Fathers are a blessing indeed, and God made fathers to be the protector of the family. Many children however have never known the love and protection of their fathers. A father does not have to be the biological father of a child in order to nurture them. Any man who can mentor and bring up children with good guidance deserves to be called a father. On this special day that we celebrate Fathers’ Day all over the world, take time to convey your love for this patriarch without whom you would not be who you are, regardless of whether he is your birth father or not. Honor him by sending him a message that will touch his heart and make him know that he is much appreciated by the ones who call him father. Show your father your gratitude for his guidance and protection by telling him how much he means to you.



  • Dad, it’s a blessing to be your child. I am thankful to God for allowing me to be born into your family. Thank you for your love, support and care. Happy Father’s Day!
  • A father is like a hedge around a person’s life. You have been my protector, you have provided for us your family and many times it was real sacrificial giving as you went without so many things in order that we should have more. Daddy, we appreciate you and we love you. Happy Fathers’ Day.


  • Through the years you have been there for me, you have been my pillar and strength. I want you to know that I wouldn’t exchange you for any other father in the whole wide world. Happy Father’s Day dear Dad.
  • More than just being my father you have been my friend and my counselor. Your wisdom and guidance over the years have made me who I am today and now that I have children of my own I appreciate the sacrifices you made for your family. You are the best dad in the world and I salute you today. Happy Fathers’ Day.
  • You taught me to be courageous and face life’s challenges without fear. You also taught me patience by example because no matter how many times I erred you were there to guide me back to the right path with your loving hands, and you loved me through it all. Happy Father’s Day!
  • You may not be the richest man in the world
    You may not be the strongest man in the world
    You may not be the smartest man in the world
    You may not be the greatest man in the world
    You may not be the tallest man in the world
    You may not be the most handsome man in the world
    But daddy, to me you are the picture of near perfection.
    You are my Hero. Happy Fathers’ Day!
  • There have been times when I felt that you did not love me, but now that I am older I realize that when you disciplined me it was so that I would never have to face the world’s cruel discipline. And that is how I know that you love me so much. Happy Fathers’ Day.



  • Being a father is an awesome responsibility. Not all people are cut out to be fathers and many fail at this noble task. But your love, your tender care, your gentleness and your patience qualify you for the high calling of being a father. And I am so glad and proud to be your child. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Remember that though the world may not even know or appreciate you, we your children that you bore and nurtured think you are the greatest man on earth. You are our hero Dad, and we celebrate you today. Happy Fathers’ Day.
  • F: faithful – you have been a faithful dad to me.
    A: advisor – daddy your wisdom has stood me in good stead countless times.
    T: teacher – you taught me by example and your lessons were invaluable.
    H: honorable – there is no man that I honor more than you.
    E: excellent – you have excelled as a father.
    R: refuge – daddy you protected us and kept us safe as much as you could.
    The name FATHER suits you, for you have well earned that title. Today I salute you as a great man. Happy Fathers’ Day
  • Every child needs the loving guidance and counsel of a father but so few get it. You are a special man for being there for your children whether biological or otherwise. Great minds are being nurtured by yourself and you deserve to be honored on this special day. Happy Fathers’ Day.


  • Every day is a day to honor the great fathers in our midst, but today is a special day to celebrate them. So that is why this is a very special day for you, so much so that someone should make it a public holiday. Happy Fathers’ Day to you.
  • Because it is Fathers’ Day today, all the children promise to behave and all the wives and mothers promise not to nag. Enjoy a stress free and joyous day today. Happy Fathers’ Day to you.



  • My husband, father of my children, what an awesome man you are. From the moment we became parents I have seen your love and care towards me and towards our children. Thank you for being gentle and patient with all of us even when we are very trying. Happy Father’s Day!


  • From the first time I saw you, I knew you are the man that I wanted to be the father of my children. Over the years you have proved to be the exact kind of man that I thought you would be, and I have never been disappointed in you. I will always love you. Happy Father’s Day, darling!
  • You walked with me from the moment our children were conceived. You put up with all my crazy moods and cravings and when I was emotional you held me and told me all was well. You were my strength and inspiration to be a good mother to our child. I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband and amazing father to our children. Happy Father’s Day!


  • All the fathers of the world were lined up as candidates for the title of father of the century. All the other fathers were the first runners up because the top spot was especially reserved just for you, no one else could fit in that position. Happy Fathers’ Day, darling.
  • Our home is full of love because of the man who makes it happen. I am so glad to have found a wonderful husband and a precious father like you. Happy Father’s Day!
  • The children and I are secure because we know you always have our backs. We are strong because you are our pillar and our rock. You are a great husband and also a great father. Today is the day that great men such as yourself are honored and we salute you. Happy Fathers’ Day, my love.



  • You were there when I took my first steps, you were there when I said my first words, you were there when I went on my first date, you were there when I excelled and you were there when I failed. And through it all your love lifted me up and that is why today I celebrate you daddy. Happy Fathers’ Day.
  • No doubt, you are indeed the greatest father in the world. I am blessed to have a man in my life that is patient with me, kind to me and loves me unconditionally. Thank you for being my daddy and so I want to wish you Happy Fathers’ Day.
  • There is no father like you, and I would never exchange you for any other. Happy Father’s Day!


Today, I join in with millions around the globe who are celebrating the great men in their lives that they call daddy. Happy Fathers’ Day, DAD.

  • I may not have the words to express my love and appreciation for being your daughter but there is one thing that I can do. I can pray for you, that God will bless you indeed and give you a long life because it will be an honor for my children to meet this great man whose gentle hand guided their mother and made her the woman she is today. Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad.
  • No one chooses which family to be born into, but if I were given the choice to choose again, daddy I would choose you as my father. You will forever be my special choice daddy and so today I wish you Happy Fathers’ Day.


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