Christmas Wishes for Coworkers: Friends during Christmas are like that go-to Hershey’s chocolate bar, or that Oreo and peppermint ice cream. It’s like that superhero movie you plan to watch every summer, or that song that plays I head at random—stuff that you can’t simply put your foot to explain but you just know that it’s good for you. The point is, friends and Christmas is like Nutella to a cheesecake. Being together for the season just makes perfect sense.

Today is the coming our Savior and we should welcome Him in the most special way by sharing joy and love to other people. Remember what this season is all about, how lovely it is to see people gathering together and spending a great time with each other, and the feeling of having this holiday season as a way of expressing love and peace with each other. So, grab some of these Christmas messages for coworkers and be sure to greet them this holiday season.

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Christmas Messages for Coworkers in the Office 

christmas card for colleagues

“The best kind of Christmas is the one where you give and share your blessings to the people around you. Let us help each other in spreading the cheers of the season.”

“As your boss, this card is another one of my memos telling you enjoy the magical season with the rest of our team. I also require you to work a couple of boxes of fruitcakes and about as many boxes of peanut butter cookies.”

“This holiday season will shine the brightest as I wish for all your dreams this Christmas to come true and that this happiness you feel will spread to world.”

“You helped me enjoy the simple things this past year, and now I invite you to celebrate with me the biggest celebration of the year.”

“The best gift of the Christmas season is the idea of starting anew—starting the New Year with you isn’t just the best, but could possibly be the most perfect moment in my life as yet.”

Merry Christmas Greeting Cards for Colleagues

christmas card verses poems

“Christmas is big with love and joy that I want to share it with you, and even then the spirit of the season still overflows—but we don’t give up that easily, right?”

“I want to cherish with you the joys of the Christmas season on a dinner my parent have prepared. May the warmth of our home be your guide to a good path this coming New Year.”

“One of the greatest joys I received this year is having your companionship at my side at all times. I pray this Christmas for the world to have more stalwarts like you.”

“Backtracking to the year that was, I’d say we did great as partners. Looking forward as Christmas rings in a festive season and a new challenging year, I wish we can be better than great this time.”

“May the festivities of the season bring our fellowship to a greater league, and make this Christmas filled with heartfelt gratitude and soulful cheers.”

Christmas Wishes for Colleagues, Christmas Greetings for Colleagues

cards for colleagues wishing christmas

“Let us celebrate the Christmas season with all the fun and laughter we can think of—but also leave enough time to reflect on the things that were, is and will be.”

“May each day of the Christmas season bring you peace and happiness as you welcome the New Year filled with renewed faith and hope.”

“This Christmas, let us fill our hearts with the love of our Lord and spread the spirit of sharing to the world—to become the light of hope for those who have dark days in their lives.”

“Having a pure soul to serve others in these festive times is the greatest gift you have given the world. May our Lord bless you and your family even more this Christmas.”

“Never forget to be thankful for the blessings you have received, especially for the gifts given to you. Be contented with what you have because others may not have it as good as you. Spread humility, joy and love this Christmas day. Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Messages for Office Colleagues

christmas and new year wishes for colleagues

“The festivities of the Holidays can offer you with any and all of its wonders. My only wish is that you share with your loved ones this happiness that our Lord has given you.”

“Tranquil scenes amongst friends during the bustle of the Christmas season is one of the best gifts I can offer you as a sign of thanks for being there for me all through this year.”

“Knowing, understanding and accepting that we live so that others may live as well, is one of the truest messages Christmas has ever given us.”

“You were right when you told me there are bigger things than me getting lots of presents this Christmas. Thank you so much for that and may you and your family receive more blessings from our Lord.”

“Becoming a child again in our hearts during Christmas is rare these days. I wish you peace in your mornings so you may have a chance to look back on those days and re-learn the innocent lessons of your childhood.”

More Christmas Messages for your Colleagues

celebrate christmas wishes

“A tender and yet a brave heart is what I wish for you this Christmas. Thank you for being my rock this entire year.”

“I can only send to you and your family good wishes and wonderful blessings this Holiday season. May you find time to thank our Lord for His love and give Him back the peace in your heart.”

“Let us share together the joys and laughter of Christmastime and receive the glorious blessings of our Lord.”

“You have brought so many blessings to me and my family. I can only hope that I can be of the same worth as I offer you the many joys of Christmas.”

“I wish you an amazing Christmas and a bountiful New Year for bringing peace to my life and immeasurable joy to my family.”

“For making me appreciate the rainbow after the heavy rains and dark clouds, I pray for warmth for you and your family this Christmas and the coming New Year.”

“Take this holiday as a chance for you to reflect on the blessings you have received in your life. Appreciate them and share your fortune to others. I wish that you maycontinue to receive such blessings. Merry Christmas!”

Holiday Christmas Messages for Coworkers

“Many thanks to those who showed kindness and mercy this season. May the good Lord bless you and your family. Merry Christmas to you!”

“The spirit of Christmas is all around us. What we have to do is enjoy the night and have fun. Merry Christmas!”

“How wonderful it is to hear the children singing and people laughing. May every night be this beautiful and amazing. Merry Christmas!”

“Sending my regards and greetings to you and your family. May you always stay strong together and with each other. Merry Christmas my friend!”

“Let the spirit of Christmas fill your hearts with joy. Give the children on streets with some of your toys. Happy Holidays!”

“Gifts are just material things, but presence is priceless that everyone should appreciate. Happy Holidays everyone!”

“I just wanted to say “Thank You” for coming into my life and making it more meaningful to live for. Happy Holidays!”

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