Onam festival is one of the occasions that should remind us of the way we need to relate to those who are around us, whether at home, in business or work places. This is the time to celebrate equality, brotherhood and prosperity. We need to remember to act with fairness and equity when it comes to dealing with other people. One of the best ways of doing this is by sending Onam messages to workmate, business associates, neighbors, friends and loved ones. This is the time to remember others with affection and kindness even as you celebrate with all the pomp and flair that goes with the festival. Just as a lot of color is used to beautify the whole occasion, color other people’s lives with special messages and best wishes for the season. It will make a great difference to them and when their hearts are filled with joy the same will return to you in abundance.



  • May this Onam fill you with joy, prosperity and abundance that will cause laughter to resonate in your home for years to come. Happy Onam.
  • May happiness, joy and prosperity fill your lives during this auspicious occasion. Happy Onam.


  • As you celebrate this harvest festival, may your barns ever be filled with plenty, may your hearts be filled with joy and your mouths with laughter. Happy Onam.


  • Thoughts of you fill my heart as we celebrate this auspicious occasion. I wish for you peace, love, unity and prosperity in your home and work, now and always. Happy Onam.onam-festival
  • Sending special Onam greetings to friends and colleagues and wishing you all happiness and prosperity. Happy Onam.
  • As Onam dawns it reminds me of just how special you are. May you experience joy, happiness, peace and prosperity like never before in your life. Happy Onam.


  • Onam brings with it the promise of abundance, happiness and prosperity, so may your life be filled with goodness and may all cares and worries fade away. Happy Onam.onam-wishes
  • Years come and years go, but the splendor of Onam never fades away. May the light of this festival brighten your life and home for years to come. Happy Onam.
  • Onam inspires us to be the best we can, therefore I wish you all great blessings, good health, favor and happiness. Happy Onam.
  • To a special and wonderful person, I wish for you all the good things that life has to offer. May you have a long and prosperous life, and may you celebrate many Onams to come. Happy Onam.


  • Happy Onam. You deserve all the good things that life has to offer and I wish they come your way from now and ever more.
  • As you celebrate Onam may the heavens bring you health, wealth, prosperity and happiness for ever more. Happy Onam.


  • May you ever know only peace, joy and prosperity from today, and as you celebrate this auspicious occasion may the laughter never fade from your lips. Happy Onam.onam-greetings
  • May this be the best Onam you have ever celebrated, and may you spread the love, joy and laughter to your family and all others around you. Happy Onam.
  • Happy Onam. Take your time and enjoy this auspicious occasion for though we live with hope, we do not know what the future holds.


  • As you celebrate this great harvest festival may you remember those whose lives are not as blessed as yours, and so spread goodness all around you. Happy Onam.
  • Celebrating Onam with you is one of the great joys and blessings life has bestowed on me. I wish you all the good things in life and may all your dreams come true. Happy Onam.
  • Life is ever so precious and may this wonderful auspicious occasion remind us of this truth. May your life be prosperous and filled with joy from now and always. Happy Onam.
  • Happy Onam. Your kindness and generosity have touched many lives and we want to wish you all the best as you celebrate this great festival. May heaven always look kindly on you and your sacrifices.


  • May the melodies and magic of Onam permeate ever area of your life and home and bring you great joy for years to come. Happy Onam.
  • In the midst of all the pomp and flair of this auspicious occasion, may you find serenity and peace now and always. Happy Onam.
  • As you celebrate this auspicious occasion may your life and home be filled with light, music and abundance. Happy Onam.


  • May the light of Onam brighten your life and home, and may health, wealth and prosperity be yours. Happy Onam.
  • Happy Onam to a very special person. May heavens open and flood you and your home with all good things.
  • We send you our prayers and good luck as you celebrate this auspicious occasion. May you have abundance in every area of your life. Happy Onam.


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