When a couple successfully stays together after every year they celebrate. A marriage is known to be full of ups and down so during an anniversary, it is always appropriate to congratulate each other for the loyalty and love. Usually you would send a sweet anniversary message but sometime adding a little humor can keep your partner smiling the whole day. Send them a funny anniversary message this year to remind them you love them while putting a smile on their faces and making it a memorable marriage anniversary. These kinds of messages can be good to refresh a memory of a time you both had a blast. Keep them laughing and smiling with the following funny anniversary messages:

Funny Wedding Anniversary Messages


“Thank you for making it easy for me to be as crazy as I can afford to be and still loving me for this long. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary!”

“I am amazed by your strength, by your love; for putting up with my craziness all these years! Wishing you a wonderful Anniversary.”

“Wherever you are there I will be, to prevent you from getting into trouble. Happy Anniversary my sweetheart!”

“You are my superhero for the number of times you have saved me….after getting me into trouble! Happiest Anniversary darling!”

“On our anniversary I promise to continue annoying you, because you look so cute when you angry! I love you. Happiest Anniversary dear!”

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes


“Thank you for making it with me this far, I admire you for that; I know no one else would have put up with my shenanigans! Happy Anniversary!”

“Don’t worry as the wrinkles start to appear….I’m not saying they are- just that I will love you forever and beyond. Happy Anniversary!”

“I know you love me – I love you more! Happy Anniversary!”

“Wishing you both a happy anniversary. You are an inspiration to those who know how crazy you can get! “

“Thank you for agreeing to grow old with me. Happiest Anniversary darling!”

Funny Wedding Anniversary Messages for Couple


“I’m so glad I said ‘I do’ to all your awesomeness. Wishing you a memorable Anniversary!”

“Thank you for all the hard times you have given me and all the beautiful memories we have built together. Wishing you a happy Anniversary!”

“I salute the Almighty for bringing you into my life. Have the best Anniversary ever!”

“No matter what happens, no matter what I do; I know I can always count on you. May be that is why my crazy side keeps growing. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary!”

“Marriage is made up of war, misery, tears, and fights but remember that all these lead to a bond that no force can break. I love you the love of my life! Happiest Anniversary!”

“I thank God for making me a very forgiving woman, because I have put up with you all these years; the truth is I would do it over and over again. I love you! Happy Anniversary!”

Funny Wedding Anniversary Greetings Messages


“Happy Anniversary to the sweetest couple I know!”

“It is admirable how you two compliment and make each other perfect! Happiest Anniversary to you two!”

“I don’t think love is blind because I can clearly see how perfect you are. You are the best gift I have ever had. Wishing you the Happiest Anniversary!”

“May we survive through all our constant quarrels to celebrate many more anniversaries together. I love today and forever! Happy Anniversary dear!”

“You truly are an achiever; staying married to me all these years can’t be easy. Congratulations for another year. Happy Anniversary darling!”

More Funny Wedding Anniversary Messages


“You two make marriage look so easy. You are the best pair I know. Happy Anniversary guys!”

“Today is a reminder that love is truly blind because no matter how crazy I get, no matter how horrible I look; you always smile and say you love me more each day. I love you too more than words can describe. Happy Anniversary darling!”

“Thank for not leaving me alone when you got us into trouble. I love you dear! Happy Anniversary!”

“I knew you would forget our Anniversary; don’t worry because I understand that every day is a celebration for us. Love more each day. Happy Anniversary!”

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