Ever wondered why some couples seem to have large numbers of guests at their weddings while others barely have a handful? Well the difference is in the planning. Well organized couples always inform family and friends well in advance and so people are able to reserve their time to spend with the happy couple. Before the formal invitations are even made or sent out it is a wise thing to send a message to friends and family to let them know of your upcoming nuptials and ask them to save the date. Apart from showing good planning skills it also shows courtesy and respect to those you are inviting because they will feel that you have esteemed and given them notice well in advance and they can then work out their schedules to fit your day in. It is better to plan well ahead and inform those you want to attend your great day, than go around the rest of your life holding a grudge against those who could not attend your wedding because of their busy schedules.


Save the Date Wording #1

Save the date, save the date

Sandra Collins and Frank Thurman

Will be getting married
On June 30th 2015

Formal invitation and details to follow.

Save the Date Wording #2


Save the Date Wording #3


Save the Date Wording #4


Save the Date Wording #5


Save the Date Wording #6


Save the Date Wording #7


Save the Date Wording #8


Save the Date Wording #9


Save the Date Wording #10


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