Everyone deserves to receive special wishes for their birthday, and yes, even the boss. Bosses are the reason you have the job in the first place and even if the company does not belong to them, their good management skills ensure that you still have a job even when the economy is unstable. So don’t you think you should appreciate the kind gestures of boss by sending him best birthday wishes on his birthday. So here are a few samples of birthday wishes for boss.

Birthday Wishes for Boss


  1. On your birthday, I wish you reach heights of success and keep leading like a true leader. Happy
    birthday dear Boss!
  2. You are not just my boss but a true friend who guides me for good and bad. Thank you for
    always being there. Happy birthday!’
  3.  If one has a good boss, work is fun. I am grateful to God that I’ve got a great boss like you. Stay
    blessed. Happy birthday!
  4. You have support me in all bad times and taught me life’s best lessons. I am forever indebted to
    you for all the efforts you’ve put in making me a better person. You are the best boss in earth.
    Happy birthday!
  5. Hey boss! It’s your birthday today and I hope you are having a great time. I wish all the success
    and luck in life. Happy birthday!
  6. At first I thought you will be a strict boss but with time I realized you are coolest boss one can
    ever get. Keeping rocking! Happy birthday.
  7.  With you, work is always fun. You make everything so easy and within reach. I aspire to be like
    you respected boss. Happy birthday!
  8. You are great leader and the best boss one can ever get. You are a blessing. Happy birthday
  9. You often shout on us but then you also party with like harder as ever. We’re so blessed to have
    a boss like you. Happy birthday Boss!
  10. If ever I’d be promoted and had to be a boss, I’ll try to be like you. You have been the guide
    ever. I have learned so many things from you, not just about work but about life too. Be blessed
    boss, happy birthday!
  11. May lord bless you with endless success and wealth! Your deeds as a boss are amazing. Be the
    same always! Happy birthday.
  12. Here’s sending lots of happy birthday wishes for you on your birthday, dear boss! You are the
  13. As amazing as you are, you deserve the best of both worlds. Happy birthday boss. Cheers!
  14. Every morning I get up and look forward to come to the office because I get to work with you.
    Yes, you inspire me to work harder for my dreams. Stay blessed dear boss. Happy birthday to
  15. On this birthday, I simply want to let you know that your guidance, support and trust on me
    inspire me to be a better employee. You are very special to me! Happy birthday.
  16. Here’s wishing the best of luck and love to the coolest boss I have ever met. Happy birthday.
  17. May God bless you and your family with love, wealth and success. You deserve nothing but the
    best. Happy birthday dear boss!
  18. They way you work hard, the way you tackle problems and crisis is something I really want to
    learn. You are the best boss, the best mentor and the best guide ever. Happy birthday boss!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss

Most often, bosses do not even  remember their own birthdays because of their heavy workload. So when you wish your boss a happy birthday it is well noted. Here are some happy birthday wishes for boss samples for you to refer.



Working for you has been a delight.
We appreciate all that you have taught us.
So today as we celebrate your birthday,
We want to say that you are the best boss ever.
Happy birthday to you, boss.

Happy birthday boss.
Another year has gone by and you are still going strong.
May you celebrate many more birthdays and may God grant you
grace and good health in this coming year and always.


You have been through ups and downs, sunshine and rain.
Once again, today is the day to celebrate milestones in your life.
You are an exemplary person and I am glad to tell you this.
Happy birthday, boss.

Today, we celebrate one more year that has been added to your life.
A life that has impacted and mentored many people.
Yesterday has gone and tomorrow belongs to God.
But today is your day boss.
Happy birthday to you.


Showers of blessings are what you deserve for being such a fair and considerate boss.
As you celebrate your birthday today may heaven rain blessings in abundance upon you.
Happy birthday boss.



May this new year that you are entering into from today
be filled with goodness and happiness to you.
May good health, wealth and prosperity come your way in abundance.
Happy birthday boss.

