Romantic Christmas Love Messages: All over the world, Christmas holds a sentimental meaning. It represents love and therefore many people prefer spending it with loved ones. It is a tradition to exchange Christmas gifts, cards and messages during this time. The season comes with lots of goodwill wishes full of sharing and giving. There are usually different cards you can send or text message you can forward to your loved ones to remind them you care.

Even when you have wrapped a Christmas gift for them, it would bring a smile to their faces just to receive a little Christmas greetings message stating how you truly feel. So this Christmas here is a list of Christmas love messages you can send to your sweetheart.

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Romantic Best Christmas Wishes

christmas wishes to love

“Every time you cross my mind,
I always smile because all the thoughts of you are full of happiness.
Merry Christmas. ”

“The year that has ended is full of happy memories
and I want to start another one only if you are by my side.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year. ”

“It’s time to receive and exchange Christmas gifts;
but all I need you here with me.
Merry Christmas, my dearest. ”

“The stars are twinkling brighter,
the sky seem clearer and my heart more cheerful.
All this is because of I love you. Merry Christmas. ”

“My heart still skips a beat at the mention of your name;
my wish for Christmas is to spend the rest of my life with you by my side.
Merry Christmas! ”

“I wish you all the joy you can get this season!
I miss you so much!
Merry Christmas sweetheart! ”

“If I were to choose a soul mate in another life;
I would still choose you a million times!
Merry Christmas my love! ”

Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

It is indeed wonderful for a loved one to receive warm wishes and special greetings that will make their Christmas even more special. This Christmas, don’t forget to send your sweetest Christmas greetings to your boyfriend. Below are some inspirations to pick from:

romantic christmas cards to lover

“Christmas comes every day because I have you in my life.
So this Christmas I am celebrating you!
Merry Christmas. ”

“Merry Christmas to the love of my life!
My day is incomplete without you.
I miss you so…”

“I would stand under the mistletoe every day,
If that were the only way to show that I love you!
Merry Christmas. ”

“I have decorated the Christmas tree and carols sound beautiful;
all I need now is you!
Merry Christmas, my dear. ”

“I would walk to the moon and stand on the highest mountain,
just to shout to the world that I found my better half.
Merry Christmas sweetheart! ”

“The true meaning of Christmas is love and
so having you here just makes more sense this Christmas. ”

Christmas Love Messages for Girlfriend

Make her heart skip a bit with these sweet and romantic Christmas love greetings for girlfriend.

love christmas cards to boyfriend

“My wish for this Christmas season is that when I open my gift;
may you be right there with me.
I love you. ”

“May the gift of your love always shine through all the days of my life.
Merry Christmas! ”

“Could you please give yourself a big hug because even with distance,
my love for you grows stronger.
Merry Christmas! ”

“I don’t need my gift wrapped this Christmas
because all I want is you.
Merry Christmas! ”

“The decorated Christmas tree reminds me of your beauty,
the soothing carols remind me of your love;
and then I realize that I am very lucky to have you in my life.
Merry Christmas sweetheart! ”

Christmas Love Messages for Husband

“Merry Christmas to the most special man in my life! I love you, hubby.”

“Thank you for teaching me that love shares tirelessly, gives without expecting and cares unconditionally, I would never replace you for any other family. Merry Christmas to you.”

“We have shared everything the past year and as we begin another year, my desire is to share more with you. Merry Christmas, my dear!”

“To the man who made me feel so special and loved, Merry Christmas! Thank you for everything!”

“My only wish this Christmas is for you to be home and celebrate the holiday season with you. We may be apart but you will always be in my heart. Merry Christmas, my dearest.”

Christmas Love Messages for Wife

“You touched my heart and my life and in all the time we have been together I have come to realize that you are a warm and loving woman. Merry Christmas to you, my love.”

“My love, your life is so precious to me and as I celebrate with you today I want to wish for you good health, long life and fulfillment in every area of your life. Merry Christmas!”

“To the woman who made me a better man, I love you and Merry Christmas!”

“I don’t have any other wish to Santa for he already gave me the greatest gift of all – my wife. Merry Christmas to you, wifey.”

“My dear wife, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Through the years, you were always there for me, no matter what. I wish to have many more Christmases to celebrate with you. Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Love Card Messages, Sweet Christmas Love Messages

christmas greetingd to boyfriend

“I wanted to wish you merry Christmas!
But decided I’ll wait to show you what I feel. ”

“Merry Christmas to me!
I have the best gift in the world.
I have you. ”

“Having you here makes Christmas so worth celebrating
so I’m already writing to Santa about next year’s gift;
because I want you. ”

“I may not know the future but I know what I desire it to be like.
I want to have you in it.
Merry Christmas my love!”

“Allow the wind to blow against your skin and listen keenly to its whispers,
because it has my message to you.
It’s whispering that I love you and carrying the kisses I blew to you.
Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Love Text Messages, Christmas Love SMS Messages

christmas cards to couples

“Thank you for being mine this year,
I hope next year comes loaded with all your kisses and love too.
Merry Christmas sweetheart!”

“You are my heart beat,
my soul mate and my reason for waking up every morning.
Merry Christmas!”

“I’m celebrating the birth of Jesus
because when love came down from heaven, it meant I would meet you.
And my greatest achievement is having you in my life.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my love! ”

“I understand the true miracle of Christmas because I have love in my life;
I have you. ”

“May joy resound in your heart as you enjoy the magic of Christmas.
Merry Christmas! ”

“I have been looking for the right words to describe you;
Christmas has finally brought it to me.
The word is ‘amazing’. ”

“No matter what the future hold for us both,
you will always be a special part of my life.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!”

Spread the love and good vibes this holiday season. It will put a smile on their face and joy in their hearts and this will make your love stronger and build up your relationship. A simple message from the heart can make a lot of difference in your love life.

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