Sending missing you messages in many cases narrows the gap that separates you from the person who has gone and it makes life bearable especially if the person is missing you back in return. And in a way it keeps the fire burning until you can be reunited.



  • Your leaving has left a chasm in my life and I feel your absence so deeply. Life is not the same without you and I miss you terribly.
  • Who will fill this abyss that your departure has left? My heart and life are an empty shell without you. I miss you so much.


  • There is a deep void in my life since you left, and it feels like being in a dry land where there is no life. Come back to me my dear, I miss you.
  • This emptiness that I feel is overwhelming. How will I ever get over you? I miss you, I miss you, I miss you.



  • If my heart were to be opened all that would be found is the deep hole and emptiness in it. I know this separation is for a short time my darling but each moment away from you is pure agony for me. Come back and fill my heart and my life once again. I miss you and I love you.


  • The pain and the agony of not having you by my side is sheer torture and my whole being is in deep affliction. I miss you so much and I promise that when you come back I will never leave you nor allow you to leave me again for such a long period of time. Baby, I cannot live without you.
  • Time seems to have stood still from the moment that you turned your back and walked away from me. Baby I am unable to function normally without you and I am merely existing and not living. When you return, then I know that I will start living once again. I miss you honey.


  • Your love and your being in my life has been a constant source of joy and strength to me and now that you are away I feel weak, empty and sad. I count every minute and every hour till you come back to me. I miss you my darling.


  • Baby when you left you took the spark out of my life and now all I feel is darkness and emptiness. I miss you and long for your return.
  • This desolation that has been occasioned by your absence is overwhelming my love. Come back and breathe life into me once again. Missing you honey.


  • My life is without form and is void without your loving presence. My hands are empty and my mind is in turmoil. I miss you my love, make haste to return and fill me once again.
  • When you left you unplugged the power source out of my life and now all I feel and see is vast emptiness. Baby, come back and plug me back in and let my life flow once again. I miss you.


  • Only you can fill this cavity that is my heart since the day you left. My eyes are ever on the door, waiting for your return and when I see you again, I will hold you so close because baby, I miss you terribly.
  • I know that in a few hours I will see you again after your absence from my life for a while. You left me desolate and my heart needs restoration and only you can put me back together again. I miss you.


  • My life feels empty and void and without form like the earth was before God began creating life on it. Where are you my darling? Come back and replenish this miserable land that is my heart, and let me have life once again. I miss you.
  • Missing you has aged me seriously, I need you to return and rejuvenate my life. Come back honey and make me young again. Missing you and loving you.


  • Hey, I know that it has only been a short while since you left but I miss your laughter and the sound of your voice. May this text find you in good health, and when you are able to, hit me back with one. Missing you lots.
  • I miss your friendship and companionship. Being away from you is really lousy and I can say lousy in a hundred different ways. I miss you, oh yes I do.


  • Deep regrets and shame for taking your presence for granted. You looked after me so well and I miss your care. You were the best career and always will be. I really do miss you.
  • This loneliness is just too profound. Your absence has left me bereft. You have been such a good friend all through and much as I am trying to move on, I cannot forget you. I miss you.
  • Thoughts of days gone make me weep, I long for your company once again. When do you return? I miss you seriously and desperately.


There are different seasons in life, and we all realize that there is a time to come and there is a time to leave friends, family and loved ones. When separation happens we long for life to go back to where it was before but that season is over and so the best thing we can do is move on. It can be a time of tears and pain and despair because we are bereft and lonely. However we can express our loss through our words to the ones we miss by sending them messages that tell them how much their absence is felt. We hope that these missing you messages can help you convey your warmest thoughts to someone you miss so much.

I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

Long distance relationship is not an easy thing. It challenges love, trust and loyalty in ways more than you can imagine. In this state, guys have the biggest role to play, because girls need assurance all the time that they are with them all the time, if not physically, but in spirits. The best way to keep you girl feel loved and wanted is by sending them cute, miss you messages. To help your girlfriend feel better, we’ve compiled some cute and lovely I miss you messages for girlfriend. Take a look.

