Parting from the person you love is the hardest part of your life, especially for the girls. Whatever the reason may be, you must be prepared to face a lot of loneliness and grief. You might be in crowded with so many people, but you know deep inside that the person you greatly need is not in the crowd. You may smile a lot but behind those smiles, is the loneliness of not being there with the only person that can make you smile genuinely. But there will come a time that you can no longer bear the loneliness. Never hesitate to show a little weakness and let him know how much you miss him by sending cute i miss you messages for boyfriend.


Sweet Missing You Messages for a Boyfriend

Let your feelings be felt by your boyfriend by sending him sweet i miss you messages for boyfriend. You never know what these I miss you messages for your boyfriend can do to the both of you.


  • A normal situation would be, the heart desires to be with you but the mind tells you not to. I think my body is going mad because both my heart and my mind are saying, “I have to be with you as soon as possible.”

missing you messages for boyfriend

  • Every morning I smile because I’m thinking of you. But every night I cry because I’m missing you.
  • Sometimes I wish you were the moon and I am the stars so that missing you will no longer be an issue. But right now, I am totally missing you.
  • I hope there is a medicine for missing someone, because I need it now. I think my only medicine is you. I need you now honey.
  • Whenever I’m holding a pen, I always find myself writing your name. That is how I long for you every day.


  • Baby, don’t be surprised if you will see my room filled with pictures of you. I purposely did that to lessen the pain I felt when I’m missing you. Send me more photos please.
  • I miss the moment of sitting beside you while you’re holding my hands. I also missed the moment you told me that you will love me forever. In short, I missed every moment I spent with you. Please be back soon.
  • I sent you my lips (pillow with the shape of my lips), so that when you missed me, you’ll just kiss the pillow as if you’re kissing me. I miss your kisses.

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Sad Missing You Messages for a Boyfriend

Feeling despair because of not being able to see your boyfriend? No worries, Here you can find some hand picked collection of sad i miss you messages for boyfriend that will aptly describe your situation to him.


  • Every night I cried for loosing you. I even told myself that you’re not worth for my tears. But what can I do? My heart still misses you.
  • Missing you is like a living hell. The only thing left to do is to cry.
  • I hate to think about you because every time I do, my tears are having a marathon. Please let me out of my misery.
  • I thought losing you will make me happy. But how can I be happy, if all the things I do just remind me of you. Please come back to me because I already miss the feeling of being loved by you.



  • No matter how sweet my dream is, I’d still wake up in the reality of not having you here. I missed you so much.
  • A life without you is not a life at all. Make my life worth living again. Come back soon.
  • I don’t like to stay in my room for so long. Because the silence is making me miss you more.

I Love You and I Miss you Messages for a Boyfriend

Show your boyfriend that you’re strong and can overcome the loneliness by sending i love you and i miss you messages for boyfriend. You want them to see that you can calmly wait for him to come back.


  • Loving you is like breathing, once I stop loving you, I might die. I miss you.
  • Distance can never stop me from loving you, but still, I’m longing for you to come back.
  • Life is incomplete without love. Just like us, my life is incomplete without you and your love. I will be waiting for you to come back and complete my life again. I love you and I miss you.


  • Even though I’m with a lot of people, I still feel empty when I’m not with the person I love. I wish you were here my love.
  • I would rather live in a dream than waking up to the reality that the person I truly love is miles away from me. Please be back soon. I love you.

Cute I Miss You Messages For Boyfriend

Sending him cute i miss you messages for boyfriend will make him feel your eagerness for them to come back.


  • I know you missed me. But you’re too shy to admit that. Okay, in behalf of you, “honey, I miss you”. Oh, how sweet, I miss you too.
  • I framed your letter saying, “Don’t be sad, stay strong, we will be together soon.” So every time I miss you, I’ll just look at the frame and think of how excited I am to be with you soon.
  • Butterflies have wings so they could fly anywhere they want. I wish I could be a butterfly. So that every time I miss you, I’ll just spread my wings and fly to where you are.


  • Without you here with me, my body won’t function properly because it misses you so much. My eyes wants to see no one but you, only your voice will be heard by my ears and my lips would only smile when you’re around.
  • Whenever I missed you, I’ll just close my eyes and hug myself. I’ll just imagine the hug I felt is from you. But I would be happier to see you hugging me when I open my eyes.


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