A funeral is a sad time and the support of friends can mean a lot to us. This is usually time that we need to know that we can count on those we call friends. Sending a thank you note after a funeral is not mandatory but it is a good way to appreciate the support of all who were present. You can thank them for the flowers, the help and the moral support they have given. We have compiled a list of messages to make it easier for you to send the thank you messages. The following are the messages

Funeral Thank You Notes Wording


“With the deepest gratitude, I thank you for your encouraging words and kind gesture at the funeral.”

“May God’s blessings shower your life for the support you have given me and my family at our time of need. This is to say thank you very much!”

“We sincerely thank you for showing up at our brother’s funeral and being his friend to the last minute.”

“Your expression of sympathy has not gone unnoticed. We are grateful for the support at the funeral.”


“Your generosity in our time of need is greatly appreciated. No amount of thank you can be enough to show gratitude for your support. Thank you!”

“This is just a thank you note to appreciate your presence during our time of need.”

“As our father Mr. (deceased name) rests in peace, we know he is also as grateful as we are for your support during our time of bereavement.”

Thank You Notes After Funeral Wording

funeral-thank-you-notes-wording-02“Words cannot express the amount of gratitude in my heart for the gesture of kindness you have showed during my time of need.”

“We all say thank you for the sympathy conveyed by your family to our family during our time of bereavement.”

“At times like this, your friendship is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being there for me in my time of need.”

“Your contribution to the funeral service is dearly appreciated. Thank you for being a true friend!”

“ Thank you for going out of your way to make this time less stressful for us all. Your thoughtful contributions were of great help. Thank you dear!”

“It is because of friends like you, that difficult times like these are easier to get through. Thank you for your support at the funeral.”

“It was of great comfort t to see you at (deceased’s) funeral. Your support is very much appreciated.”

“Thank you for your kind words at my mother’s funeral. We are all very grateful.”

Funeral Thank You Card Wording

“Thank you for your presence at (deceased’s) funeral and for reminding us how loved he was by his friends.”


“Your tremendous support will always be remembered by our family. We are indebted for your expression of sympathy and generosity. Thank you.”

“Even as we heal from our loss, I cannot forget to thank you for your kindness during the service.”

“We received your email and we are grateful for your thoughts and prayers during our difficult time.”

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude for your kindness and support during our time of loss.”

“We found comfort in knowing that we have friends like you to support and care for us during a great loss.”

“As a family we would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the love, support and generosity that we received during our difficult time. This is to say, God bless you!”

What to Write in a Funeral Thank You Card

funeral-thank-you-notes-wording-04“This is to simply to say thank you for whatever part you played in making this time of bereavement less painful. You are truly good family friends. Stay blessed!”

“You promised to be with me in good and bad times- and you were. I love you for that!”

“We are grateful for your helping hand during the funeral service. Thank you.”

“During this difficult time, we are immensely grateful for your expression of sympathy. Thank you.”

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