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Merry Christmas Messages for Special Someone: Today life can become so hectic we barely get the time to spend with our loved ones. It is for this reason that the holiday season is always a blessing to us all. Christmas comes with a conspiracy that no one can escape; it’s a time to show love and thanksgiving. Appreciating a loved one can be in very many forms: from giving Christmas presents, Christmas cards, Christmas messages to planning surprise parties.

Whatever you choose, expressing our feelings is always wonderful and appropriate during Christmas. Let that special someone know how you feel and that you remember them on the special time of the year – Christmas. If you are unsure what to tell them, don’t worry. We have listed down some of the good examples of romantic Christmas messages for your someone special. Here is a list of some few Christmas greetings messages you can send them this Christmas Holiday.

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Merry Christmas Messages for Your Special Someone

merry christmas wishes my love

“I must have done something good because my wish to spend Christmas with my heart beat has come true. Merry Christmas to the most special person in my life! ”

“The best gift at Christmas is looking into the eyes of a special wife/husband like you. ”

“I hit the jackpot when I met you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ”

“You have brought happiness to my days, and filled my heart with so much love. So this Christmas, I just want you to know that I love you my darling! ”

“You brighten my life and though you are not here, my love is always with you. Merry Christmas darling! ”

Sweet Christmas Wishes Messages for Someone Special

Love is one of the most wonderful gifts that has been given to mankind and finding the love of your life can be an awesome and really enriching experience in life. And what makes love even more special is the celebration of those very special days such as Christmas together. So this Christmas day, grab a Christmas card and write the sweetest thing that you could say to someone that make your life extra special.

christmas cards for someone special

“I caught myself smiling by myself, and then I realized that you crossed my mind. You are my happiness so have a Merry Christmas. ”

“I went through all the presents under the Christmas tree but felt bad because none of them seem big enough to have you in them: you are my Christmas wish so would you please hurry and come? ”

“I dint make a wish for Christmas because when I look at you I realize I have everything I need. ”

“What can I ask from Santa when what I wanted I got when I met you? Merry Christmas dearest! ”

“Receive these warm Christmas wishes from this heart that longs for you always. Happy holidays! ”

Romantic Christmas Wishes Greetings for Her

Couldn’t find the perfect word to say to her this Christmas season? Fret not, here are some sweet Christmas greetings for your special girl.

christmas cards for someone special

“If asked to describe you, I would use one word; amazing! Merry Christmas darling. ”

“I’m sending this message just to say I love you! May you enjoy your festive season. ”

“May you have happiness, love, joy and good health to last you through the whole year! Merry Christmas. ”

“There are no words to describe how wonderful you are. Thanks for being in my life. Merry Christmas sweetheart!”

“Christmas is a magical time, and I hope you are surrounded by family. This is my heartfelt wishes of love for this season. Enjoy! ”

Romantic Christmas Greetings Messages for Him

Make him love you more by telling that words of love this Christmas. If you couldn’t come up with good Christmas messages for him, you may scroll down and see our samples of romantic Christmas wishes for your special man.

christmas wishes to special person

“It is that time of the year when you stop to reminisce- about how blessed you are; especially sweet moments spent with someone like you. Merry Christmas my love! ”

“To the best husband/ wife, I wish you all the joy and prosperity to last you a whole year! Merry Christmas. ”

“Now that it’s Christmas, I’m sending this message full of kisses, hugs and love from the depth of my heart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ”

“Rose are red. Violets are blue. This Christmas, all I want is YOU. Merry Christmas my love!”

“May hope, faith and love ever keep you going. May you never stop smiling and may our love last forever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Christmas Card Messages for Your Loving Ones

Take time to send your loved one a romantic Christmas message to wish them well this holiday season. The fact that you also hold the day as special will make your loved one know that they are truly cherished and are important to you.

“May this Christmas bring you the best of everything in life. Merry Christmas my dearest one! ”

“This Christmas I wish you all the jollies and jingles that the magic of Christmas brings to everyone’s heart. ”

“In my arms I want you to remain forever, because you are the source of my happiness. Merry Christmas sweetheart! ”

“May this Christmas bind us tighter in love and harmony. Happy festive season! ”

“May the smile and warmth that Christmas brings remain with you forever. Merry Christmas darling!”


Cute Christmas Greetings Messages for Someone Special

“I could not celebrate Christmas before wishing the love of my life a very merry Christmas full of happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the apple of my eyes!”

“This Christmas, I just want to let you know how much I love you, how thankful I am for I am blessed with such a wonderful wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas, my dear.”

“Don’t be scared when someone put you in a sack this Christmas. Coz my wish for Santa Clause is YOU. Merry Christmas.”

“Joy, happiness, warmth and me under the Christmas tree: those are my wishes for you this Christmas.”

“I don’t want anything in this world. Just YOU is more than enough. The greatest gift for me. Merry Christmas to my dearest.”

Sweet Christmas Messages for Someone Special

“The greatest gift I could get this Christmas doesn’t come wrapped and couldn’t be found under the Christmas tree. For me, the best Christmas gift is having you here with me. For us to celebrate Christmas together. Merry Christmas, dearest.”

“You have always been so special to me. There’s nothing more that I could wish for this Christmas but to be with you and celebrate this holiday season together. Merry Christmas!”

“Today is another chance for me to let you know how much you mean to me my love. You are my own special girl. Merry Christmas, my love.”

“To the most precious woman in the whole world. Your love has lifted me up and I feel like a king. Today I celebrate you and send you all my love. Merry Christmas!”

“Loving you is so enriching and fulfilling because you are a truly wonderful woman. This Christmas day, my love and prayers are all for you. Merry Christmas!”

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