Here’s a collection of best belated birthday wishes and messages that you can use to greet your friends or loved ones. It’s never to late to send birthday wishes or your heartfelt birthday messages as long as it’s sincere and filled with love. However, you might find it hard to write the most beautiful and best belated birthday wishes that will appease them since you missed their special day. We’re here to help you. Here are some good belated birthday messages that you can use and get inspiration from.



Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

Get some good belated birthday greetings here. So many things may happen in our lives. There will be events, occasions and holidays, but the most important event that no one can ever forget is their birthday. How can they ever forget the day that set their life in motion? So here are some lovely belated birthday wishes to compensate.


  • I didn’t send my birthday wish to you on time, because I want it to be special, since I’m giving this to a special person like you. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I missed your birthday! I want to make it up to so I’m sending you a double kiss and a double hug to give you a double fun! Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I know how much you love celebrating your special day, so, maybe I’m not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday! Week-long B-Day parties are totally a thing, right?
  • I know how much you love surprises, so, surprise! I bet you weren’t expecting any more Happy Birthday wishes. Really got you here, waiting an extra three days, uh?
  • Technically, I’m not late, it just took me all this time to decide on the perfect Birthday message. So, here it is: Have a very Happy Birthday!


  • You’re beautiful when you’re smiling. So, I hope this late message can still make you smile. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I prepared a greatest birthday message to the best person in the world. That’s why it finishes late. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I would’ve wished you a Happy Birthday on the right day but I’m just recovering from one of those two-day memory loss bugs. You know how it is. Happy Birthday, man!
  • I swear it’s not just because I ran out of clean underwear. Happy Belated Birthday, mom!
  • I’m not saying your Birthday isn’t a priority in my life. It’s just that I got a little distracted with these silly Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Physiology exams… Sorry. And Happy Birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes Messages

A simple sorry and short belated birthday wishes and messages won’t be enough to make your close ones feel that they are special to you and are always remembered. You need to send them some lovely belated birthday wishes and messages that are sincere and heartwarming. Take a cue from our belated birthday messages ideas below.


  • I admit I forgot that yesterday is your birthday, so get over it okay? But right now, I won’t let this opportunity slip away. Belated Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true!
  • I lost track of time because I’m so busy planning on giving you the greatest party ever! Belated Happy Birthday! We’ll just make this party better than the party I missed.
  • I promise you that, as soon as I create a time machine, the first thing I’ll do is go back in time and wish you a Happy Birthday on the actual day. But for now a Belated Happy Birthday message will have to do.
  • I’m so sorry I forgot your special day! I’m sure you had the most epic Birthday party ever! Maybe, if I had gotten an invitation, I wouldn’t have forgotten the date… Oh, well, Happy Belated Birthday!
  • I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this, but the biggest thing in Japan right now is to wish a Happy Birthday days after the date. And, since I’m very international, Happy Belated Birthday!



  • At this moment, wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday is no longer applicable. Instead, I want to wish you a happy special day because you are special every day.
  • I purposely send my greetings to you a little late because my Birthday wish for you is that; may all the birthday wishes given to you will come true. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I would tell you that I sent your Birthday message to the wrong person but you know I don’t know any other (insert name)’s. So, I’ll just say I’m sorry for missing your special day and wish you a Happy Belated Birthday.
  • An evil queen captured me and kept me in her cell for the last few days and that’s why I missed your Birthday. Thankfully, she realized I was not a princess just in time for me to send you this Belated Happy Birthday message.

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Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Only laughter can kill the sadness in the heart. So send your friend or relative some funny belated birthday wishes to make them forget your blunder.


  • I preferred to greet you late because I want to show you how I can turn back time……EMIT….. See? Belated Happy Birthday!
  • How can I make a Birthday letter if you stole my ball pen yesterday? So stop whining and just accept my Belated Happy Birthday card. Asking for a gift? That ball pen you stole? It’s now yours.
  • You know about Birthday paradox? Someone shared your birthday. Unfortunately I ended up there.
    I’m sorry I got lost but don’t worry you’re much beautiful than the other birthday celebrant. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • For compensation, I’m sending you two birthday wishes. Belated Happy Birthday and Advance Happy Birthday. So, the next time I forgot your birthday, I won’t be late anymore.

Belated Birthday Wishes And Messages

Let your closed ones know how much you regret of not having been there to celebrate their special day by sending belated birthday wishes and messages.


