Convey your heartiest Dussehra wishes and messages to your loved ones and friends as we celebrate the victory of light over darkness. Here are some Dussehra greetings and message samples that you can use.


  • Let’s celebrate this Dussehra with fun and fervor
    Blessings to you Iimplore
    With good fortune to abound in your years
    May this holiday bring you good cheers
  • May the hands of the Goddess help you succeed.
    And grant you wisdom to knock down all your hardships.
    Happy Dussehra to you!
  • I pray that all the evil that surround you will be vanquished with the divine intercession of the great Durga. May she fill your life with eternal bliss and favor. Happy Dussehra!
  • May this celebration bring big grins to you all throughout the year.
    Happy Dussehra to you!


  • Let this Dussehra light up your sky.
    With burning flames of enthusiasm
    Enjoy the victories endowed to you.
  • May the Lord Rama grant you favor and sweet pleasures.
    Subh Dussehra!
  • Don’t let anxiety overwhelm your thoughts and heart.
    I beseech Lord Rama to send you a great harvest this year and for the succeeding ones.
    Cheer up!
    Enjoy this Dussehra!


  • We commemorate the victory of good over evil.
    This is the essence of Dussehra in our lives.
    May this celebration bring overflowing opulence to your homes.
    Best wishes!
  • Wishing you a happy Dussehra!
    Sweet victories from Lord Rama are on their way!
  • A life of joy and success are ahead of you.
    Thanks to the Lord Rama!
    Happy Dussehra!


  • Unload all your worries
    Load up all the fun
    Let’s greet this Dussehra
    With jubilations in the air
  • A blessed Dussehra to you and your loved ones!
    Enjoy the heaps of blessings God has granted you.
  • This Dussehra is filled with more fun and excitement when shared with you.
    Thank you so much for making this festival as colorful as ever.


  • May this remembrance of Dussehra inspire you to never give upon your dreams and aspirations.
    Victories are already written in your life’s story.
    Have a blast!
  • Battles and challenges are but normal in a person’s life.
    But you will never win them with a negative mindset.
    Let this Dussehra spring up hope in your heart.


  • This festival is as beautiful as you.
    I’m glad I am celebrating this with you.
    I feel so happy and blessed.
    Best wishes for you too.
  • May your rewards be increased in hundred folds.
    Enjoy them all on Dussehra!
  • May the felicity that this Dussehra has brought you today will last throughout the year.
    With warms and hugs I wish you all the best.


  • Leave your cares to the one who can answer your prayers.
    Keep your banner high for the victories that will be handed to you.
    Enjoy them all!
    Happy Dussehra!
  • May the Lord Rama unload your burdens in life and replace them with good fortune on your bags.
    Enjoy this Dussehra days!
  • Let the spirit of Dussehra bring you hope and courage in life.
    Sweet victories are ahead of you.


  • I wish you a blessed and prosperous Dussehra to you and your home.
    Let fun and enthusiasm be on your way today.
  • A jubilant Dussehra to you!
    May the Lord Rama sustain you with strength to face your daily challenges.
  • Let your problems be burnt away with the ashes Ravana’s dummy.
  • We surely anticipate for greater victories.
    Have a victorious Dussehra!


  • Let’s celebrate this victory together!
    Let’s meet this Dussehra with big cheers!
    And wish you good health and overflowing wealth
    A blessed Dussehra to you and your kin.


Dussehra, popularly known as Vijayadashami or Dasara, is an auspicious festival for Hindus. This festival is celebrated in different parts of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. The word Dussehra came from Dasha-hara, a Sankrit word which means Dashanan ravan or the defeat of the devil. This refers to the victory of Lord Rama fighting Ravana, the demon king. Dussehra is also a day that marks the triumph of Goddes Durga against Mahishanur. Have a blast celebrating Dussehra and don’t forget to send your warmest Dussehra wishes and greetings to your friends and loved ones.

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