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Christmas Messages for Friends and Family: Christmas has a unique sentimental meaning for every individual. Despite that, it is universally known as a time to merry with family and friends. People exchange Christmas gifts and messages; appreciating one another and simply enjoying the presence of loved ones. It’s a tradition to wish each other a merry Christmas, just to let others know that you are thinking of them.

Most of the time sending a Christmas card to friends and family can help feel their hearts with warmth and help lift their spirits. People don’t like spending Christmas alone; it’s a time to have company; enjoying the power of giving and receiving. Here is a list of beautiful Christmas card messages that you can send to your friend and family:


Merry Christmas Messages for Family and Friends

christmas cards for friends

“May this festive season brighten your life, as it becomes the beginning of happiness all year round”

“Christmas is time to celebrate love; so I celebrate you. Merry Christmas. ”

“The greatest dream come true is to have family and friend together to bring sparkle and shine to this festive season”

“You saw my imperfections as perfections; thanks for being my best friend. Merry Christmas. ”

“There is nothing more magical than the company of family and the laughter of friends. Merry Christmas. ”

“It’s another time to spread the smile and make family feel special, loved and appreciated. Merry Christmas. ”

“Being with my family and the ones I love is my greatest wish this Christmas. Merry Christmas.”


Christmas  Messages for Family and Friends

As you celebrate Christmas think of the blessings that you have received throughout the year and share the good feelings with others. Remember that whoever sows bountifully shall receive a blessing. This Christmas, don’t forget to greet those who made your life wonderful – your family and friends. Below are beautiful Christmas greetings messages that you can use to express your Christmas wishes for them.

merry christmas wordings for relatives

“There is no such thing as a perfect friend, instead there are only true friends; Merry Christmas”

“I celebrate you for crying with me and for rejoicing with me; you are my reason to smile this festive season”

“This Christmas I celebrate the simple things that hold everything in my life together. Merry Christmas. ”

“The distance may be far but our hearts unite as I wish you a fresh start to hope, love, happiness and cheer! Merry Christmas. ”

“No amount of presents or decoration on a Christmas tree could equal the joy of having you here this festive season. ”

“We many not be together as we celebrate Christmas, but always remember that you stay in my heart. Let’s celebrate Christmas by heart. I miss you.”

Merry Christmas Wishes Greetings for Family

new year wishes to friends

“The only way to say how important family is to me; is to say it’s everything. Merry Christmas”

“ Family is the one who is there; to celebrate with you and to cry with you every step of the way….. You are mine. ”

“Family comes first; family is more than everything in life. Merry Christmas. ”

“To my friends; may your home be filled with laughter and love this Christmas, like you fill mine every day.”

“It’s not always about the gift rather the thought that comes with it. Enjoy every minute of this Christmas season.”

“All I want for Christmas is YOU. Merry Christmas, darling!”

Best Christmas Card Messages for Family and Friends

Rekindle the bond with your family and friends this Christmas season. A simple kind Christmas message from the heart can break down walls and restore relationships, and inspire others who need uplifting. Find inspirational Christmas messages below to write on your Christmas cards for your family and friends.

christmas greetings to family and friends

“Merry Christmas to my best friend; my confidant, my critic and greatest supporter. ”

“I don’t say it often, so this Christmas I’m saying….I Love you! ”

“The best gift this Christmas is to be with family; so I’m looking forward to being with you. Merry Christmas. ”

“As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, may God fill your lives with the cheer of his love; Merry Christmas. ”

“Everything is warmer and more peaceful when Christmas is with loved ones. Merry Christmas. ”

“It’s another special holiday season to spend with family; receive warm Christmas wishes from my family to yours with love.”

“I hope Santa is good to you this year and grant all your wishes because you only deserve the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Beautiful Christmas Wishes Messages for Family and Friends

“The true definition of Love is seen during Christmas; I hope the miracle of Christmas feels your heart. ”

“Happiness restores hope, Love restores strength; may you enjoy these miracles of Christmas this holiday and many days to come. ”

“Enjoy peace, love and joy this season! Merry Christmas my friend. ”

“May this Christmas create memories of happiness for you and your family; Merry Christmas. ”

“My greatest dream this year is to see you smile and brighten up with Christmas cheer! ”

“Christmas is the time to give gifts to your family and let them know how much you care about them, so that’s what I’m doing.”

Christmas Card Greetings for Family and Friends

“When the tree is looks beautiful and chorals are singing, enjoying every moment with family like you is what counts the most. ”

“We may not always get along or be the best family but together everything holds together. Merry Christmas. ”

“The best Christmas gift is a family wrapped up in love and happiness. Merry Christmas!”

“Let us spread the love and may we live a life full of joy and happiness. Merry Christmas to you!”

“Before the year ends, I would like to thank the people who inspired me, stretched me, challenged me, loved me and encouraged me. You helped me realize how meaningful and beautiful life could be. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.”

“The greatest gift for me couldn’t be found under the Christmas tree. It has always been beside me – YOU. Merry Christmas sweetheart.”

Christmas Greetings Quotes for Family and Friends

“Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us – a time when we can look back on the year that has passed and prepare for the year ahead.” ~ David Cameron

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ~ Charles Dickens

“Christmas is far and away my favorite holiday. I love everything about it, from the event that inspired it, hoping for a white one, to wrapping presents. But mostly I love having family and friends gathered, and sharing traditions.” ~ Ellen Hopkins

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” ~ Dale Evans

“Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” ~ Dave Barry

“Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year.” ~ Joel Osteen

“Christmas… is not an external event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart.” ~ Freya Stark

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