Here’s a collection of wedding anniversary messages for your wife to express your deepest and warmest love for your better half. We wrote these wedding anniversary messages into different category to perfectly cater your needs. Be sure to share these warm thoughts to your significant other on your wedding anniversary.


Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

Baby if I had to choose all over again, I would choose you. This day reminds me of just how special and gracious you were to have chosen me too. Happy Anniversary darling.

We cannot stop time from moving on, but we can cherish each and every minute that we are together. As we look forward to beginning another year together my prayer is that we will always be one. Happy Anniversary.

Another year has gone by and through it all I have realized that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy Anniversary.


One day a year brings back all the special memories that we have shared from the first time we met. Today is that day and you are always on my mind. Happy Anniversary.

Time stood still for me for a moment on the day that you said I Do to me. Through the years, whenever this day comes once again time stands still for me because you are still saying I Do. Happy Anniversary.


Through the good times and the bad, through rain and sunshine, through all the seasons of life that we have endured, I thank God that I have had you to face them with me. Happy Anniversary my love.

Precious moments are those spent with someone as precious as you. And I thank God that we have come through another year together. Happy Anniversary.

God searched the world over and found you just for me. And He has blessed us through another awesome year. Happy Anniversary.

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wedding-anniversary-messages-for-wife-04tter. Happy Anniversary my Flower.

First Year Anniversary for Wife


  • It seems just like yesterday when we said I Do. This has been the best year of my life so far, but I know that the best is yet to come. Happy Anniversary my darling.
  • Three hundred and sixty five days ago we started this journey of life together. Through the ups and downs we have made it this far. We have many more roads to travel in days to come but there is joy in knowing that we will be in this together. Happy Anniversary.
  • Today we celebrate more than an anniversary. It is the first birthday of our marriage. Happy Annibirthday baby.
  • One year of goodness is now behind us. You have given me a good time this one year that we have been married my love, and may our days ahead be filled with more goodness. Happy Anniversary my lovely wife.
  • Since we said I Do, I have been counting my blessings for three hundred and sixty five days, and honey I won’t stop counting ever. Happy first anniversary my love.

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25th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife


  • For the woman who stuck with me through ups and downs, the woman who made my happy and complete, the woman who nag and, at the same time, showed that she cares, HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!
  • You are, and will always be, the most beautiful woman for me. Happy anniversary, darling!
  • The most wonderful gift that God gave me – you and your love. Happy Anniversary!
  • It’s been 25 years… Marriage full of love, ups and downs… I just want you to know that I enjoyed every year of it. Happy Anniversary!


  • Thank you for everything, for all the love and care you have given me all these year. I will always be thankful that God gave me you. Happy Anniversary!

Funny Anniversary Messages for Wife


  • Baby, I did not know that I would survive your cooking for even a day, but here I am years later, still standing. You must be doing something right after all. Happy Anniversary.
  • Wear and tear perfectly describes what our marriage has endured. I wear you down and you tear me up. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Happy Anniversary dear.


  • Is that a grey hair that I see? No it cannot be, my glasses must be smudged. You are still the same pretty young thing that I fell in love with. You have not changed a bit. Happy Anniversary my love.
  • Hats off to you little lady, you are one tough bird. You have managed to endure the challenge that is me all these years and conquered the beast in me. Happy Anniversary my love.

The love of a woman endures and can withstand the toughest of times and situations. What man wouldn’t wish to have a loving woman by his side, in his life? She spices up his otherwise dreary life, she is the anchor that keeps him grounded. She may seem weak physically but she has the inner strength of an ox. Remember that special woman in your life on this day and show her how much you appreciate her and esteem her.


Through all the good times and the bad she will be there for you so give her the special gift of loving words to nurture and tend the garden that is her gentle heart. A man who remembers his anniversary is a man who is blessed indeed for all a woman wants is a man who makes her feel that he cares by remembering special days which mean so much to her. We hope that these wedding anniversary messages for your wife could help you express your wonderful feeling for your better half.

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