Even super-heroes have weaknesses. So there will come a time that we will fall into poor health. Nobody wants to be sick, because being sick means weaker body, bed-ridden and boring life. But most of the time, severe sickness may lead to being locked up in hospital beds, stocked-up in a four corner room with white walls where nasty smell of medicines diffuses and having that nauseous feeling of being laid up. No more outdoor activities and no more beautiful and colorful sceneries to be seen. The fun and excitement life has to give will be gone.So, if you have love ones who are sick, better send out your love and care for them by sending them get well soon wishes and messages. We’ve got a few samples for you. Take a look. 

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Get Well Soon Wishes and Messages

You may not be present for your loved ones physically, but your words of encouragement will let them know that you love them and you care for them. Here are a few get well soon wishes and messages to inspire you.


You look bad when you are laid up.
We want to see you glow again,
so please hurry and get well fast!

Since you got sick, everything became different.
Nobody makes us laugh anymore.
So, take good care and return to us soon.
We look forward for your return.


I want to tour the world.
But travelling alone won’t be fun at all.
So better get yourself up for we will a trip around the world together.

Get well soon baby, mommy is waiting for you to go back home.
I miss you so much baby. I love you!

Hey princess!
Everyone can’t wait to see your beautiful smile again.
We love you! Get well soon!

You’re not fit for a hospital bed.
You are fit for our queen-size bed.
Get well soon, honey.

The doctors and nurses in the hospital don’t need you.
But people here in our home greatly need you.
Everybody will be happy to see you get better.

Get Well Soon Card Messages

Your simple get well soon card can mean a lot to your close ones. So here are some get well soon card messages to write in the cards.


A princess like you is fit for castles not for hospitals.
So, get your glow back and be healthy again.

Seeing you in pain makes me weak.
Being weak is prone to sickness.
If you don’t want me to join you,
always take your medicine and do what the doctor says.

I love to see you smile again.
So, don’t let your illness stole that from you.
Keep fighting. Get well soon!


If you’re feeling down, just look outside the window
and the sun will remind you so much reason
why you have to recuperate quickly.

Be strong; always remember that you’re not alone.
This is our battle so let us fight together until you get better.

Without your smile, my life is so dull.
So, please restore your health
and lighten my life again with your sweet smile.

Get Well Text Messages

If you’re unable to send your friend or family a get well soon card, you can send some good wishes via text messages. Here are a few get well soon text messages to inspire you.


Every day,
be sure to smile and pray,
because smiling makes you look better
and praying makes you stronger.
Don’t lose hope.
You’ll be better soon


Laughing can lower levels of stress hormones
and strengthens the immune system.
So keep smiling,
so that you will be in good health again.

Always think healthy positive thoughts.
You still have lots of fun things to do.
So focus and concentrate on your recovery.
Hope to see you soon in full optimal health.


Religious Get Well Messages


Lift up your hand and trust the Lord with all your heart
and He will give you strength to overcome your sickness.
Be faithful. God is loving and kind.

Don’t ever forget that whatever happens to you,
we will always be beside you.
But if God is with you, everything will be alright.
So always put God in your heart and
he will guide you on the path to good health.


You are now in pain and sorrow.
Just keep praying, because only God can take this sorrow away.
Just hold on. You will be well soon.

We are praying to God to lend you His healing hands
to put you in full health again. Join us in praying.
God loves you.

These get well soon wishes and messages will help you express how you long for them to be physically fit again. If you have any more get well soon wishes or messages to share, tell us in the comment section below.

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