween messages you can send them in form of text, cards and even ecards:


“It’s time to boogie and tickle your funny bone; whatever you do enjoy more than a ghost would! Happy Halloween.”

“Get up and enjoy! Today you are allowed not to be yourself. Happy Halloween.”

“Dress up, it’s the one time of the year when you are allowed to knock all your neighbors’ doors; and they will give you something for it! Happy Halloween.”

“Remember October 31st is the best time to kill your friends with laughter! So enjoy your Halloween!”

“Gather as much candy as possible when you go trick or treating; I’m coming to enjoy them with you! Happy Halloween.”

“Put your freak on and dance like a skeleton. Let’s boogie!”


“It’s time to scream! Enjoy a fun filled Halloween.”

“I am sending a ghost to wish you a Halloween that screams!”

“The vampires are hungry and only a werewolf can save you…..so I’m on my way!”

“The queue at the dentist’s clinic will be unbearable so don’t eat too much candy this Halloween. Happy Halloween!”

“I wish you a spooky Halloween!”

“Hope your home is filled with jack-a-lantern and flying witches! Happy Halloween.”


“My day is not complete without you; I’m dying of loneliness. Happy Halloween.”

“This is the one day of the year when you get the ghost of a chance to be weird. So eat, drink, and get spooky.”

“Hope your Halloween is a spook-tacular one this year!”

“Mummies, vampires and ghosts all crawling in the night. Hope you get a fun kind of fright! Happy Halloween.”

“Its Hallow eve and I hope your Halloween will be filled with lots of free treats and no tricks! Enjoy the heckling. “

“Whatever you do have the best kind of fright….scare and be scared because that is the fun of Halloween! Happy Halloween.”


“Hope you make killer memories on this Halloween Day! Happy Halloween.”

“This is the only time of the year you can be your true self and no one will find it strange. Happy Halloween!”

“Danger lurks at every corner looking for a soul to devour; so don’t fear anything unless it’s a spider. Happy Halloween!”

“Enjoy candy to your fill but remember to book an appointment with the dentist. Happy Halloween!”

“Witches, spirits, werewolf and warlocks crawl in this night. Look up and see how the moon is smiling, prepare for hecklers and enjoy your Halloween!”

“The best company in Halloween is the company of skeletons, witches, mummies and vampires…lets boogie and celebrate Halloween!”


“Nothing beats the taste of the treats that come with Halloween!”

“Welcome all the spirits and witches and allow them to grant all your wishes. Have the spookiest Halloween ever!”

“Specters and spirits linger in the night; may your jack-o-lantern and let it be your light in the night. Enjoy the best Halloween ever!”

“The night is dark, don’t let sparkle of Halloween be sucked out by the vampires! Happiest Halloween.”

“Have a ghoulish and ghostly Halloween but don’t fall under any spell because I still need to have my friend with me Happy Halloween!”

“Trick or treat and enjoy yourself but remember to come and share with me. Happy Halloween!”

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