Once again the time has come to celebrate your birthday.
Under your wisdom and good guidance we have prospered here at work.
As we look forward to the years ahead,
We pray that God will grant you a long and healthy life sir.
Happy birthday boss.

Dear Sir, more than just being a boss you have been a mentor,
an advisor and a counselor and so it is with great pleasure
that we celebrate your birthday with you.
Happy birthday boss.

We know that being a boss is a great responsibility and we think you are quite an exceptional person because you have managed to deal with different personalities and done so with fairness and equity. It is our joy to wish you a wonderful day today as you celebrate your birthday once again. Happy birthday sir.

Sir, may this day bring you much joy and peace
May wisdom be your portion in the years to come.
I wish you all the best now and always.
Happy birthday boss.

50TH Birthday Wishes for Boss

50th birthday is special for everyone, including bosses. So you should strive to make them happy on this special day. Here are a few 50th birthday wishes for boss that you can take cue from.


Sir, you are turning fifty today and I want to wish you all the best as you enter your jubilee years.
May God’s grace continue to guide you in the years ahead.
May you be full of wisdom and knowledge.
Happy 50th birthday sir.

Happy 50th Birthday sir,
It is an honor to work under your supervision
and now that you are beginning the second half of the century of your life,
May God grant you a long life ahead.

Fifty is the new thirty and sir I must admit you don’t look a day over thirty.
May the experience you have gained in the years passed
stand you in good stead in the years to come,
and may you embrace life with joy.
Happy 50th birthday sir.

You are standing on the threshold of a great new beginning.
As you celebrate your fiftieth birthday
may this be a new beginning of greater things and experiences in your life.
Happy 50th birthday sir.

Climbing the mountain of life until the age of fifty is quite a remarkable achievement on your part sir. And today you are standing on the plateau ready to climb to the next level. May God grant you strength and health and a long life. May you live to celebrate your second fiftieth birthday sir. Happy 50th birthday sir.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boss, Boss Funny Birthday Greetings


Boss, to commemorate this special occasion that is your birthday,
giving us a raise will do you so much good
and the peace that will come with it will make you live longer.
So it will be a win-win situation for all of us.
Happy birthday boss.

Happy birthday boss.
We have passed a new rule in the organization that on this day
and all the other birthdays of yours that we will celebrate in the years to come,
we will come to work early, go home late, take shorter lunch breaks
and today for once no one will steal any office stationery.

It is more blessed to give than to receive,
therefore for a boss to get blessed he should give away his gifts on his birthday,
and especially the expensive ones.
Happy birthday sir.

Sir let us celebrate your birthday in style this year.
Giving us the day off today with full pay will be a wonderful present to yourself.
Imagine all the money you will save on electricity, water, coffee, sugar and phone calls.
No one will be in the office to incur these expenses and at the end of the month
you will see a big difference in the expenses account.
Happy birthday sir.

We could not find an appropriate gift for your birthday this year
and so we settled on postponing your birthday to next year.
We hope gift manufacturers will have the right present for you then.
Happy birthday sir .. oh!
Sorry it has been postponed.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Boss

If you’re planning to make a handmade card for your boss and are in need of some birthday quotations, you’ve arrived at the perfect place. Take a look a our birthday quotes for boss below.

Each new birthday you celebrate is a step closer to retirement.
Enjoy every year of your working life for soon it will be a thing of the past.
Happy birthday boss.

Prudence is the mark of wisdom and a good name is better than riches.
You deserve honor and respect for being an exceptional boss.
Happy birthday sir.

A man is commended for his wisdom and boss we commend you
and declare that you are one among the wise men of this generation.
Happy birthday sir.

The boss that diligently seeks the good of his staff will find favor among men.
As you continually seek the good of the organization may favor be upon you.
Happy birthday.

When bosses govern with integrity and equity there is much reward for them and their staff.
I am happy to say that you are a boss by example and it is an honor to work under your supervision.
Happy birthday boss.

That’s all from us. Our happy birthday wishes for boss is sure to make you boss happy. If you have any query related to the post, tell us by commenting below.

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