Romantic messages for boyfriend, husband and fiancé: Sharing love with someone is a gift and it is to be treasured, especially if the person is loving and caring. When you find love, hold on to it and treasure the man who has made your heart sing. It is easy to let things slide and become normal and everyday but to keep the flame of love burning you have to fan it continually. What better way to keep the fire of love blazing than to share romantic and sincere words with the man that you love? Tell him how much he means to you, show him how much you appreciate him and how wonderful he is. Let your man know that you truly care and love him by telling him this over and over again. No one ever gets tired of hearing nice things. These can be text messages, card messages, or little notes left here and there for him to find. Find your own way of expressing your love through your words.



  • Better than Batman and Superman, you are my true hero and I love you so much.
  • I wish I could write your name on all the grains of sand by the ocean so that even the fish would know how much I think about you and cherish you. I love you.


  • To me you are the greatest man alive. You have your place of honour among many great men but you are my number one man.


  • I honour your mother for bringing such a wonderful man into the world. She is blessed and so am I, for having found you. I love you baby.


  • You touched my heart with your sincere love and I am blessed indeed. How ever did I get so lucky?
  • With you by my side I can face giants and know that I will always come up on top. I love you handsome.


  • Baby I treasure you and promise my eternal love. With each and every breathe that I take I will never betray your trust in me. You are the only man good enough for me. I love you.


  • I trust you with my heart and my love for I know your sincere heart and strong arms will never let me fall.
  • Your patience is a puzzle to me. How did I end up with the one man who can put up with me in all my forms? You are a rare breed and I love you so much.
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  • One thing I know for sure is that when I met you I struck gold. And as time goes by I have realized that the vein I struck will never run out of gold. I am the richest girl in the world for finding you.


  • The only days that I do not think about you are the days that do not end in DAY, which is never. From Monday to Sunday you fill my mind.


  • I set out to dig for pebbles and struck gold instead. I do not want the love of anyone, I want the love of someone and that someone is you baby.
  • You shine as a man among men and I am lucky to have you as my own man. Love you honey.


  • Being with you is a small taste of heaven here on earth. You are my best and my number one man. I love you.
  • Since I met you my whole life has taken on another dimension and being with you has given me new reason and hope for this life. I love you.


  • From the moment I met you and when I said I Do to you, through the days and years the only thing I ever want to change is how much I love you. I want my love for you to grow deeper and stronger each and every day till the end of our time.


  • My best days are those that I am with you, which is every day for even though we may not be together always physically, I know that I am in your heart as you are in mine.


  • Walking hand in hand through life with you is a memory that will forever be in my heart. You are the best husband and I would never change you for anyone else, no matter how good, smart, handsome or rich they may be. You are forever my number one man.
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