Farewell Messages: Parting is such sweet sorrow when someone has to go. Maybe they’ve found a new job, or maybe they’re moving with their parents, or maybe they just need to get away from this city and something that happened. But don’t make this a sad occasion. Otherwise, your memories of them will be tinged with sadness. Instead, give them a sendoff that they’ll look back on and smile at. Talk about some of the good times you’ve had here, share stories online with friends and family. Help them organize their things, or take them out to a nice dinner with all of your friends in a big send off bash. And at the end of it all, make sure you’ve given them a card that tells them just how much they mean to you.


Sample Farewell Messages

  • Goodbye doesn’t have to be an ending. Our stories may go separate ways, but we’re always going to remember one another. So you remember me, and I’ll remember you.
  • If you think this is anything even close to goodbye, you’ve got another thing coming. This is a ‘See you Later’, and don’t you forget it. I can’t wait to meet you again.


  • So now you’re going to go off and make someone else’s life more awesome by being a part of it. I can’t fault you for that. Don’t be a stranger!
  • Moving away doesn’t have to mean moving on. No amount of distance is going to change the time we had together, so let’s just make sure we don’t let ourselves slip. I’ll see you later.
  • Don’t think about this like goodbye. Just think of this as a “See you later” with a question mark on it. So don’t go getting sappy on me about this, because I’ll just give you grief about it next time we meet.
  • Making a life somewhere new is an experience. Some parts good, some parts bad, some parts similar, some parts different. Just make sure that you make the most of all of it. Otherwise you’ll have gone all that way for nothing. Best wishes.

Farewell Messages to Colleague


  • We’re all going to miss you here. But don’t be a stranger! In this world, people on the other side of the country are just a few button presses away. So don’t think this means we’re not still connected, because we are. Always.
  • I can’t believe you’re going away. But I know you are, so all I can say is a fond farewell. Maybe someday our paths will cross again. I hope so, because it’s been nice having you in my life. All the best in the new life, my friend.
  • Safe travels and best wishes for this next chapter of your life! I can’t pretend I’m not gonna miss you around here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see you off with a smile. Make sure you bring your special brand of awesome to wherever you end up next.


  • Moving on is something that people do. Its better than living a life stagnant. So keep on moving, but don’t be afraid to occasionally look back before you move forward. All the best in life, and here’s hoping we meet again.
  • Every step you take just makes all the ones you took before it more valuable. So go on. Keep walking, and just remember that the footprints you left in all of our lives aren’t going away. And the ones we made in yours won’t either. Best wishes on all of your travels.
  • So long, farewell, and all assorted goodbyes. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about you going, but that’s just how life is. But maybe life will lead you back to my neck of the woods someday. We’ll never know until we know. See you then!

Farewell Messages for Friends


  • Goodbye is never comfortable. It always feels so permanent, so definitive. But things do have endings. And our friendship doesn’t have to end here, but it’ll be different. Everything will be different, but that’s alright, because it’ll still be you and me. Safe journeys, dear friend.
  • Look, that one time I said “My way or the highway” I wasn’t actually serious. Jokes aside, I’m really going to miss you man. You better stay in touch, or I’ll have to track you down and set you straight, you got it?
  • Fare thee well, my stalwart companion in this adventure that is life! Though our paths part here, our destinies remain entwined, and may we shall quest again together one day! The best of wishes to thee on your travels, good friend!


  • We’re all really going to miss you, but this is just another chapter in your story. So ride on, write on, and make it a story worth telling. Thats all anyone would ever ask for.
  • Sure, the destination is important, but the journey is the thing that really matters. And obviously this isn’t your last stop. So go on out there and find out whatever your story is, but don’t forget what came before!
  • You made sure that everything has been taken care of, right? Because if you’re going, gotta make sure that everything is nice and settled here before you move on. Then you have no regrets when you walk on, just happy memories. I hope I was one of them.

Farewell Goodluck Messages


  • I’ve gotta be real here. I’m going to miss you a lot, and I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but it is, so I’m not going to complain about it. All I can do is tell you that I’m going to miss you, and that whenever you need me I’m just a phone call away. Hope to see you again someday, and all the best!
  • You’re going to be amazing, wherever you’re going. Sure, my life is significantly less amazing without you around, but the knowledge that you’re off making someone else’s life cooler is enough for me to get by. So no regrets, my friend. Just fond memories.


  • I see how it is. Its alright, you can admit it. I’m just too awesome to handle being around constantly, so you have to go away for the sake of your health. Believe me, its happened before. All jokes aside, I’m really going to miss you, and I hope you stay in touch!
  • A new life is so exciting to start. New job, new friends, new home…just don’t forget that if things don’t turn out that well, you’ll always have people back here ready to lend you a helping hand.
  • I’m going to come visit you, you know that right? You’ll get to show me around your new place, show me off to your new friends, and everything will be spectacular. So until we reach that point, do your best and take everything that comes at you head on. Or else I’ll have to take care of it all when I come a ‘visiting.

Farewell Wishes and Wordings


  • Safe travels and best wishes! I’m not the best person with words, but I think you deserve to know that I’m going to miss you, but I’m gonna make sure we don’t miss out on one another from here on out. This is the internet age, for crying out loud. So there’ll be no dramatic goodbyes unless you’re moving somewhere without cell phone coverage.
  • It’s gonna be so weird having this spot in my life here that you’re not here to fill. And maybe someone else will come along, but you’ll never truly be replaced, I promise you. So don’t worry about all of us here. Go on and enjoy the adventure that waits up ahead.
  • No matter where you go, we’re under the same sun, the same sky, the same moon and the same stars. Planet Earth is so large and so small all at once, and I’m sure that this isn’t an ending for the two of us. Not if I have anything to say about it. But until then, I wish you all the best on your journey.
  • This may start out rocky, but with you involved, I’ve got no doubt that its going to end up amazing in the end. So don’t prove me wrong here, or I’ll have to come after you and sort this stuff out on my own, and I guarantee I will not be neat about it. Okay?


  • Keep on moving forward, but never be afraid to glance in your rear view mirrors every now and again. You only know where you’re going because you’ve been where you were coming from, after all. All the best on your adventures.
  • I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say “See you soon” because I will. We’re friends to the end, and distance isn’t going to keep us apart. So none of this mushy sappy stuff. I won’t allow it, and neither should you.
  • You’d better make your new life just as awesome as your life here was. I’m not comfortable with my friend moving away and getting some second rate knock-off life. I’m talking fancy parties and promotions and nights on the town that you’ll never be able to tell your kids about. Make a new story that I’m gonna be happy to hear about someday.
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