Advance Birthday Wishes, Messages and Advance Birthday Card Wordings

For their coming special day, act out, send them birthday wishes in advance and try to be the first to greet them. There were also times that we might have to wish them in advance since we may not be available at their birthdays. may we are going for vacation or we may be in travel etc etcIt is always better to wish them early in such situations. Here we are presenting some advance birthday wishes, so that you will be able to send it easily.
advance birthday wishes

Advance Happy Birthday Messages

Here are some samples of advance birthday messages that you can send to the birthday celebrant if you happen to be away on the actual day of his/her celebration. You may either text or send advance birthday sms or write these birthday messages in a card.

Advance Happy Birthday Messages


  • I have a tradition of greeting special people in advance. Congratulations! You are now on the list of special people in my life. Advance Happy Birthday.
  • I know you’d be happy to hear that I won’t be there on your birthday. But don’t get too excited, you still have to treat me when I get back. I’m just kidding. Happy Birthday in advance. I hope I can be with you on your special day.
  • I have news for you, good and bad. The bad news is I won’t be able to attend your birthday party because I will be on a trip. That’s why I’m sending you my birthday wishes in advance. On the other hand, my good news is that, I will be able to buy nice gifts for you there. Hope you’ll have a great party.


  • You know how I want to be with you on your special day. But some things are not meant to be. I hope my absence won’t spoil your day. Just enjoy the party and have fun. Happy Birthday in advance.
  • I might miss your birthday. So I’m sending you my wish at this moment. My wish for you is to have more birthdays to come. Advance Happy Birthday.
  • I’m afraid I might lose track of time and won’t be able to greet you on the exact date. So, as early as now, I’m sending you my wishes in advance. I wish only the best for you. Happy Birthday!
  • advance birthday greetings
  • I want to thank God for He gave you another year to create special moments with me. I want to have a toast with you in advance because I won’t be able to have a moment with you on your special day. Cheers, for the birthday celebrant.
  • I’m sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to attend your birthday party. My boss won’t sign my request to take a leave. Anyway, thanks for the invitation. I wish you all the best on your special day. Advance Happy Birthday!

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Advance Birthday Greetings for Friends

While your friends might understand that you might not be able to make it on their birthday celebration, they will sure feel disappointed if you can’t even greet them on their birthday. What would you do? Send your friends your advance birthday greetings! Here are some samples of advance birthday greetings for your friend.



Friends send birthday cards only once. But best buddies have a lot of wishes to give. Since you’re my best friend, prepare yourself to receive lots of birthday cards. Advance Happy Birthday.

You know how tardy I am. But because you are the best friend I ever had, I will temporarily forget that I am tardy. Advance Happy Birthday.

A few days from now, you will be celebrating your birthday. We are getting older. But I’m still happy by the thought we’re still friends. I’m wishing you a happy birthday in advance. I hope nothing will change between us.

All of your friends will be there for you on your special day, but not your best friend. However, your best friend will be there for you throughout the year, but not your friends. It’s really hard for me to miss your birthday. I hope you’ll understand. Advance Happy Birthday!


Days from now, you will be older than me. But no matter what’s in between now and before, I’m still glad we’re still good friends. Advance Happy Birthday.

They always say, save the best for last. But for the best person in the world, that won’t be applicable. Because I always want to be the first for my best friend. I hope I’m still the first to greet you. Advance Happy Birthday, best.

You know how cool you are. Thanks for being there to stab me in my face. Advance Happy Birthday for the rarest friend in the world.

Advance Birthday Wishes Cards

So you have decided to send your birthday card to the birthday celebrant ahead of time? the thing is, you don’t know what to write on it? No worries, we have some advance birthday wishes cards, that you can choose and use. Edit and add your personal birthday messages as necessary.advance-birthday-greetings

I’ll be the first to say it, “Advance Happy Birthday!” I hope my effort is already enough to let you know how special you are to me. Live long and stay healthy.

Advance Happy Birthday! Sending you my wishes in advance is my way of saying you have a special place in my heart.


I may not be there in your special day, but my heart and my mind will be celebrating with you. Advance Happy Birthday.

I wish the sun would shine and the rain won’t fall on the day you’ve been waiting for. So that you could enjoy the day of your birth. Advance Happy Birthday.

Don’t take life seriously. Have time for yourself. Relax and have fun. Advance happy Birthday.


Advance Birthday Wishes Quotes

You can also use quotes as your advance birthday wishes. You can use inspirational quotes, together with your own personal birthday greetings and voila~ you have the best birthday wishes for your birthday celebrant that will be sent as advance!


  • Special people should have special treatment. Now that you’re going to have your special moment, allow me to use this once in a lifetime chance to greet you in advance. Happy Birthday!
  • Special is different from important. Special means someone that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. While important means someone you need for the rest of your life. Since you’re both special and important to my heart, you deserve only the best. Advance Happy Birthday!


  • First I forget names; then I forget faces; then I forget birthdays. But you, I won’t be able to forget you. Advance Happy Birthday.
  • I just love to remind you how old you are. Advance Happy Birthday!
  • They say age is all in the mind. So never think about your age. Just live while you are young. Advance Happy Birthday.
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