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Sweet Missing You Messages for Girlfriend

Being away from their girl is a torture for boyfriends, not just girlfriends. But you let them know how much you love them and long for them by sending them sweet missing you messages for girlfriend.


Whenever I feel sad and lonely,
I’m craving for something sweet.
I think I already have a love deficiency and my only is you.
I hope someday you’ll come back and cure me with your kiss.

You were the reason why I smile everyday.
So how can I smile if my only reason is not here beside me?
How I wish to smile again. I miss you.

I think you brought something I own with you, it’s my heart.
I want it back. Please come back soon.

The sweetest part of my day is thinking of you.
But the hardest part is missing you.
How I wish to be with you again.

I hope to be with you as soon as possible,
because the loneliness I felt is already unbearable.
I miss you so bad.

Every time you miss me and you feel alone,
always remember that,
I may not be there physically,
just look inside your heart and I will always be there.

Missing you makes me crazy,
because every time I miss you,
I want to open an account in BDO.
So they will find ways to bring us back together again.
I miss you like crazy.

I know I’m annoying.
Who cares?
That’s my way of saying “I miss you”.

Sad Missing You Messages for Girlfriend

You girl must be feeling vulnerable without you. So put them at ease, by sending sad missing you messages for girlfriends.


I used to kiss you under the rain and it makes me happy
to see you smile so sweet afterwards.
But now, every time it rains, it only brings sadness to my heart
because I won’t be able to kiss you and see your smile again.
Please come back to me. I miss you.

Sadness filled me whenever I’m missing you.
The thought of not being able to see you, to touch you,
and to hold you is softly killing me. Hope to see you soon.
I miss you.

What makes you so important?
It’s not only the happiness that I felt when I’m with you,
but also the pain I feel when I’m missing you.
I’m so lonely without you. Please come back.

I’m not a gay, but every time I miss you,
nothing can stop my tears from falling.
Can you come back and wipe away my tears?
If yes, I will be waiting.

Whenever you’re around, time passes so fast.
But now that you’re away, a second seems like a lifetime to pass.
I miss you so bad. Hope to see you soon.

I hope dreams are reality,
so that I don’t have to wake up in the reality of being alone.
Please make my dreams come true.
Come back to me.

I know you’re a merciful person.
Please have mercy to my pillows.
They’re already wet from my tears.
I’m awfully missing you.

I Love You and I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend:

Love is one of the strongest emotions and you need to make your loved one feel special by any means. So here are a few i love you and i miss you messages for girlfriend that might help you.


Being away from you is not a reason to forget you.
We may not see each other so often,
but in my heart and in my mind,
you are the only girl I will love until the end of time.
I love you and I miss you.

Never say I don’t like you, because I love you.
Never think that I don’t remember you,
because right now, I’m officially missing you.

Don’t be sad if you miss me.
Just wait ‘till we see each other again to make another moment to be missed.
I love you and I miss you too.

Whenever you miss me and you felt sad about it,
just look inside your heart and you’ll find me there saying,
“Don’t be sad, you know how much I missed you too. I love you.”

You know I’m not the kind of guy who wishes in shooting stars.
But now that your miles away from me, I always feel sad and lonely.
So, every time I look at the starry night.
I’m hoping to see even a single falling star,
so that I could wish to be with you again soon. I love you.

Cute I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend:

These cute I miss you messages for girlfriend will lift the spirits of your girl like no other thing.


Please do me a favor.
Put your right hand on your left shoulder
then your left hand on your right shoulder, then squeeze.
There, that’s my lovely for you.
I miss you so much.

There will be no sunshine when you’re not beside me.
Please bring back my sunshine.
I miss my sunshine so much.

I’m scared to look at the stars at night,
because every time I do,
I just keep on missing you.

You’re the rainbow of my life,
because without you,
my life is in pure black and white.

I hired the wind to be our messenger.
So, whenever you feel a strong gush of wind touching your face,
it is a kiss I sent to you because I already miss you.

These adorable I miss you messages for girlfriend will surely put a wide grin on your girl’s friend. Let us know which of these I miss you messages for girlfriend you found the cutest by commenting below

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