There is no better day to celebrate your nation than on Independence Day. This is when we all have the opportunity to show how patriotic we are, and to be an example to the younger generation. Being proud of who you are starts with being proud of where you come from. Independence is not achieved easily and therefore this also becomes a proper time to pay tribute to those who laid down their lives that we may enjoy freedom today. As you celebrate, you can send your friends and family Independence Day messages to fill them with a sense of patriotism. This can go a long ways in reminding someone why they should be proud of this achievement. Here is a list of some messages you can choose from:

Happy Independence Day Messages


“No matter the distance, I am reaching out to you to wish you a Happy and memorable Independence Day!”

“I am filled with pride wherever I go, with my chin held high I wish you a Happy Independence Day!”

“Today I celebrate our country and today I celebrate the freedom of being able to love someone like you. Happy Independence Day!”


“Let’s work together to make this a better nation and celebrate this day; the day we gained the freedom to love, to act, to think, to have faith and to speak. Happy Independence Day!”

“To show love to our nation is by not forgetting the sacrifices made so that we can have the freedom today. Celebrate this day with pride. Happy Independence Day!”

“Join me to celebrate the 1618 languages in our country; India. Happy Independence Day!”

Independence Day Messages Greetings


“ I salute the heroes who sacrificed their lives so that we may be able to enjoy freedom today. Happy Independence Day!”

“Walk with your head up and be proud to be an Indian as you enjoy the freedom we have today! Happy Independence Day!”

“As the flag remains up high, let every wave bring joy, pride and glory to your heart. Happy Independence Day!”

“May you live to see all your dreams for our country come true. Happy Independence Day!”

“Raise a glass in honor of the heroes who died fighting for mother India. Happy Independence Day!”

“Let the national Anthem be sung by everyone; both old and young, AS WE CELEBRATE OUR BELOVED COUNTRY. Happy Independence Day!”

Independence Day Messages in English


“Receive warm wishes of respect and honor for our country from my family to yours. Happy Independence Day!”

“I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Independence Day full of love, peace and freedom!”

“May you be surrounded by our brothers and sisters on this special day to celebrate our beloved nation. Happy Independence Day!”

“Let all the youths arise and pour their zeal into the celebration of our mother India! Happy Independence to all the youths in the country!”

“I salute all the brave soldiers to persevered until we got our independence, you will forever be honored. Happy Independence Day!”

“Happy Independence Day to you! This is your chance to show true patriotism.”

“Let us all maintain the peace that our heroes fought for by loving each other in peace and harmony. Happy Independence Day!”

Independence Day Wishes Messages


“Even though I am miles away from, I cannot forget to celebrate this special day that our country got Independence. Happiest Independence Day to you all!”

“If you open my heart today; you will find it filled with pride, pride and more pride for my motherland. Happy Independence Day!”

“Let us unite to make our nation perfect for the future generation, so that we too can be honored like those that fought for our Independence. Happy Independence Day!”

“Raise a glass as tribute to the veterans who defended this country so that today we can be free. Happy Independence Day to our Veterans!”

“Fight to eradicate corruption from our beautiful motherland, to preserve the freedom that was dearly fought for. Happy Independence Day!”

“Today we hold hand in brotherly love and unity to pay respect to those who died that we may be able to celebrate this day. Happy Independence Day!”

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