Nothing beats the sweetest Valentines day messages for wife as the perfect gift for her this Valentine’s Day. What kind of woman wouldn’t want to be reminded how precious and loved she is. Sometimes, husbands tend to forget telling their wives how much they mean to them. So this Valentine’s Day, take the advantage of the occasion and express your love and appreciation to the woman who made your life complete. Here are some romantic Valentines wishes for your wife.

Valentines Messages for Wife

Happy Valentines Messages for Wife

“We’ve been together for years through thick and thin.
All these years, you’ve become my everything.
I can’t imagine my life without you.
Darling, my wife, I love you!
Happy Valentines Day!”

“You’re mine and I’m yours. My heart will always be with you. I promise to cherish you for the rest of our lives. Happy Valentine’s Day, wifey!”

“My dear, thank you so much for the love and care. You are so kind and sweet and always make me feel special and loved. Let me repay that by loving you eternally. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful woman in the world whose captured my heart and made my life complete. I Love you so much.”

“The day that we became one was the happiest time of my life. I hope that your love for me won’t fade. I love you, darling.”

“There’s no one will ever come beyond you. You’re a perfect wife for me. I couldn’t ask for more. Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Valentines Day Messages for Your Wife

“All these years, I have loved you.
But then, I love you more today.
I will always continue to love you more tomorrow.
Until I take my last breath.”

“Waking up next to you every morning is heavenly for me.
I just love being with you always.
I love you.”

“What more could I desire in a lover? Your care, devotion and love have given me a reason and hope to look forward to the uncertain future. I know that no matter what comes, it will all be good as long as you are by my side.”

“Every day that I spent with you are the most precious moments to cherish.
I feel so blessed to have a wonderful wife like you.
Happy Valentines Day”

“No words can express how much I love you. Just always remember that my love is true. You’re always in my mind. I always want you by my side. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear wife.”

Sweet Valentines Messages for Wife

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Since you came into my life, everything seems different. I became happier and I finally realized my future. I love you, wifey.”

“To the precious woman who made my life happy and complete, Happy Valentines Day.”

“Every time I look at you, I still can’t believe how much you’ve become a part big part of my life. I Look at you and I realize how much God loves me for He gave me the most wonderful gift in the world. I love you so much darling!”

“I always looked for someone I could live with, but I ended up with someone I couldn’t live without. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“My love, thank you for loving me and our kids. I might have failed to show you my love and gratitude every day but just know that you will always be in my heart.”

Valentines Card Messages for Wife

“Before you came into my life, I have no direction. You’ve became my light, my sunshine, my hope, my present and my future. Simply put – you became my everything.”

“There may be some times that we fight and argue, but just know that my love for you will never fade. I will always be here, loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day”

“To the most beautiful woman in the universe who became my world – Happy Valentine’s Day. Know that you’re the best gift that God gave me. i will always love you.”

“You light up my life. You are my sunshine in the dark. Because of you, my life became complete.”

“I know I’m not the perfect husband to have, but what I can promise you is that I will love you and stay faithful to you for the rest of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day”

Romantic Happy Valentines Messages for Wife

“This Valentine’s Day, let me remind you how much you mean to me, and how wonderful you make me feel. I’m so thankful to have you as my wife. I wish nothing more. I love you!”

“Since I met you, my life changed. My days became brighter, my smile became often. I am so lucky that you said “I Do”. Happy Valentine’s Day”

“I fall in with you every single day. Your beauty, your smile, your eyes – I’m simply mesmerized. I love you so much dear.”

“If I have to live another lifetime again, I would still choose you, for you are the best thing that happen in this lifetime.”

“I will never forget the day we exchanged vows because that is the day that I’ve become the happiest man in the world. This Valentine’s Day, let me remind you of our vows, to love each other til death do us part. I love you!”

Valentines Quotes for Wife

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” – Judy Garland

“You are always new, the last of your kisses was ever the sweetest.” – John Keats

Dreams come true; it is because mine came true when I met you, my love. I will always love you. I swear it.”

“The moment you came into my life, I discovered myself once again. You made me a better person and changed my life for good. Thanks for being with me forever.’

“Before you came in my life, I was just spending a normal life for the sake of living. But the moment when you embraced me in your arms, I feel ALIVE.”

“I never knew what love was until I met you, then when distance pulled us apart, I found out what real love is.”

“From the day you walked into my life, your all I think about. You’re the reason I breathe. You are the stars in my sky. I wouldn’t want this any other way. You’re the love of my life.”

“You know that I am not perfect, but you make me feel perfect and beautiful in every way. Thank you.”

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