Valentines day is an event celebrated by romantic couples all over the world. My valentine means “most beautiful for my eyes”. Get ready to write your sweetest and most romantic Valentines day messages for your partner – be it your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend – and for your friends and loved ones, to make sure that they know that you are the most beautiful for your eyes. Here are samples of Valentines day wishes and wordings to say “Be My Valentine“. Happy Valentines Day to all!

Be My Valentine

be my valentine

  • My love for you is taller than a tower
    Growing more and more by the hour
    No matter what you say or do
    I will always love you
    Be my Valentine!
  • When I want to see flowers, My eyes are looking for you
    When I want to feel happiness, my mind is looking for you
    When I want to feel softness, my fingers want to feel your body
    Be my Valentine!
  • Be my valentine, my one and only love
    You lift me high on wings of a dove
    With you always by my side
    I know I never need to hide
    Darling, Happy Valentines Day!
  • There is no love for me without you!!
    There is no happiness for me without you!!!
    There is no breath for me with you!!!
    There is no life for me without you
    Darling, Be my Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day Messages

In this section you can find some heartwarming valentines day messages, that will spread your love and affection. Please have a look at the below collection

valentines day greetings

  • Valentine’s day maybe once a year
    But my heart sings whenever you are near
    Your beauty, charm and radiant glow
    Remind me of everything I need to know
    Happy Valentines Day!

valentines day wishes

  • Once a year, I declare my love for you
    I know I should say it more – it’s always true
    You are my heart’s desire
    You set my insides on fire!
    Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Wishes and Greetings

Celebrate your valentines day with fun and spirit. Find below valentines day wishes

happy valentines day cards

  • Wobbly knees, butterflies in my tummy
    All because you are so yummy
    You are charming, beautiful and smart
    And will always have a place in my heart
  • My love for you will keep on growing
    Just like a river which never stops flowing
    Your eyes alone can light a room
    Full of sparkle, passion – no room for gloom!


  • Flowers are given and received, on this special day
    Sometimes chocolates, or perfume – so they say
    But my gift to you is far greater
    My love – bigger than any crater


  • Love is full of wonderful times
    Occasionally sorrow might mar the lines
    But you have always been there for me
    Lifting me up, keeping me free

Romantic Valentines Day Card Wordings

Feeling romantic?? Here is some great collection of Romantic valentines day wording and messages for cards


  • Unconditional love is what it takes
    To float above the lakes
    You love has never faltered
    Never even be haltered
    So, I make this promise to you
    My valentine, I will always be true.


  • Valentine’s day is my favourite time of year
    I get to tell you how much I hold you dear
    You have been my saving grace,
    And just remind you that you are ace!
  • The 14th day of February must not be forgot
    It’s the chance to be grateful for you lot
    I have known you for quite a while
    But I still love to see you smile
    A love than runs deeper than the sea
    Courses through my body – a love for thee
  • Be my Valentine – such simple little words
    You are more beautiful than the sweetest birds
    You eyes sparkle like diamonds, freshly cut from the stone
    You look stunning in whatever you wear, always in the zone
    From the moment we met I couldn’t take my eyes off you
    I just want you to know how I feel about you.

What to Write in a Valentines Day Card


  • Life, laugh, love – so easy to say
    But until I met you, so far away
    You have brought sunshine to my life
    And made these feelings rife.
  • Valentines day is a special time
    To take you out on the town
    To show you off, in all your splendour
    Still remembering to treat you tender
    You are the world to me
    And my heart is yours – you have the key


  • To have and to hold for all of time
    To love and to cherish, celebrate you are mine
    Your beauty is a joy to behold
    Never leave me out in the cold
    I’ll devote my life to you
    To make you happy too
  • Love is funny, love is kind
    Sometimes love has its own mind
    But whatever twists or turns head our way
    I know our love is here to stay

Valentines Day Messages for Him and Her


  • Loving you makes me the person I should be
    It wipes out the bad and helps me to see
    Your kind and caring attitude
    Earns everyone’s gratitude
    You are truly an amazing person
  • A valentines wish for you
    A message, to say I love you
    Whenever you are not near
    I miss you and always shed a tear
  • To spend a day without seeing you
    Is to feel as though the world is about to end
    You have rocked my world and shaken my core
    Without you, I fear I would be just a bore!
    Happy Valentines Day!
  • If love be the music of life
    Then I wish to sing all night
    But if love were to mean sitting in a hole in the ground
    I would gladly do this, for without you, I am downed
    Happy Valentine’s Day, My dear!
  • Let love be your guiding light
    Your guide to do what is right
    To you I will always be true
    Because whatever I do, I always think of you.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a day to spread and share love, not only among lovers but among those who hold each other dear. It is also a day to celebrate special friendships and gladden the hearts of loved ones. On this day, think about those you love and care about and who have been there celebrating with you or crying with you. Think of how fulfilling your life has been because of these special people.

Whatever you have gone through these special people have always been there and you have made it through trying times because of their love, care and friendship. Your Valentine can be your mother, your father, sister, brother, child, good friend and of course in the romantic sense your Valentine can be your spouse, lover, boyfriend or girlfriend. You can also be your own Valentine and celebrate yourself and learn to love and appreciate yourself. Whoever qualifies for the title on that day deserves to receive a wonderful message conveying your feelings for them.

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