Halloween is the one time of the year when everyone gets to allow their imagination fly high. People carve jack-o-lanterns, play pranks, make jokes, dress up and simply enjoy being different in a fun way. From goofy to scary, Halloween is the time of the year you get to see all kinds of costumes. Getting scared and screaming out loud are normal on this particular day. One of the best ways to prepare for a great Halloween is to have fabulous messages. So to enjoy Halloween with a bang, you can kick start the spook with ghoulish Halloween messages and sayings. Here is a list below:

Happy Halloween Greetings Messages


“Happy Halloween to everyone who feels different in a spooky way…..it’s time to boogie!”

“This is the only day being silly is acceptable….so go out and scare someone! Happy Halloween!”

“I’m sending my love across the miles to wish you a fa-boo-lous Halloween!”

“Black cats, flying witches, warlocks, ghosts and vampires; when the night belongs to them, then its Halloween. Bring out your best game and enjoy your Halloween!”


“Voices are whispering in the trees and the night is crawling with the unseen. Tonight is Halloween!”

“When you look up in the sky and notice the witches riding, just know that Halloween is near!”

“May your Halloween be spooky, scary and full of fun filled fright! Happy Halloween my friend.”

“It’s time to dress up and fill the air with spook-tacular memories this Halloween.”

Happy Halloween Greetings Sampleshappy-halloween-greeting-cards

“May you enjoy a ghostly night as the witches grant your wishes! Happy Halloween!”

“ This Halloween, there is no better company I would wish to have than you. Happy scary Halloween!”

“Trick or treat, dress up and scare; it’s all for fun because Halloween is here. Happiest Halloween.”

“Carve your jack-o-lanterns and let them light the night as you enjoy the company of family and friends. Happy Halloween!”

“Its Halloween again! Time to put away the sweet side and let the darkness reign the night. Have a spooky Halloween!”

“During Halloween dentists prepare to get rich….so take it easy on the candy so that you don’t have to be one of the clients. Happiest Halloween!”

Happy Halloween Greetings for Cards


“ Hope you have the scariest costume ready because it’s time to trick or treat! Save some candy for me.”

“The witches are riding their brooms up in the sky, get ready for your wishes to be granted. Happy Halloween!”

“Booo! The ghosts are crawling in the night, be careful not to be too frightened but have all the fun. Happy Halloween!”

“When the unseen from a thousand years walk in the night, listen to the whispers and you will know that Halloween is here!”

“Voices whisper in the trees, mysteries fill the air in the night as the risen awake to walk again. It’s Halloween again!”

“Join the shadows in the night in celebrating the supernatural. Halloween is here time to celebrate with the ones that crawl at night.”

“When black cats are seen and graves are open; it is the night to enjoy the moonlight. Happy Halloween!”

Happy Halloween Greetings for Friends


“The witches and ghosts from a thousand years awake on this night to celebrate the last day of October. Happy spooky Halloween!”

“This is the night to dream dreams that no mortal can dare to dream; inhale the witches spell and dance with the unseen. Happiest Hallow’s Eve!”

“As the ghouls patter and the jack-o-lanterns shine bright in the night. I hope you are overwhelmed by the best kind of fright!”

“The moon is less bright and the owls send warnings in the night as the specter prance and the spirit linger. Make way because Halloween is here!”

“Wonders, fear and screams cover the atmosphere of the night as the werewolf howl in the air. Happy spook’’tacular Halloween!”

“Make a wish and call a witch, its October 31st and the supernatural are in charge. Happy Hallow’s eve!”

“Use your imagination and have yourself a fun filled Halloween!”

“Get your boogie on and dance with the ghostly skeletons. I’m wishing you a Happy Halloween my friend!”

“Enjoy a fa-boo-lous night but be careful not to let the werewolf bit. Happy Hallow’s eve!”

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