  • I believe in the saying, “better late than never”. So, here I am, sending you my wishes. Belated Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a great time on your special day.
  • Only the words change but the meaning is still the same. I’m so glad to be a part of your life. Belated Happy Birthday! I hope you had the finest birthday ever.
  • Who cares if we celebrate your birthday late? All that matter is that I’m already here to celebrate with you again. I love you so much. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • Never think that you’re not special for me because I greeted you late. It just happened that I lose track of time. Here, I sent you something to make you feel better. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I know it’s already late to tell you that. But I want you to know how sorry I am for not being there on your special day.
  • Here’s my proposal: you forgive me for forgetting your Birthday and I’ll throw you an over-the-top party next year. What do you say? Happy belated Birthday!
  • I’m sure that in some dimension out there it’s still your Birthday. So, I’m not really late. Happy B-Day!
  • Since we’re actually real life friends and I don’t have the luxury of being reminded of my friends Birthdays by some social media app, I’ll have to settle for wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friends

Friends are hard to please, especially when you forget their birthday. But these belated birthday wishes and messages for friends will make them forgive you.


  • If I had a time machine, I will definitely go back in time to wish you a Happy Birthday. That is how I value our friendship. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. So, I’ll just send you my wishes now. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I believe that finding a true friend is a lifetime achievement. That is why I am very grateful in finding you. I hope the delay won’t change the friendship we have, wishing you all the best. Belated Happy Birthday!
  • Having forgotten your birthday doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, only that I’m so successful and busy that you’re lucky to have me as your friend. Happy Birthday!
  • You know how it is, life gets away from us and, before we know it, we’ve already missed an important date. Because that’s what your Birthday is to me, a very important date. So, here’s my belated Happy Birthday to you, my friend.
  • I won’t make up any excuses. I’ve forgotten your special day. And now I’m here trying to make up for it the best I can. I’m very sorry, buddy. Happy Belated Birthday!


  • I can still remember the day I met you. Since that day, I ended up nothing, nothing more to ask for.
    Thank you for the friendship. Sorry for being late, I hope it won’t change a thing ‘cause I will never forgive myself if I lose a friend like you. Belated Happy birthday!
  • Knowing you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you managed to spin the world a few days into the future just so that I would miss out on wishing you a Happy Birthday. I’m still not convinced you didn’t…
  • I so did not forget your Birthday! I totally remembered on the day. And just because I didn’t put it into writing doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Now, if you insist, here it is: Happy Birthday! In writing.
  • Didn’t you get my smoke signs or my carrier pigeon? I should’ve known it would’ve been better to just send you a text… Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!

Best Belated Birthday Wishes and Messages To Send

Looking for best happy belated birthday wishes to send? We’re here to rescue. Take a look at our more samples of birthday belated wishes below.


  • It’s a good thing you’re still too young to have any real notion of time because, this way, you won’t know I completely missed your Birthday. Unfortunately, your parents do know. So, here’s my Belated Happy Birthday message.
  • I’m sorry I missed your Birthday but I was binge-watching that new zombie series and I didn’t want anyone to spoil the ending for me. I haven’t left the house in three days but it was so worth it. Happy B-Day!
  • I heard one should always wait three days to send a Happy Birthday message. So, here it is! Or is that only the rule for returning a call after a first date?
  • I bet you thought I had forgotten about your Birthday, uh? Ha! I got you good! It was hard to keep it up but I managed to hold on for three days. Happy Birthday, man!
  • I’m sorry for missing your Birthday but I ordered this card especially for you. It’s hand painted by oriental artists that only work twenty minutes per day. Sorry for being such a good friend, I guess. And Happy Birthday!

Belated Birthday Messages for Cards

Still don’t know what to write on a belated birthday card? Well, can’t blame you, it can be difficult to write a belated birthday wishes specially for someone who expect yo not to missed their birthday. These samples of belated card messages could be handy.

  • A machine would’ve congratulated you at the exact time you were born. But since I’m just your friend I’ll have to settle for wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday!
  • I know you think I’m perfect and awesome and gorgeous but sometimes I make mistakes. I’m only human, after all. And that’s why I missed your special day. Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Are you absolutely sure that your Birthday was three days ago? Because I could swear it was not until next week. But I can be wrong, so, here’s my Happy Birthday wishes, anyway.
  • I thought about telling you that I lost my phone and that I couldn’t even find one carrier pigeon to get my Birthday wishes to you. But the truth is it slipped my mind. And now I can only say I’m sorry and wish you a belated Happy Birthday.
  • Will you believe me if I told you I discovered time travel and that’s why I missed your birthday? In case you do, Happy Birthday from the past!

Being a kid, birthdays are all about parties, balloons, cakes, etc. We would get excited with the thought that someone we know is having their birthday. It doesn’t matter who the birthday celebrants are, as long as there is food and party accessories, no problem at all. But as we get older, everything becomes different. Birthdays no longer mean parties with clowns and balloons, but a very special one that has to be celebrated with friends and love ones. As long as we are with the people close to our hearts, it will be the best birthday ever. So, missing a special moment of someone close to you is the hardest thing to compensate. But you can make it easier by sending some heartfelt belated birthday wishes. 

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