This Hanukkha, convey your warmest greetings and wishes to your loved ones and friends. Grab a card and send your Hannukah messages to those who are important to you. Here are some samples of Hanukkah wishes and messages that you can use for your card.


  • As you kindle the lights of the candelabrum, may this bring an eternal shine to your life and home. A blessed Hanukkah!
  • May the kindling of the Hanukkah lights continue to revitalize your life.
    Have a worthwhile Hanukkah!
  • May the lights of candelabrum continue to illuminate your paths and lead you an eternal bliss. Happy Hanukkah!


  • I pray that God will fill your days with the warmth of joy, sweet victories and wonderful memories together with your family. Enjoy this Hanukkah!
  • Let the delights of Hanukkah envelope you throughout the year. May you be blessed, as well as your family. Happy Hanukkah!
  • May your Hanukkah be bright as ever
    From now until forever
    That blessings will come your way
    Happy Hanukkah to your my friend.


  • I’d like to send this warm greeting to you
    That your joy be made complete with fruitful days
    Have an expectant heart that all your wishes and dreams will come true.
    A blessed Hanukkah to you
  • Continue to let your light shine to all those who surround you.
    May you find peace and happiness in everything you do.
    Best wishes on Hanukkah for you!
  • We may not be the sun, moon and stars to light up the whole sky.
    But we can be candles to light up the path that surround us.
    May your candle shine brighter than ever!
    Happy Hanukkah


  • In joy and abundance
    In strength and triumphs
    In peace and prosperity
    May God bless you constantly.
    Happy Hanukkah
  • May this Hanukkah bring you greater victories this year and for the next to come.
    Enjoy this holiday with friends and relatives so dear.
  • May your candles kindle long
    And light up those that surround you as a blessing
    A blessed Hanukkah


  • I’m so happy that I can celebrate Hanukkah with you.
    It feels so warm when good friends and loved ones are around.
    I hope you feel the same way.
  • Wishing you a great memories on Hanukkah
    Let this be a time of being grateful for what has happened in the past.
    At the same time, expect that a brighter future is ahead of you.
    Best wishes then!
  • Greeting you on Hanukkah is simply pronouncing blessings for you and your family.
    A blessed Hanukkah to you!


  • May this Hanukkah fill your heart with enormous joy and unceasing favor from God almighty.
    God bless your journey in life.
  • Wishing you warm embraces from family
    Good laughing trips with friends
    As you reach your goals
    May your footsteps lead you to bigger opportunities
    With God’s grace
    Happy Hanukkah to you!
  • May this Hanukkah add up some sugar in your life.
    Enjoy the tasty and sweet treats!
    Warm wishes for you on Hanukkah!


  • As the flames are kindled
    We all remembered
    Of the miracle that took place
    And for greater ones to follow
    Best wishes for you on Hanukkah.
  • Shine brighter!
    Smile bigger!
    Aim higher!
    And reach farther!
    I pray for more blessings to flood you.
    Happy Hanukkah
  • May felicity and prosperity brighten up the corners of your home.
    A delightful Hanukkah to you!


  • A dazzling future awaits you with God’s grace, strength and favor.
    Best wishes on Hanukkah!
  • From the depths of my heart, I’d like to wish you happiness and fulfillment of your dreams.
    A blessed Hanukkah


  • May this season of Hanukkah strengthen your faith and believe that nothing is impossible. Best wishes to you!
  • Warm Hanukkah wishes to a good friend like you
    Best days are coming your way.
    Enjoy such blissful fate.


Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is a Jewish celebration lasting for eight days. This festival is also reffered to as Festival of Lights and Feast of Dedication. This festival commemorates the Holy Temple’s rededication in Jerusalem during the Maccabean Revolt in opposition to Seleucid Empire. According to Hebrew calendar, the celebration starts at the 25th day of Kislev. This may fall between the months of November or December. This Hanukkah, don’t forget to wish your loved ones by sending your warmest Hanukkah wishes and messages.

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